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Crusade: A march through time - movie review

Updated on February 27, 2010

As a kid the book ‘Crusade: A march through time’ was one of my favourite books. The author is the Dutch Thea Beckman and she was my most-loved writer. I devoured her books. When I heard they were going to make the book into a movie I was a little worried some of the details and parts of the story would be lost or done wrong. But the movie turned out great and I loved it.

The DVD - Crusade: A march through time

It is about the 17-year old Rudolf. His mother invented a time machine and one day Rudolf decides to try it out.  However he accidentally gets stuck in the thirteenth century. He stumbles upon a children’s crusade of peace on their way to Jerusalem and decides to join them. But many of the children die along the way, so Rudolf tries to reorganise the crusade into a more effective operation. Not everyone is happy about his arrival though. And in the mean time his mother is trying absolutely everything she can to bring him back to the present.

The main actor Joe Flynn is good and takes on the role of Rudolf with a lot of passion. The way he stands out in the thirteenth century, but slowly starts blending in is captured very well. He is good as a hero, saving the children, but shows his vulnerable side in the blossoming romance with Jenne (played by Stephanie Leonidas), one of the older girls following the crusade.

And even though there are only two adults starring in the movie, it is not just a kid’s movie. It is very much enjoyable for adults as well. So get the whole family together, get the dvd Crusade: A march through time, and enjoy some quality together time!

The book - Crusade in Jeans


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