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Updated on April 29, 2013

I have always loved movies that have me thinking right until the very end. Trying to figure out the answer to a question that is being posed, allows me to become a part of the movie. Movies like that deserve a special place in the heart of movie watchers around the world. I would like to say that this will not be the only movie review that I will publish. When reviewing these films I will never spoil the movie. Therefore, do not worry about finding out the ending.

Creepshow is a movie that was written by Stephen King and Directed by George Romero. This is an interesting duo since King wrote stories such as The Shining, Carrie, Christine, and many others, while Romero is infamous for his zombie movies such as Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and others.

The film is a conglomerate of 5 short stories. Each of these stories are meant to scare viewers in one way or another.

The first short story is a story about an annoying father who was murdered on Father's Day. The story is set in a fancy house where a family is preparing for dinner. The family discusses a story of a young woman who murdered her father on Father's day. Every Father's day she returns to the her father's graveyard near her house and then has dinner with the family. However, the daughter does not know that her father has come back to life and is preparing to go on a killing spree. This story was an interesting story but confused me. Why is the father so determined to kill as many people as he can? What brought him back from the dead? Short stories do not have as much time to set crucial background information and this is why they may lack information. Overall, I thought this short story was well thought up but lacked information and scare. The story did not seem to scare me as I was hoping it would. However, it was clever to say the least.

The next story is a story about a slow-witted man who stumbles upon a meteor. When I said slow-witted it was an understatement. Throughout this short story the main character dreams of the money he will get for the meteor when he turns it in. However, in his mind he envisions the ways that people will make fun of him. Even the character knows he is stupid! He touches the meteor and burns his finger. This burn results in the growing of moss(or some plant material) all over his body. Throughout the story he does many things that allow the moss to grow veraciously all over his body. I found this story to be rather comical. It was funny to watch the character try to find ways to rid this moss, but in reality, he was just making it worse. I did not find it that scary, but if you are afraid of plant species invading by way of meteor, this is the story for you.

The third story was the story of a jealous man who is determined to capture and kill a man who took his woman from him. This story was one of my favorites. The kidnapper lures the man out of his home by threats that he will kill the woman. He then proceeds to bury the man up to his neck in sad right next to the beach. The tide is coming in soon which is not very good. The kidnapper then proceeds to put a television in front of the buried man's head where he gets to watch his girlfriend die the same way that he will die. I found this idea to be so simple but yet so smart. This story captured me in emotion. I envisioned myself in all of the characters shoes and felt the emotion that they must be going through. I believe that different people who watch this story will side with one of the roles that are being presented. Before the man leaves the beach, the buried man swears that he will get his revenge. Believe me, he does. The buried man and his girlfriend come back to life to find and kill the kidnapper. This was an amazing story. If there is any reason to see Creepshow, it should be because of this story.

The fourth story is the story of a mysterious box. We are introduced to the faculty of a college at a party. They are all talking and getting along except for the fact that somebody keeps inviting the annoying wife of one of the professors to these parties. This woman is extremely annoying. She is one of those characters that you want out of the story right when she is introduced. She makes fun of her husband and belittles him at any chance she can get. She makes fun of other people at the party also and she is an all-around rude,drunk. The husband of the annoying wife is a great guy. He is outgoing and would do anything for anyone. Early on in the movie, we are introduced to his best friend. This friend has affairs with many women and seems to get in trouble a lot. He gets a call that a box has been found at his college. He travels down to the college and opens the box with the help of a janitor. What he finds inside is a horror that has been boxed for centuries. This story was the most creepy of all of the stories. The thing in the box(I will not say what it is) is something that gave me goosebumps. The fear of what is in the box, mixed with the incredible story line, gives this story an amazing atmosphere that I loved.

The final short story was the story of a cruel and unforgiving businessman who has a serious bug problem. He lives in an apartment that is 100% sanitary. There is no way for anything to get in and no way for anything to get out. There are bottles of cleaning solution everywhere and instead of a trashcan, things are disposed through a suction portal. Even with all of the sanitation, there are many cockroaches that seem to keep multiply uncontrollably. The story surrounds this man trying to exterminate the cockroaches while dealing with the loss of electricity that is preventing actual exterminators from reaching the premises. This is a story that will attract people who are afraid of bugs. Bugs come from every nook and cranny of the apartment. I must admit that all of the cockroaches gave me a chill up my spine.

In conclusion, I must say that I enjoyed Creepshow. It is not a horror movie that delivers a considerable amount of scares, but it makes up for this in plots that are very intellectual and have you wanting more. Many of these stories induce the "edge of your seat" effect. You do not know what will happen next and the suspense is something that I really enjoyed. Out of 100% I would give this film an 80%. I loved the atmosphere of the film and if you have ever watched any Stephen King films, you would know that he wrote these stories. I would recommend this film to people that may not enjoy a lot of gore but enjoy a suspenseful fright. The plot builds in these stories and that is what keeps you glued to the screen.


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    • profile image

      Ardeedia Sapphire 4 years ago

      Looking forward to it.

    • Nos0317 profile image

      Nos0317 4 years ago from Winooski, Vermont

      I am going to be watching Creepshow 2 within the next week. I am excited to see how it compares to the original. I will let you know what I think.

    • profile image

      Ardeedia Sapphire 4 years ago

      I wish they had made more of the Creepshow series. I really loved the one with the creature in the box and the roaches I think Creepshow 2 was better though even though it only had 3 stories.