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DVD Technology: Easter Eggs

Updated on March 10, 2008

What is an Easter Egg on a DVD?

On a DVD an Easter Egg means a hidden extra that does not have a visible icon to select until you stumble upon it. These hidden features have become increasingly seen in DVDs, as the technology of DVDs has expanded over the years to the point where a DVD is often judged not just on the movie, but also on its special features. I imagine eventually it could evolve that DVDs quality are further judged good by not just the movie and visible special features, but also based on the Easter Eggs that can be found on the menus.

Easter Egg special features are typically found by pressing right or left off of a selection on one of the menus. Many people miss them because they just scroll up and down on the menus. The special features they contain can vary widely from credits to those who worked on the movie/DVD to blooper reels to extra scenes to behind the scenes of making the movie. Looking for Easter Eggs on DVDs is a fun way to further enjoy DVDs and is just about as fun as a real Easter Egg hunt (it can also share the disappointments of a real Easter Egg hunt where you do not get the most or any, as some DVDs do not have any Easter Eggs to find).

Examples of DVD Easter Eggs

Here are a description of some DVD Easter Eggs I have found in the past. Keep in mind that all the ones I have experience with are on kids movies because as a child care provider that is mostly what I end up watching. This is a great website that has a good list of DVD Easter Eggs people have found and goes beyond my limited personal experience in the children's DVD genre.

DK Eyewitness DVDs: DK Eyewitness DVDs cover a variety of topics that are mostly science related. In some of their DVDs they have parts called Hotspots. A symbol appears in the top right corner of the screen during the movie and if you press enter when the hotspot is on screen it leads into a short more in depth talk about what is currently on screen. This is an interesting way to learn more as kids watch the episodes. One of the ones I have noticed in the past is on the Natural Disasters DVD where it gives more info on tornados if you press it during the beginning of the tornado segment.

VeggieTales DVD: A lot of the VeggieTales DVDs have Easter Eggs hidden on the menu pages. One of the funniest is one that is on A Snoodle's Tale. When you are on the Main Menu press the left arrow key on your remote when Features is highlighted. Then press enter to see a video of one of the VeggieTales's creators doing a funny disco dance, which was used to show the animators how to animate Mr. Sly in the Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Sly story in this episode. Another one of my favorite VeggieTales Easter Eggs is on The Toy That Saved Christmas DVD. When you press the right arrow of your remote when you are on the top of the Behind the Scenes menu a sing along called 8 Polish Foods of Christmas will play.


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