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Criminal Minds -- I'll Be Your Butcher Man!

Updated on October 5, 2014

Kate Callahan joins the team

Jennifer Love Hewitt joined the show as new team member Kate Callahan. Considering the actresses' love of her own breasts and putting them on display for all to see, it made one leery on how she'd fit on the show. For the most part she kept the girls covered and she actually fit in with the group pretty seamlessly. She was definitely a better fit than Blake ever was.

I was wondering if having a summer off from the show would make me once again root for the team, instead of at times actually be rooting for the unsubs against the team. The answer to that was a big no. Sometimes the overwhelming smugness of JJ, Rossi and now Kate Callahan just have me rooting for the unsub and it happened again, this week. I don't know if it's the writing or the actors just ratcheting up the smugness to an unbearable level, but some times the way they act to suspects [who aren't even the real unsub] just makes me root against them. I think the first time it happened was with the black family who were suspects and they accused each of them of being guilty and I literally hated each and every one of them. Big woo that the lying little B that cried rape and caused an innocent guy to be kidnapped and be castrated fessed up right before she died so she could croak with a good conscience. Maybe she'd get some kudos if she'd confessed when she actually had to face the consequences for her actions. Hopefully she's burning in hell somewhere. Anyway, Hotch, Garcia and Reid seem to be the three I can stand the more. I've never been a fan of Morgan, so it's status quo on him.

In Bakersfield some kids find a torso. The team is called in with new member Kate in tow. Suspicion quickly falls on Frank who won't let the team search his house and then gets caught fondling a severed leg in his car. Anyway, he gets the treatment from Rossi and Kate. What I wonder is what happened to trying to make your suspect feel you emphasize with them so they'll open up and confess to you, instead of ridiculing them and sneering at them. Yeah, I know I'd spill my guts to some cop giving me a boatload of attitude and looking down on me.

Frank tells them he bought the body parts from someone who contacted him online and Hotch does what he generally does in this situation, he calls his donkeys off and says he believes the suspect is telling the truth.

Okay, a brief time out here. I'm sorry, but what kind of sexual pleasure could you get from fondling a dead severed limb. I know there are a lot of weird sexual fetishes but this one just stymies me. Why just a limb and not a whole dead body? Seriously, what can a severed leg do for you. Does he even think about the person that leg came from? Why would the thought of some woman having her leg cut off turn him on? Yuck! Time back in.

Meanwhile a man named Stephen kidnaps a woman and brings her to his lair. He waits til she's awake before he cuts off her arm. Seems he wants to watch her reaction and pain. Amy, the latest victim, doesn't panic and hurl foul expletives at him like I would do in the situation. She pretends she likes him and wants to stay with him before he can cut off another of her limbs. When she gets him to untie her she makes a run for it and luckily runs into the safe arms of the team.

Hotch ends up shooting Stephen when he attacks Kate. The second victim of The Butcher, Christine Locke, had a restraining order put out against Stephen. What with Stephen putting a bridle in Amy's mouth to gag her while he cut off her arm and the apparent method he used, it seems to tie everything up in a nice bow. However, Kate is bothered about the case, but Hotch tells her she just needs to let it go.

As it turns out she may be right to be bothered. Either they caught the wrong person and the real unsub is still out there or there's a team of these butchers operating across the country kidnapping women and selling their body parts. Cause as the team goes home for the night, someone is online with Frank and the other kink freaks announcing he has a new girl up for sale. And at that point any sympathy I had for Frank is gone, cause there he is getting ready to bid and knowing full-well that someone is going to die just so he can have a severed leg to rub up against. That's like knowing the chicken the drumstick you're eating came from. These sickies have to know that some girl is going to be killed to fulfill their sick fetishes.

While JJ and Morgan were comparing all the past injuries they've had on the job, Reid kept rubbing his shoulder where he was shot. Is something wrong with Reid? If there is he's not saying.

Meanwhile Kate went home to a girl who may or may not be her daughter. The girl didn't call her mom, but called her by her first name. So that's probably something we're going to learn more about later in the season.

Probably most ridiculous line of dialogue came from Garcia who bemoaned the fact Emily won't be coming back to replace Blake, who is now teaching. Seriously, why would Emily, who is head of her own intelligence agency take a demotion to come back.

I know some people who didn't like the way the episode ended, but I did. The team always catches the bad guy and sometimes in life that just doesn't happen. So it was refreshing to be faced with the possibility they got it wrong. Maybe when they find out it'll actually humble them a bit. Although, being a nit picker, the same thing happened in the premiere episode of last season's first episode when they got the wrong twin.


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