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Country Comes to Buckhorn: Act 1 - Scene 10

Updated on September 18, 2019
Gerry Glenn Jones profile image

Gerry Glenn Jones is a writer of fiction and nonfiction, as well as scripts for theatre and film. This is a factual article.

Animal Pyramid
Animal Pyramid | Source

Act 1 - Scene 10: Bobbi's Coming to Visit

(Grandpa changes the subject)

Grandpa Haycock:

Patsy, when did you say our granddaughter would be arriving?

Grandma Haycock:

Her momma said she should get here this afternoon on the two o'clock bus.

Grandpa Haycock:

It'll shore will be good to see that granddaughter of ours; how long has it been?

Grandma Haycock:

Might near three years, since they moved to St. Louis. Bobbi was 13 then, so she's gonna be 16.

Grandpa Haycock:

I'll bet she's all sophisticated now, and probably a pretty striking young lady.


I don't really remember what she looked like, or even acted like, it's been so long.

Grandma Haycock:

I know I can't wait to see her. I'll bet she'll be all fancied up in one of them store-bought dresses, and them high heels.

Grandpa Haycock:

That's a fact. Well, boy it's early and you got time to finish yore chores, so get at it.


Ok, Gramps, but I want to be shore and have time to clean up some fore it's time to get her.

(Grandma and grandpa go into the house, and Vern gets his hoe and heads for the cotton patch)

Chicken full of moonshine
Chicken full of moonshine | Source

Act 1 - Scene 11: Trespassers

(It's midday in Buckhorn and Sheriff Potts is in his office. He has several bandaids on his head where the tree limbs got him when he was running from the bear. Earl Watson comes staggering into the office)

Earl Watson:

What's done happened to yore face, sheriff?

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

I had a run-in with a big ole bear last night, and he scratched me up purty good, whilst I was trying to keep him off my deputy.

Earl Watson:

I always did tell Wilma, "you know that sheriff of ourn might not be too bright, but he ain't afeared of nothing."

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Well, thank you Earl; you definitely got that right, I'd fight a buzzsaw if I had too if it meant purtecting my deputy. Anyway, what can I do for you today Earl?

Earl Watson:

Sheriff, it seems I been having some trespassers out on my place at night. It seems the noise has been wakin Wilma out of her beauty sleep, and she's been complaining about it.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

(Clears his throat) Why do ya think someone would be a snoopin round yore place in the middle of the night?

Earl Watson:

Sheriff, I didn't say nobody was snoopin. I was jest saying, they's trespassing.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Oh, well ya know what I mean Earl, why would somebody be a trespassing? You ain't got nothin to hide out ya?

Earl Watson:

Why, no sheriff...I jest don't like the idea somebody might be trying to run off with one of my mules or something.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

I see...I tell you what Earl, me and my deputy will start coming out there regular at night, and try to catch them trespassers.

Earl Watson:

Oh, sheriff, I reckon that ain't necessary. I done set some booby traps for them trespassers. I jest wanted to let you know in case I catch em, so's you can come get em.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Earl, what kinda booby traps have you got set up out there?

Earl Watson:

They's good uns...they some my pappy done learned me how to build before he fell in one of his own and was killed.

Sheriff Leroy Potts:

Yore pappy was a shinner. That's not what yore building them traps for is keep the law away?

Earl Watson:

Oh no, sheriff, I done told you I worry about my mules.

(Before anything else is said, Deputy Jenkins comes in)

Deputy Jim Jenkins:

Hey a sakes, it smells like a still in here!

Earl Watson:

(cough...cough...cough) I gotta go, sheriff, Wilma's awaitin, and she don't like to wait much.

(Earl leaves)

One of Earl's traps
One of Earl's traps | Source

Country Comes to Buckhorn: End of Act 1

This concludes act 1 of this country play, as the hunt for Earl's still is the main focus of Sheriff Leroy Potts investigation. Follow us next as we enter Act 2 - Scene 1, in which the sheriff decides to sacrifice his deputy because he doesn't want to confront the bear again.

Earl Watson's house
Earl Watson's house | Source

© 2019 Gerry Glenn Jones


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    • Gerry Glenn Jones profile imageAUTHOR

      Gerry Glenn Jones 

      20 months ago from Somerville, Tennessee

      Thank you! I have several more installments, and I think you really like them.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      20 months ago from Sunny Florida

      This is another good part of your play.


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