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Coronavirus Attacks Walking Dead Actor and Creates Chaos

Updated on March 23, 2020
Dan Newman on the set
Dan Newman on the set
Dan in the ER with the real virus?
Dan in the ER with the real virus?

When Daniel Newman, an actor in the hit TV series, Walking Dead, found out that someone in his group had tested positive for the coronavirus, like anyone, became worried.

Initially, he had a slight cough and sinus, all just like the common flu or cold. However, within five days, this gradually worsened until he started to experience breathing problems, which was not common for a young guy. While not overly concerned, at this point, he felt that he wanted to be tested while in Georgia, where they film it. He called his doctor, local clinics, local hospitals, just as the experts tell you.

Nobody had the coronavirus test kit! In his quest, he continued and started to call the major hospitals in his area, most did not have it, but one did. When he described his symptoms, they immediately told him to come in for the test. He went in, along with many others. There they were all told that those with just mild symptoms would not get tested, or if tested, they would NOT be processed. Many left the line, but Daniel stayed. Finally, a fan and RN recognized the actor from the show and immediately gave him test priority.

Daniel was given the coronavirus test. The doctor indicated that due to CDC guidelines, giving priority to elderly and those with severe breathing (this is the key) issues, only these tests would actually be sent to the lab for evaluation. Daniel was told that his symptoms (bad cough, slight fever, mild breathing issues) were considered mild and told to go home to self quarantine because there was nothing they could do. He did not need a ventilator to help him breath.

Shocked, Daniel just left dismayed that a real life virus is attacking his own body that nobody could do much about. How ironic. But, while that shock was staggering for his own personal well being and there was nothing else to be done unless he got worse, it was not free as Trump and everyone has stated.

Days later, Daniel received a bill for $9,000! Was this because he was a well paid actor and given priority? Is this the norm for the average person? Why is the cost so much? Was the hospital price gauging? Should this test be free and where is the oversight of these kind of actions by medical organizations?

Daniel's cough is deep and congested, he looks under the weather. But exactly when would his condition be deemed serious enough to send in his lab work to determine if he does have coronavirus or not?

America is in chaos over this virus.


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