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Cute Animal Movies on Netflix Instant

Updated on February 3, 2015
Cute animal movies on Netflix Instant
Cute animal movies on Netflix Instant

If you are tired of run-of-the-mill overstimulating movies and just want something to watch that is low-key and heartwarming, then check out these cute animal movies on Netflix instant. In the line-up we have movies about a cat, beavers, dogs, and a rabbit. These films are great to watch on a rainy day.

Wiener Dog Nationals

2013 G 1hr 22m

Weiner Dog Nationals is a great film if you like family movies mixed with adorable camera shots of dogs, or have a love of dachshunds.

In this movie a family adopts a dachshund from a shelter that is the runt of the litter. The dog, it turns out, is not so weak as it ends up having a penchant for racing!

This movie also stars Morgan Fairchild and is a film that is fully suited for everyone in the family to watch.

Weiner Dog Nationals Trailer

Saving Otter 501

2013 TV-G 53 mins

Saving Otter 501 is a good animal documentary to watch on Netflix if you want to see an adorable otter and his human friends' efforts to give him a great life.

This film shows children not only the life cycle and habitat of otters but also how people can be proactive in helping and being friends to these creatures.

If you are all about educational film for you and your family, this animal movie is perfect for you.

Saving Otter 501 Trailer

Kitten Party

2010 TV-Y 39 minutes

Kitten Party is a good film to watch if you've had a stressful week and just want to be reminded of innocence and carefree days. In this film Whiskers, the cat, narrates his preparation of and enjoyment with a party he throws for himself and his closest kitten family and friends.

Kitten Party not just for kids. You would be surprised what watching a bunch of kittens frolic does for your mental health! Likewise, this animal movie is great to put on for the kids as absolutely nothing is inappropriate in the film.

Kitten Party Trailer

Netflix also has these titles available from time to time ...

A Movie about Cats
A Movie about Cats | Source

Harry and Tonto

1974 R 115 minutes

An elderly man named Harry is forced out of his New York City apartment where he lives with his cat, Tonto. He normally takes his cat on daily errands with him, either carrying him or walking him on a leash.

Harry tries to live with relatives after being evicted from his apartment, but he seems uneasy about them, so Harry takes Tonto with him on a cross-country trip.

This movie is adorable because Harry talks to his cat just like he is a person. If you are a cat lover and also talk to your pet, you will find a lot to love about this movie.

This has an R rating but aside for a quick flash of nudity, this film should be PG-rated. It is one of the most family-friendly movies in this list.

A Movie about Dogs
A Movie about Dogs | Source

A Golden Christmas

2010 1hr 29m TV-PG

This movie has a man and woman at odds with each other that are really long-lost friends from childhood. A Golden Retriever is central to bringing the old friends back together.

This film is sort of a Lifetime movie with a Christmas theme rolled into one. Except for the argueing, though, there is no other discord in the film, and should be a good general movie to watch with the whole family.

The scenery and town in which the film is set is also very idealistic and it is relaxing to just view the locale and the homes where the scenes take place. If you like films with small-town settings, this will fit the bill.

Don't wait until Christmas to see this movie. Think of it as a charming gem you can watch at any time.

A Cute Animal Movie
A Cute Animal Movie | Source

Beavers: IMAX

1998 TV-PG 31 minutes

This is the cutest film I have ever seen. And until I watched this I had no idea just how skilled, smart, and family-oriented beavers really are.

This documentary follows a set of beavers as they create their own oasis away from the rest of the world. They constantly chomp trees down and build dams and homes for themselves.

One of the most adorable aspects of this film is that it captures the constant baby-like noises that the beavers make, sort of a cooing sound.

This film also captures the affectionate mannerisms the beavers have towards each other, and you watch as they grow into a beaver family, with their own pups.

A Cute Animal Movie on Netflix Instant
A Cute Animal Movie on Netflix Instant | Source

The Christmas Bunny

2010 1hr 39m PG

This film takes a little bit of strength to watch. A withdrawn foster child finds a hurt rabbit before Christmas and she takes it home to care for it.

She bonds with the bunny but the foster dad isn't too happy with the pet as he blames problems in the house on the rabbit.

The problems really stem from the father's lack of employment and the bad antics of his young son towards the rabbit -- a child that should be taught a lesson.

Although the over-riding theme in this movie is heartwarming, if you have young children, you might want to watch before allowing them to view it to see if you approve.


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  • Pop Culture World profile imageAUTHOR

    Pop Culture World 

    4 years ago from United States

    Thanks so much. I hope she enjoys!

  • joedolphin88 profile image


    4 years ago from north miami FL

    My cousin is a sucker for these kind of flicks. I'm going to be sending her this article immediately. Nicely done and well written.


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