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Updated on May 5, 2016

Detective comics’ or DC’s response to the success of Marvel’s cinematic universe is to have a cinematic universe of their own. This cinematic universe will lead up to DC’s version of the Avenger’s, which is the Justice League. They’ve laid out a slate of movies for the next five years with at least two Justice League movies. It’s a questionable decision because Marvel has already established good credit with fans and critics. There’s no rotten score of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie on Rotten Tomatoes, no negative rating of any movie on Metacritic, and no movie rating under 6.8 on IMDB. DC has only had positive ratings on only one franchise in the past, which was the Nolan Batman trilogy. That franchise isn’t a part of this universe though. They’ve only had Man of Steel, which was somewhat panned by critics and BVS with an even worse response. Other than that, DC hasn’t had very great reviews and a lot of bombs.
Why is this relevant? Well, because DC (which movie rights are owned by Warner Brothers) is starting to feel the effect of jumping the gun already. Man of Steel barely made its money back in the US and made more money in the foreign market. This is rare as the American market usually makes more money. According to, BVS had started off really well but had a 69% drop off its second weekend. That’s in the top 100 of all-time and very rare for a blockbuster like BVS. It then dropped off with another 54% in its third weekend. Their decision to do this wasn’t the best and there’s a way that Warner Brothers can turn this DC Universe around. It might be hard but with these steps, I think the DC Universe could flourish like the Marvel Universe and even be more successful.
The first step will never happen, but seems like a popular opinion. They’re decision to put Zack Snyder in control of four movies

in their cinematic universe was a bad decision right off the bat. His lack of skill for directing has turned a lot people away. I myself work in a theater and there’s seems to be a dislike for the director even though they liked Batman V Superman. Fans of the film still state that it could be better. Marvel didn’t get to where it’s at because it had terrible movies. It established its movie credit with good quality movies. Snyder will not get them there. The only thing I would like from Snyder would be to direct a Batman movie. That’s the only movie I would let him come close to.
The next step would to put a hold on the Universe for a quick second. Sit down and rethink their strategies on the upcoming films. They only have one movie in-between BVS and the first Justice League movie. WB needs some give some background on these characters before they just jump into the collection of them. There are characters that have never been introduced in movies. Giving more context and character development to these character is a must and should be done before they’re placed into one movie.
These two strategies are key to the success of Warner Brothers and DC. Snyder doesn’t have a JJ Abrams knack for blockbusters. That’s the ability to show great cinematography/visuals while also producing a good story. JJ Abrams hasn’t always been the greatest at creating original storytelling but audiences/critics seem to get around his movies. The best person for the job currently to replace Snyder would be David Fincher. He has that darker tone that Warner Brothers seems to be wanting out of their DC cinematic Universe. However, his story telling is also one of best in the business. DC need to have these major problems fixed before the company itself starts to get effected.

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