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Craft Wars -- Christmas In July

Updated on July 26, 2012

It's getting that I'm watching this show more for the curiosity of seeing what new fashion atrocity Tori will wear this week. It's kind of hilarious watching her waft from player to player pointing out what's wrong with their crafts and all the little flaws or how they don't look that good when she could easily be picked apart for her latest outfit. The truly hilarious thing is her show is on the same night as What Not To Wear. Makes you wonder if at some point Stacy and Clinton will show up on the set of Craft Wars and offer her a fashion makeover.

This week she looked like she was wearing a red bathrobe. I'm not sure she wasn't. Maybe she was dressing for the fact she was hosting a Christmas crafting show and she was dressing up like someone about to open their packages on Christmas morning.

This week's contestants were: Zane from San Francisco who likes to do colorful graphic crafts. Cheryl from the Dallas-Fort Worth area who likes to do stamping and Margot from Knoxville, Tennessee.

They have a singing quartet dressed like they just stepped on out Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol as Tori announces they'll be do Christmas crafts, this week. The Pop Craft is to create a wreath out of winter sweaters.

Assisting Margot will be her husband, Drew. Cheryl has her daughter, Megan helping her. And Zane has his friend Alex helping him.

Tori goes around dispensing her pearls of wisdom. She seems to get she's bugging these people when they have a short time to finish this craft and don't have time to chit-chat with her and hear from her what they're doing wrong or to suggest they do something else.

Zane had this idea to construct the wreath out of cones, but the cones are too big and he just doesn't have enough time to finish, so with 15 minutes left he has to hustle to create some kind of wreath.

Jo likes what Margot did with the wreath she made, but she had a lot of hot glue strings showing on it. Stephen gives tips she could have used to have made it better. And Erica thinks its a great wreath.

Erica doesn't like Ivan's wreath. Says it looks messy. Jo declares its a mess of colors. And Stephen applauds Ivan for creating it so fast.

Cheryl gets some tips from Stephen on how to improve her wreath. Erica feels it was genius using tulle, but the flowers don't make her happy. And Joe thinks it needs more color.

Ivan is eliminated as Tori gives him advice that he shouldn't have abandoned his original vision. I kind of wanted to smack her for that. He abandoned his original concept because he wouldn't have had the time to complete it. He barely had the time to complete the wreath he did do.

The Master Craft Challenge is to create a Christmas tree out of boxes, wrapping paper and bows.

Margot has problems with the paint drying.

Cheryl is using like bulbs to create ornaments. Her daughter doesn't sand the plexi-glass they're using to make this stunning tree-top ornament and Cheryl worries the light bulbs could fall off because the glue won't hold.

Both Margot and Cheryl designed the same basic tree, so it's going to come down in liking how they decorated their trees.

Stephen feels Cheryl's tree top ornament the best thing about the tree. Jo doesn't think the tree top ornament will last more than one year because the plexi-glass hasn't been sanded and the glue won't hold. Judges don't like the messy tree skirt she made for the bottom of the tree.

Erica says Margot's tree looks like it should be for Easter instead of Christmas. Jo thinks all the flowers she did belongs on a float. The edges of her tree are also frayed. Stephen says you can't put pink next to orange. However, he feels she has the best tree base.

Bottom line: Cheryl's tree looks clean and the tree topper is a winner, but the messy skirt is a loser. Margot's cut of the tree is rough, but the ornaments are its best feature.

Ultimately Cheryl is declared the winner.


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