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Criminal Minds -- The Storm Chaser

Updated on November 9, 2011

That's Frankensteen

Tonight's unsub is a combination of a storm chaser and Dr. Frankenstein.

Travis James lived in a trailer park with his older brother Tucker. When a pedophile they turned in got off the hook, Tuck went to confront him, and took Young Travis with him. While he's trying to beat the crap out of the pedophile, a tornado hits the trailer park. In the aftermath, Tuck's body is ripped apart.

Fast forward several years later and another twister hits and Tuck's grave is demolished. This gives Travis some sick delusion that the tornado can resurrect his dead brother.

What follows is Travis abducting teen street hustlers who are protective, driving where there's a tornado warning, and killing them as it approaches, taking one of their body parts with him. From the body parts he managed to assemble a headless body. This would have been a good episode for Halloween.

It took the team awhile to figure out what Travis was doing and why, but Reid ended up Reid can drive you crazy the way he can rattle off facts. Like he did with Rossi on what would really cause an airplane to crash when they were on an airplane. Rossi was nervous flying and he was like, "Can someone make him stop?" But he figured that Travis was looking for the perfect head to put on his assembled body.

He found it, but thankfully he snatched his perfect head in front of the Perfect Head's little brother. It was a race against time and tornado to get to Travis before he cut off his latest victim's head. The team made it, but had to take cover as the tornado hit. It was quite a sight to see Travis holding up his headless body as the tornado sucked him up.

CSI was the perfect companion piece of this episode. I watched it since Revenge wasn't on tonight. At the scene of the accident a brain was found. They had a head with the top cut off and the brain missing. And the coroner was playing around and touching the brain. God, it was gross. Thank God I don't watch this show on a regular basis. But like I said, this would have been perfect for Halloween.

On personal matters, Rossi is still recovering from Caroline's death and JJ is having problems with Will because of her job. Shades of Hotch and his late wife. Being married with a child and working for the BAU doesn't seem to be a good mix.


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