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Crisis On Infinite Earths Recap

Updated on December 21, 2019
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Name: Iain Study: Cyber Security I watch a lot of movies and TV. If you want me to do an article on one just send me an email here! :)

Arrowverse: Crisis On Infinite Earths Recap

Crisis On Infinite Earths is the Arrowverse's latest crossover bringing in Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends Of Tomorrow and Batwoman. This article will involve spoilers of the first three parts of this crossover: Supergirl S05E09, Batwoman S01E09 and The Flash S06E09. If you haven't watched these then I suggest leaving and coming back after you have watched.

What is Crisis?


Key Things To Remember From Part One

The following earths were destroyed by the wave of anti-matter:

  • Earth 89
  • Earth 9
  • Earth X
  • Earth 66
  • Argo
  • Earth 38

Not only did several earths die within the first hour of this five hour crossover but Oliver Queen died and Nash let out the anti-monitor from his confinement and became a pariah forced to watch the terrible things the anti-monitor has done. Oliver died during the battle with the shadow demons as the monitor appeared and said they had lost and must retreat so they can save their resources. The Monitor sends everyone away apart from Oliver who shot Mar Novu (The Monitor) with an arrow so he could sacrifice himself and save everyone from Earth-38 before it got devoured by anti-matter.

Green Arrow - Shadow Demon Battle
Green Arrow - Shadow Demon Battle | Source

Crisis Part 2 Recap

In part two, the heroes are still struggling with accepting that Oliver died. The monitor then says they have reason to hope. Seven to be precise. In this episode we learned of Paragons and how there was seven of them but only found out four paragons in this episode.

Paragons revealed so far:

  • Kara Zor-El / Supergirl - Paragon of Hope.
  • Kate Kane / Batwoman - Paragon of Courage.
  • Brandon Routh's Superman - Paragon of Truth.
  • Sara Lance / White Canary - Paragon of Destiny.

Lastly, Part 3

Key things to remember from part three is:

  • Flash, Killer Frost, Vibe, Black Lightning, Ralph stopped the machine that caused the anti-matter wave.
  • Earth-90 Barry Allen sacrificed himself to stop the anti-matter wave machine.
  • The Monitor restored vibe powers in Cisco
  • Brandon Routh's Superman was actually Lex Luthor.
  • Every world got destroyed by anti-matter wave.
  • The Anti-Monitor killed The Monitor
  • Every earth is gone

All of the paragons were revealed:

  • Kara Zor-El / Supergirl - Paragon of Hope
  • Sara Lance / White Canary - Paragon of Destiny
  • Kate Kane / Batwoman - Paragon of Courage
  • Brandon Routh's Superman - Paragon of Truth
  • Barry Allen / The Flash - Paragon of Love
  • Jon Jonzz / Martian Manhunter - Paragon of Love
  • Ryan Choi - Paragon of Humanity

The anti-matter wave wiped everything out of existence. Pariah sent all seven paragons to the vanishing point where the anti-matter wave and the anti-monitor can't reach them. The paragons are the only people left across space and time.

The crossover concludes on Tuesday 14th January 2020 first airing on Arrow at 8pm then following with Legends of Tomorrow at 9pm. Currently, the first three episodes (Supergirl, Batwoman and The Flash) are possible to stream on the CW app.

© 2019 Iain


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