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Movie Review - The Mummy Returns (2001)

Updated on October 8, 2009

The Mummy - Take Two

As a rule I’m not a big fan of sequels but I found this one entertaining. So we start with a bunch of guys in skirts beating the crap of each other led by the beloved Rock aka the Scorpion King. For a leader of men the Scorpion king made a poor choice of which god to ask help from. Anubis had a bigger role in this movie and was obviously up to something. You gotta feel bad for the Scorpion King. Let’s face it he seriously got the raw deal at the end of his life.

Our hero back in action.
Our hero back in action.
Mom on a mission.
Mom on a mission.
Romance of the ages.
Romance of the ages.
Never interrupt a chick fight. Eye candy for guys.
Never interrupt a chick fight. Eye candy for guys.
The guys in action. Eye candy for chicks.
The guys in action. Eye candy for chicks.
The end is near.
The end is near.

Brendan Fraiser is back as Rick O’Connell and Freddie Boath as his levitating son Alex. Yes, I said levitating. When Rick turns around he is eye to eye with his son. How else do you explain it?

Rachel Weisz is again back playing the lovely and impulsive Evelyn. If you think about it, there probably are very few ruins left intact in Egypt since Evelyn consistently sets off traps that destroy everything. They son Alex is clearly a chip off her sarcophagus as we see him do an echo of her domino destroy technique.

Patricia Velasquez has a bigger role this time around and wears a lot more clothes. She is also very evil with little care for her minion. All she wants is power. She plays it beautifully. (I recently saw her in an episode of CSI: Miami as a victim. She did well.)

Now it begs the question how did this group get together and decide they needed to not only revive Imhotep but allow him to rule the world with the might of Anubis’ army. Anubis at least was smart enough to put in a few catches to keep mortal’s honest. Along with the ‘how to kill the scorpion king’ diagrams if a hero shows up.

John Hannah is back as the bumbling brother who tags along on the great rescue. He’s still a gambler, selfish and a coward. He is also the keeper of the Scepter of Osiris. No matter what Jonathan managed keep the damned thing around right up until the time they need it.

I found the fight scenes entertaining, especially when Evelyn is fighting in her home. She’s got nice style where you can see the mix of so-called ancient style with a more modern version of hand to hand fighting.

I love watching Rick in action. He’s my hero and sexy as hell. I admit it; I went to see it just to look at Brendan Fraiser originally. But eventually I start watching the rest of the movie.

Gorgeous and hot.
Gorgeous and hot.
In the ultimate battle.
In the ultimate battle.

And yes, even with all the tattoos Oded Fehr is hot too.

What? You think only guys watch movies for eye candy. How wrong you are.

Now about the bit with Rick being a medjai doesn’t quite hold together. It probably has a lot to do with his lack of back story. We know he was in an orphanage in Cairo but we don’t know why especially since he’s considered an American. We also know that he was in the French Foreign Legion (a real entity by the way) and became an officer. There is also no indication that he has any other family.

I love Arnold Vosloo running around as Imhotep. He wants to rule the world and reunite with his soul mate. It sounds simple enough until she proves to be even more selfish than he was. Imhotep would risk anything for Anck-Su-Namun and did. She on the other hand would not risk the same for him. It was a rather moving moment when he made that realization. He won’t be coming back to life again.

I found the movie rather fun and campy. Historical inconsistencies weren’t a huge consideration when you consider that magic is real and gods like Anubis are still kicking around and influencing things.

I definitely recommend the Mummy Returns for any Mummy marathon viewing.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I actually felt sorry for Imhotep. Sure he was evil and arrogant but you have to admire a man who loved his woman enought to be buried alive for 3,000 years.

    • Philipo profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice one. thanks.

    • SimeyC profile image

      Simon Cook 

      9 years ago from NJ, USA

      I agree - this was a a little to campy for me - not too bad though - nice review.


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