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6.Dumbo 1941 USA colour U

Updated on March 8, 2013

also known as: WALT DISNEY'S DUMBO (USA poster title)

BASED ON NOVEL: Helen Aberson Harold Pearl Dumbo

Disney's animated family drama


From Disney's animated classic (taken from Helen Aberson & Harold Pearl novel Dumbo) comes an emotional elephant's heartwarming tail of how he was disowned by his heard. Our tale begins where all mothers were expecting their newborns, all the animals had except for poor Mrs Jumbo (verna Felton) who was waiting and waiting. Next day Mrs Jumbo had an unexpected surprise visit from Mr Stork,(Sterling Holloway) who delivered her beautiful blue eyed baby elephant which she named dumbo.

All the other elephants were admiring dumbo when suddenly he sneezed and out popped his big ears larger then he was, at once an outburst took place amongst all the other elephants and a lot of nasty insults were flung around but Mrs Jumbo did not care she loved her baby.

Mrs Jumbo had to protect her son day and night from all the bullies that mocked and taunt him just because he was born an unusual elephant of his heard or kind, Poor Dumbo became an out cast from all elephants, all other circus animals and human beings.

One night the taunting and bullying became far too much for Mrs Jumbo to bare so she used her trunk to whack out at everyone who criticised her beloved Dumbo, The ringmaster (Herman Bing) got involved and poor Mrs Jumbo had to be taken away and locked up because she was a mad dangerous elephant.

A mouse named Timothy (Edward Brophy) befriended Dumbo so Dumbo and Timothy became inseparable. Dumbo was dismissed from the elephants act because of his large ears, everybody laughed the Ring master made Dumbo part of the clowns act, the clowns tortured and humiliated Dumbo further by making him jump from a very great height in to a bowl of water below.

After a bad evening of work and visiting his mother which made dumbo very sad, he and Timothy both crashed out, and did not wake till the next morning when they found themselves high up in a tree surround by a large group of noisy crows. After spending a few moments with the crows Timothy had this crazy idea but believed it did happen, and wanted it to happen again. Timothy and Dumbo went back to the circus to do one last final act as for the out come you will have to see for yourselves.

Dumbo is a likeable Disney entertainment classic that's suitable for all the family although it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. This enjoyable tale contains some sad and happy occasions, and some musical tunes to sing and dance along to.

Directed by: Samuel Armstrong Norman Ferguson Wilfred Jackson Jack Kinney Bill Roberts (sequence director) Ben Sharpsteen John Elliotte (supervising director)

written by: Helen Aberson Harold Pearl (novel/book) Joe Grant Dick Huemer (screen story)

Otto Englander (story direction)

Bill Peet, Aurelius Battaglia, Joe Rinaldi, Vernon Stallings, Webb Smith (story development

Baskett James crow (voice uncredited) Bing Herman the ringmaster (voice uncredited) Bletcher Billy clown (voice uncredited) Brophy Edward Timothy Q mouse (voice uncredited) Carmichael Jim crow (voice uncredited) Choir Johnson Mail choral sounds (uncredited) Edwards Cliff Jim crow (voice uncredited) Felton Verna elephant matriarch/Mrs Jumbo (voice uncredited) Gammill Noreen Catty the elephant (voice uncredited) Holden Eddie clown (voice uncredited) Holloway Sterling Mr. stork (voice uncredited) Hutton Malcolm skinny (voice uncredited) the King's men choral effects (uncredited) Manley Harold boy (voice uncredited) Mcleish John narrator (voice uncredited) Neil Tony boy (voice uncredited) Noyes Betty singer (voice uncredited) Scott Dorothy Giddy the elephant (voice uncredited) Selby Sarah Prissy the elephant (voice uncredited) Sheets Billy clown/Joe (voice uncredited) Stewart Nick crow (voice uncredited) Stubbs Chuck boy (voice uncredited) Wright Margaret Casey Jr. (voice uncredited)


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