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Countdown on the Most Realistic Ghost Videos

Updated on April 26, 2010

Number 10

 Lets start out with something fake, but laughable. This is clearly funny. Hope you enjoy.

Number 9

 Let's get a little more serious, not!

Number 8

Lets start shall we? with number 8. This video does seem real, to a simple mind. This is a very creepy video, but you can tell it's not true. Good plot, and story line. They were very serious when they made it fake :)

Number 7

Okay, now I'm serious. This one is a bit more argumentive, it really could be anything, or anyone. The story goes, that there has been hauntings and sightings at this location before, but the recorder was not looking for that, he was just simply taping, then reviewed it later and found it.

Number 6

 This one, is very good. If it is made up, I still congrads you. It is believable. This one is a child standing at the top of the stairs.

Number 5

 I think Ghost Hunters is a very good show to watch, they try to get to the main facts. This is why I place them at number 5. (you have to watch closely)

Number 4

 This one made headlines, thats why I am believing that it is real. Very interesting.

Number 3

 This video is hard to make out, but he is in a graveyard. With some friends, but he saw something and stopped. He's friends left him behind. He started filming, and then he got on video a glimpse of a little girl at a grave. Her calls out to her and she looks at him. Which scares the crap, pee and everything out of him. He trys to run off back with his friends when he cuts the camera off.

Number 2

 This one I find disturbing, and very realistic. Most kids would react this way, and I know quite of adults who would of hauled their butts right out of town. I like this video. To some it maybe fake, but based on what I have seen, this is a very good video.

Finally; Video Number 1

I really think this is real, some may not. I believe this to be the most realistic video found on youtube when it comes to Ghost. It is a feeling, i think it is real.

 I am not an expert on videos. I know alot of them may not seem real, maybe they aren't. It was fun to watch them, and I hope you guys did too. i hope you enjoy. (Remember I did not correctly analyze this pictures, all is based on opinion)


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