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Criminal Minds -- The Monster Amongst Us

Updated on November 19, 2011

Oh, Bill

Garcia is leading a group therapy session. I haven't seen all the episodes of Criminal Minds, so this may be common knowledge, but Garcia reveals how her parents died and the guilt she feels about it. Another member of the group is Monica. It's the seventh anniversary of her daughter, Hope's kidnapping. Another member for the meeting, Bill, who lost his wife and baby, puts a hand on Monica's shoulder to comfort her in her distress. Little does Monica know that Bill is the man who kidnapped her daughter and that the wife he's talking about who died is actually her daughter.

What follows is a whole new level of sickness. Before the meeting, he apparently wrote a letter to Monica from Hope. Just his way to prime her for the kill. When Monica goes to her car she sees a missing person's flyer with Hope's picture on it. Bill claims he saw the person who left the flyer on her car, and gets her to get into his car with him. It isn't long after that Monica learns the truth about Bill.

He takes her on some perverted trip down memory lane telling her how he became obsessed with Hope. He first saw Hope and Monica in a convenience store. Monica refused to buy a sweet treat for Hope. To me, it seemed like Bill was trying to make Monica feel guilty for that; like she was being a bad mother and he felt he needed to rescue Hope from her. Bill became smitten when Hope turned down his offer of candy. Apparently, Monica had warned Hope not to take candy for strangers. Unfortunately, that still hadn't save Hope from Bill.

The next stop was Monica's old house where she lived with Hope. Bill revealed he'd actually played hide-and-seek with Hope and her friend, Heather. I don't think Hope was even aware that Bill was playing hide-and-seek with her and Heather. Bill had approached Heather and asked if he could join. Apparently, Heather's parents didn't warn her to beware of strangers; especially strangers that want to play hide-and-seek with her.

Heather never told the police about Bill approaching her about playing hide-and-seek. To this day she's guilt-ridden about what happened. She also can't help wondering why he picked Hope instead of her. They were both blonde. Their names both began with H. They even looked a bit alike.

The most chilling scenes were when Bill took her back to the house he'd kept Hope in. Monica was still having hope that Hope might still be alive and maybe there could be a happy ending to this whole tragedy. He even showed her a videotape of teenage Hope that made her believe she was alive and somewhere in the house.

For me the most chilling images were the chair with chains on the arms in the kitchen that Bill used to chain Hope to until she got too big for it. He found nothing wrong with the fact he had to chain a child up. The other was in the flashback of Hope with the words scrawled on the wall "WHY ME?"

The team figures out that Bill waited until Hope was older to molest her. When he got her pregnant, it was too much for Hope, and she killed herself opposed to bringing this monster's baby into the world.

They also realized the reason he kidnapped Monica is because he plans to impregnate Monica so he can replace Hope. If his plan worked, he would have probably killed Monica and then raised Hope II until he in turn, raped and impregnated her.

Monica finds Hope's decaying corpse in one of the rooms. She tries to escape from Bill, but he catches her and appears to rape her, implementing his sick plan. The team finally tracks down Bill, and Garcia goes in to try and talk Bill into letting Monica go. Monica is absolutely enraged by the things Garcia is saying and keeps spewing venom at Bill. When Bill finally drops his gun to let Monica go, she picks it up and shoots him dead.

At the end, Monica was shown at Hope's funeral, but there were a couple of big questions left unanswered: Monica shot Bill in cold blood, so did she really not get charged for it. I doubt any jury would convict her, but still she shot the guy in cold blood. Then there's the fact it appears that Bill had raped Monica before she was rescued. Is it possible she could be pregnant with his baby?

We'll probably never know, because it goes beyond the scope of this episode.


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