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Crossovers That Could Work

Updated on February 2, 2014

Crossovers are Awesome!

Every Geek, Nerd, Dork or Fan worth their salt has at some point thought about crossovers. Crossovers are great. There's nothing more satisfying in all of Geekdom than seeing your favourite heroes either team up for the greater good or beat the crap out of each other to see who would win. They're all over the place: Batman vs. Superman; Star Trek vs. Star Wars; Every multi-Doctor storyline. They never get old.

However there are some that I really wish would happen one. These suggestions also have the added bonus that they would work in each established universe. So lets take a look and fanboy/fangirl the hell out.

Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings

Several people may be saying, "Just because they're fantasy stories doesn't mean that it would work". That, however, is where you're wrong. Westeroes is an island and Middle earth has a shore somewhere. Conceivably both landmasses could exist on the same planet. What if the Game of Thrones setting is like Europe and Asia while on the other side of the planet sits the land of Lord of the Rings roughly where America would be. It works.

Both worlds also have some similarities, notably Dragons. It would be a Nerd dream to see Daenerys Targaryen giving Smaug a row or the Ringwraiths coming up against White Walkers. Just picture Tyrion Lannister in exile sweet talking Gondorians in Minas Tirith or Aragorn going toe to toe Jon Snow.

There is no way you could look me in the eye and say this is a bad idea.

Die Hard vs. Hard Boiled

John McClain and Inspector Tequila are actually quite similar. Both characters are wise cracking rebellious cops. Both characters always end up standing alone against armies of goons. Both always finish the movie in way worse shape than when they started.

This crossover is extremely easy because they take place in the real world (kinda). All we need is a situation where either Hong Kong is threatened by Western mobs or terrorists or New York to be threatened by the Triads. The disgruntled cops would join forces to settle jurisdiction problems and then kick some ass. McClain could drive a car through a warehouse wall and then Tequila would leap out brandishing dual guns. An epic shootout would ensue full of doves and people going back to back. And just to squeeze in some trade marks: broken glass lands at McClain's feet which sets off bad memories and then Tequila sees the reflection of more bad guys. Then McClain picks up another gun and both dual wield guns in the climax.

"Die Hard Boiled" could very well be the greatest action epic in recent memory even beating Expendables to the curb. Chow Yun Fat isn't doing anything so he would be up for it and then the obstacle is trying to get Bruce Willis to give a shit about something again.

Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim

The next and hopefully better Hollywood version of Godzilla is coming this year. Del Toro is also looking to make a Pacific Rim sequel. Hello! Gareth Edwards has stated that his vision for Godzilla will involve Godzilla fighting other monsters. Pacific Rim itself is essentially Guillermo Del Toro's love letter to monster movies and Anime (Evangelion for instance). Considering Pacific Rim has featured inter-dimensional gates and aliens it would be entirely plausible for Pacific Rim Jeagers to either travel to Godzilla's time or vice versa.

Watching Charlie Hunnum go berzerk as he attempts to take on the King of Monsters would put buts firmly in seat (my but at least). Also in the context of Pacific Rim, Godzilla would be the biggest monster the Jeagers ever faced. Judging from the Godzilla trailer, he is gigantic!

If may not be as anticipated in the US but release this thing in Japan and people will go insane.

24 vs. Taken

Just picture this as a tagline: "They have 24 hours to get back what was Taken!". Jack Bauer and Liam Neeson (I'm sure he was just playing himself) have a number of things in common: both have frequently kidnapped families; both are special forces guys; both are complete badasses.

The plot could fall into place easily. Jack Bauer could come up against a vengeful terrorist so CTU must track down the retired agent he's after, enter Neeson - we never did find out what agency Neeson worked for. The interaction between the two would consist of so many rough, gritty spoken quotes that the internet would explode with memes. There's also the oppertinuty to have both break down into a slick fist fight because neither of them can out-badass each other.

Give a manly grunt followed by a jujit-su move if you want this.

Dune vs. Warhammer 40K

This one is a little complicated but it would still be worth seeing. This on mainly works because the Dune saga actually fits as part of 40K's mythology. Both stories also feature a character called the "God Emperor". Yes may one be a worm man and the other is a....well that's complicated, but historically it does work. However, the best part about a crossover is seeing characters from both universes interact. If Dune is just reduced to history then what's the point?

Let me explain. What if at some point a squad of space marines ends up landing on the Dune planet Arrakis - the second one because *spoilers* the first one was destroyed. It would be so cool to see the Space Marines battle against the giant Dune worms. There's also the fact the the Kwisatz Haderach is essentially a disembodies god being a very interesting story begins to unfold.

Amidst all the wars in the 40K universe an army of Space Marines on the Tyranid front crash lands on a mysterious desert planet. There they find ancient ruins and discover the planet is called Arrakis 2. While scouting the world they come into conflict with the sand worms and kill a lot of them. This reawakens the Kwisatz Haderach and he is not happy with what has happened with the universe. Soon the Imperium of Man finds their own God Emperor fighting toe to toe with the mysterious force of the Kwisatz Haderach who could very well be the greatest threat to the Imperium. Tapping in to the telepathic powers of the Elder the Kwisatz Haderach has his army taking the fight to the heart of the Empire. Everything depends on a climactic battle over Arrakis and if the battle is lost so is the Imperium.

I think I made myself excited.

Doctor Who vs. Star Trek vs. Star Wars vs. Battlestar Galactica

If you just did a double take of this crossover then don't worry it does make sense. It does take a hell of a lot of explaining. First thing to consider is Doctor Who. As David Tennant said, "Time isn't a straight line it's more like a ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff." To paraphrase this means that Doctor Who has never really established a history of future events. This allows writers to be almost limitless in their creativity. So there's nothing to stop the Doctor from landing on Deep Space Nine in the 24th century and telling a new companion about the United Federation of Planets.

Then there's Star Wars. Many people think that Star Wars takes place a long time ago in the past but that doesn't mean in our past. It's the past for whoever is telling the story so when Star Wars takes place in relation to our time is up to a writer. We know that it's a galaxy far far away so it could be happening at the same time as Star Trek and Doctor Who could show up there as well.

Finally we have Battlestar Galactica. For this scenario we go with the original series and not the remake. The remake establishes that the Galactica reaches Earth about 150,000 years ago from now. The original never reached Earth. A TV movie was made when it did reach us but this movie is so bad that it has officially been removed from cannon. So when Battlestar Galactica takes place is also up in the air.

In short, all of this can exist in the same time. I would've loved Babylon 5 to be in here but the timeline contradicts with Star Trek so sorry about that. Now really think about this. Think about the potential story lines. Yes we could have a Star Destroyer fighting a Battlestar and the Enterprise. Hell we could have all of the Enterprises considering the timetravel element. Hell we could have all of the Doctors and all of the Enterprises! Daleks and Cylons! Cybermen and Stormtroopers! Jedi and Vulcans! The possibilities are endless.

The other crossovers on this list are good for a few stories but this crossover opens up an entirely new sci - fi fantasy universe and it could all work in continuity. This could very well be the greatest crossover of all time and space!

Which crossover do you want to see the most?

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