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Criminal Minds -- Maeve

Updated on June 18, 2013

I really didn't think this episode would end the way it did.

Reid went to have his weekly conversation with his mystery lady by calling a number on a pay phone and hanging up. When it started ringing, Reid's lady love wasn't on the other end, it was someone identifying themself as Adam Worth. From that, Reid figured out the stalker had gotten her.

Reid rushed to Hotch and poured out the whole story of how he got to know his girlfriend, whose name is Maeve Donovan. The team launched an immediate search to try and find Maeve and save her life.

Reid was shocked when he learned Maeve had been engaged to someone before she disappeared. He was even more shocked when he met Robert Putnam. It turned out Reid's instincts had been right when he thought a man in the restaurant he and Maeve planned to meet at was waiting for her to arrive. The man he saw at the restaurant was known other than Robert Putnam. But Bobby, as he was called, wasn't Maeve's stalker. He showed proof that the stalker had also been stalking him.

What Bobby didn't realize was his new girlfriend, Diane Hutton, was Maeve's stalker. She got involved with Bobby to take him away from Maeve. He didn't realize it until she bashed him on the head and kidnapped him, as well. Now that Maeve had found love with Reid, Diane was determined to take him away from Maeve next. Declaring Bobby was of no further use, Diane shot and killed him.

It seems Diane's thesis about suicide got rejected by Maeve and that's when she started stalking Maeve determined to take everything she had away from her. She even tries to get Maeve to jump off the building and commit suicide but she won't do it. Then Reid sends Diane a message offering to trade himself for Maeve.

Reid does his best to convince Diane he loves her, not Maeve, but like they say, "It's in his kiss." When she lays a bit wet one of Reid she can tell he's lying. In retaliation she grabs Maeve and shoots herself in the head and Maeve as well right before Reid and the team's eyes.

I kept waiting for Maeve to move to show she wasn't really dead. I didn't think the show would do something like that to Reid. I mean, is it really possible to shoot yourself in the head and someone else at the same time?

I guess the saddest part was Reid told a story how this girl blindfolded him when he was a kid to make fun on him and Maeve wanted to make blindfolds fun for him again when they met. Then Diane blindfolded Reid and reinforced Reid's bad experience of blindfolds.

Reid just can't seem to get a break. His mother is in a mental institution and he's afraid one day he could end up in one, too. He thought his father was a child killer and his father abandoned him and his mother when he was a kid. And the first women he finally connects with is murdered right before his eyes the first time he finally sees her face-to-face.

Reid may also have the regret he never got a chance to tell Maeve he loved her when she said she loved him. He wanted to wait until they met face-to-face. Worse, he told Diane he loved her in front of Maeve and denied he loved Maeve. But maybe by mentioning that man they both knew he was sending her a message that she would understand that he did love her.

I really couldn't see them as a couple, but I thought if we got to see them interact face-to-face that would change. I never imagined they would kill her like that.


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