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DVD Swapping Sites - Exchange, Trade and Swap DVD Movies Online

Updated on August 17, 2014

Why Swap DVD Movies Online

Let's face it, we all have DVD movies on our entertainment shelf we are never going to watch again. Either they were given to us as a gift and we never would have bought them ourselves, they were great to see once or twice but now we're bored with them, our kids outgrew their old cartoon movies or quite simply, we can repeat the movie word for word and are sick of seeing it!

So what happens to those movies? They sit on the shelf gathering dust and taking up space until we decide to sell them for peanuts, give them away or just dump them. What a waste of money.

Well, that's what used to happen until the internet gave us a way to swap our old used DVDs for new ones!

How Does A DVD Swapping Site Work

Think of a DVD sharing site as a great big bartering exchange.

You offer all the titles you want to make available to people for trading purposes by listing them on the site of your choice.

Someone browsing the listings of available discs comes across your offering and requests it through the system.

You send this DVD to them and when they receive it you get 1 or more points for the trade which enables you to request other titles yourself from other members.

You find something you want, make the request and that member sends you it at the cost of 1 or more trading points from your account.

It's a very simple and very effective system which puts you in touch with cinephiles all over the country who want to swap movies with you.

Of course, each online DVD sharing site has its own way of doing things but the general principal remains the same.

Swap A DVD - The Best DVD Swapping Club

Swap a DVD is a movie swapping site which was created by the same people who brought us the excellent paperbackswap book trading website.

Here you can swap DVDs including standalone movies, TV show box sets, fitness and exercise titles, travel guides, educational discs and more, basically anything which fits under the umbrella of something which can be watched on a TV, then you can swap it here.

When I first wrote this article there were close to 70,000 DVDs available than number is in excess of 250,000 now so you are sure to find something you want here unless you are super picky.

Swapadvd also gives you the option to buy credits directly from them if you see something you want right now but don't have anything to trade or are not willing to wait for a transaction to complete. At the time of writing, it's $4.95 a credit (so basically $5 a movie which includes shipping) if you buy them through the site's kiosk option, but if you check on the forum you can often find members selling excess credits for around $3 each (look under the Bazaar subcategory on the forum tab).

The forum is also a great place to find 2 for 1 deals and even 3 and 4 for 1 deals, making your credits stretch even further as well as 'unpostable' titles which are usually discs without cases or where the UPC doesn't match up.

Swapadvd offers new members a chance to get 1 free credit when they list their first 10 DVDs on the site. That's a free DVD just for listing what you have available which can't be bad!

Members can also print postage directly from their computer using the Swapadvd printable postage option which means you don't even have to make a trip to the post office when sending out any of your movies which get requested. This saves time, gas and also means you get your swap credited immediately rather than waiting for the receiving member to acknowlege receipt.

I like the general way in which this DVD trading site is set up. The website is easy to browse, very user friendly and offers a wealth of options which aid in your trading experience. For example, if the title you want to trade for isn't available right now, you can add it to a wish list and set it so you automatically request it when it comes in to the site and you are first in the queue. Automating the process saves you time and also saves you from missing out on something you want just because you were away from your inbox for a few days, missed the email or otherwise, didn't get the message in time.

In all, I like this site and would recommend it as a great way for DVD swappers from the U.S. to get rid of and exchange DVDs for new ones.

Join SwapADVD Here

Goozex - Bluray, DVD and UMD Trading

In the past year or so this video game trading site branched out into offering their members the chance to trade DVDs and Bluray movies too in addition to game discs.

Whereas SwapaDVD basically charges/gives you 1 credit per disc (or two for Bluray titles), Goozex actually attempts to put a market value on the title which can make trading more sought after products more appealing here. It makes more sense if a movie costs $20 on the used market it shouldn't be traded one for one with a bargain basement $1 title, here you'll get a few hundred points which could easily net you multiple titles for the price of one high value one.

As there is more than one entertainment medium on offer here you can also mix and match your points. So, if you want to get a particular movie and have some old games cluttering up your shelves you can swap them for bluray movies, or vice versa of course, you could swap blurays for video games.

I've used this particular swap club for several years now and have traded over 450 items with other members without issue. Their online library of available titles is growing all the time but is naturally smaller than the dedicated film swapping sites. What I do tend to find here very easily are the kind of titles which appeal to gamers like anime, action and horror flicks and blurays don't seem to get snapped up immediately like they do at other places.

They also have UMD disc cartridges for PSP owners.

A Better Alternative To DVD Swap Sites?

How about not buying them in the first place?! For the average price of a new film, or the cost of a couple of video store rentals, you can join a subscription DVD rental service and rent them online and have them delivered directly to your door.

Netflix - Rent unlimited starting at just $7.99 a month here. Also has thousands of downloadable streaming titles and if you are an Xbox 360 user, you can stream them through your game console too. (US Only)

Blockbuster - plans starting at $3.99, also with live streaming movies available through your personal computer and participating TV boxes. (US Only)

Redbox - At $1.20 per night this is even cheaper than the cost of postage but the selection is also very small and mostly limited to newer titles only.


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