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Cult Review: Series Finale

Updated on July 16, 2013

Synopsis of "Executive Producer Steven Rae"

Stuart is tempted to trade Nate for some information that Jeff and Skye possess. Skye gets more help from Jeff to help her find her father. The cast of "Cult" prepares for a secret scene to be delivered by the executive producer of "Cult", Steven Rae.

Steven Rae Is...

We still don't know...

Well it seems like Cult and "Cult" is coming to a close. I know, it's a sad affair. Though I'm not upset about it considering the show was so unique that it found a small niche audience. If there hadn't been such a small niche, the network probably would have renewed and not pulled it off the air. However, that's always likely with new shows. This is especially the case for The CW as Mark Pedowitz is starting to try some new things to give the network a fresh image. Cult was definitely first of its kind on The CW. Though it goes to show that the majority of the CW viewers prefer a much faster paced mystery series than Cult was able to provide.

It dragged in places only because the drag was needed. We had to find things out slowly and reach a probably amazing finale. If you'll note, I wrote a farewell to the main cast and will write my final analysis of the show versus putting more predictions. Obviously that wouldn't make any sense since the show is over. Though I do want to also thank you all for reading these reviews and keeping up with me. I'm counting down the fall season when shows like The Tomorrow People, Reign, and The Originals come to The CW. I can't help but be excited!

The next time I'll be posting something on TV shows will be for the remainder of the third season of Teen Wolf and in September when I write my preview to my latest show to be reviewed, Reign. So there's lot more to be excited about.

So now that we've gotten to the end of this show, I'm curious as to what's the big secret. Will Nate and Jeff finally be reunited or will something dastardly occur? Let's find out!

Review of "Executive Producer Steven Rae"

I must say, this finale is the craziest I've ever seen. Nate returns home after Stuart finally discovers what happens to the other parents. Jeff led him right to the church, but something goes awry as detective Zavala comes in out of the blue saying that they got a tip to take Stuart in for murder and kidnapping. This is a strange thing considering I'm sure Jeff and Skye weren't going to say anything. They knew the man had been searching for the truth all this time. Now that he's discovered it, he'll be in jail. Stuart is visited by Cameron who seems angry for Stuart's persistence at finding out the truth. It's a heated debate between the two of them.

Nate's return shakes the norm a bit as he's slowly recuperating from his time away from Jeff. He's acting a bit odd though, his obsession with the clues coming back in spurts. Jeff wants him to be over the whole thing, but it doesn't seem that easy for Nate to do. There's worry there, but Jeff uses his new time to visit Skye at her place and promise to help her find her father. With this new devotion, the two of them finally seal the deal. It's about time right?

Roger and Kirstie prepare for this strange online portion of the finale of "Cult" by getting proper dressed and such. They chill out on set before it all is supposed to go down. Kelly in the show must face a dastard decision over killing Billy or the man who killed her parents. It has all been a ploy enacted by Billy and Kelly's sister Meadow. It calls for a pretty interesting turn of events since Kelly's character is so obsessed with bringing justice for the likes of her parents.

Stuart is released through bonds and really good lawyers and that frightens Jeff at first. Though it seems that Stuart is ignoring them, digging deeper into the mystery of the show and whereabouts of his father who disappeared all those years ago. It was discovered that his father was not among those who had died in the church. Thirty-One of thirty-two bodies were found. When Jeff discovers this he's heading home to discover that Dustin Wartell was in there with Nate.

Jeff busts in all freaked out and Nate is calm and collected, the clues that were once on the wall scattered about the floor. Jeff is enraged by he and Dustin's meeting. I wouldn't blame him for feeling that way. Dustin has been proven to be dangerous. Though Nate brushes that off saying that the two of them are friends and worked together. Jeff is, unfortunately, not enamored by this. He asks Nate to prove he can be trusted again. Remember, their relationship was a bit rocky before he was kidnapped. The name Quentin Yarrow is brought up by Nate.

The climax of the episode consists of the online streaming of "Cult" and Jeff's discovery of two new things. One: he is contacted by a strange person warning him to stay away from Nate, and two discovering that Nate, out of curiosity, has gone to see Stuart. With a new clue the two of them go up to Moon Hill. When Nate returns to his house with Skye they discover this and head up there as well. Though it's still uncertain why.

Skye and Jeff arrive at the house and find Nate and Stuart in the basement hacking away at some wall. There, the four of them, with curiosity in their hearts weigh the options of knowing the secret of what all had happened. We're still not sure who Steven Rae is or how the Moon Hill parents were killed back in 1987. After a tense moment Skye wants to find her father, Nate and Jeff want to know the truth, and Stuart is seeking the whereabouts of his father. In the end, it's Jeff that puts the final blows to the wall and discovers the secret passageway behind it.

The four of them descend and discover Philip Kellian's old work space where books are scattered among canned goods and other items. It was clear he had come here to hide, probably escaping the Circle of Erasmus who killed the other Moon Hill parents. That so called cult was discovered to be the cause of their deaths. Strange right? Phillip Kellian's body is discovered by Stuart. The man apparently died after a metal shelf fell upon him and crushed him. It makes sense. They find an object that is pertinent to the mystery, something with the symbol of the Circle of Erasmus on it.

Roger Reeves is shot on set after "Kelly Collins" shot him. Though it's unfortunate that a real gun replaced the fake gun. Everyone comes to his aid and the woman who inspired Kelly's character scoops up the evidence! Why?

Dustin Wartell finds Stuart and the others. He plans to take Stuart for a ride in his van. He says that Stuart used them for his own selfish reasons and not for the show. Stuart is taken away and the man who told Dustin where to find the others emerges. Quentin Yarrow!! Skye is confused by all this. Quentin repeated his words "I told you to stay away from your brother". He picks up the item found in the pile of ash with Phillip Kellian. He says "Well hey, these things just snap right off."

The End.... OMGosh... I wish there were more episodes!! Is Quentin Yarrow, Steven Rae?? Why did the woman kill Roger? What will become of Stuart?... I hate it when this happens.

Did The Ending Of Cult Surprise You?

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3.5 out of 5 stars from 6 ratings of "Series Finale"

Series Recap

Cult had a pretty good run. Well, not ratings wise. It was one of the lowest shows ever to air on The CW and I think it's because it could only grab a very small viewership. This occurs because the show is just so unique that it could never please the masses. There have been shows like that over the years like Arrested Development, Firefly, Dollhouse, Futurama. It's a shame that shows have to end because they can't find the audience and not because they lack integrity. Cult was a daring challenge for the writers and for the people watching it. The mystery was muddled and difficult to follow, but it was interesting to watch. The cast did a wonderful job of portraying their characters. All in all, they should be proud of their accomplishment.

Shows get cancelled left and right nowadays, so it's hard to really get into shows. We're in constant fear that they will get cancelled. If you ever wonder about your favorite shows, look up the ratings, stay informed. It's better than never knowing how your favorite show is doing. So let's talk more about Cult.

Cult is a mystery in essence. It melds all these different elements together to share a story. The lacking of the show is character development. There are clear motives and great characterization, but no emotional moments, no vulnerabilities. The characters were essentially difficult to related to. It took a little too long for us to see why we care for the characters. That's okay... better luck next time. So basically there have been three cults: Moon Hill, True Believers, and the Circle of Erasmus. I believed there were two at first, but a third has emerged. The question remains. What more would we have seen if the show got another season? What would have happened if it aired in the fall over midseason. I guess we'll never know. Thanks for watching Cult. Check out Teen Wolf reviews this summer and Reign in the fall! Syanora Readers!

Main Cast Farewell

Hey Readers,

Let's say goodbye to the main cast of Cult. They've done a great job portraying their characters and giving us an interesting spectacle every week. Even though the show is over, the actors and actresses still have careers. They are all talented and they'll have work in no time after Cult. I would be surprised if some of them have already found new roles to encapsulate. Here's some additional information about the main cast of Cult. Check it out:

Alona Tal (Marti/Kelly) has been an amazing actress to watch. Her moments on Veronica Mars and Supernatural has made this Israeli actress very popular, playing roles that are seen mostly by shows with a rabid fanbase. Now that Cult is over, it seems that Alona doesn't have a future role at this moment. However a recent movie she filmed is in post-production. The film is entitled Night of The Living Dead: Origins 3D

Robert Knepper (Roger/Billy) has been the charismatic member of the cast throughout the run of Cult. He's been known to be suave and really good at playing evil characters. This American actor is best known for play "T-Bag" in the show Prison Break. He's also worked on Heroes and Stargate Universe. Robert Knepper will be playing the role of a mobster in upcoming TNT drama, Lost Angels

Matthew Davis (Jeff) has played the protagonist of the story since episode one. His soft spoken character has been brave, intellectual, and calm in the most dangerous of situations. He is best known for playing Alaric on The Vampire Diaries as well as playing in a show entitled What About Brian. This American actor seems to not have anything lined up just yet.

Jessica Lucas (Skye) has been the sidekick in this story. Though many times she provides pertinent information to Jeff and in fact helps him begin the search for his brother. Jessica Lucas is a Canadian actress and singer known best for her roles on Melrose Place, Edgemont, and for movies such as Cloverfield and She's The Man. She's already working more with Are We Officially Dating? in post-production (she stars opposite Zac Efron) and Pompeii which she is currently filming.

Alona Tal, Robert Knepper, Matthew Davis, and Jessica Lucas
Alona Tal, Robert Knepper, Matthew Davis, and Jessica Lucas


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      4 years ago

      Ya learn sohinmetg new everyday. It's true I guess!

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      4 years ago

      How did real-life Kelly know who is gun going to shoot? Two explanations: She is Steven Rae, or she was told that by Steven


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