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DWTS Results Show -- Week 2

Updated on April 5, 2011

Was It More Boring Than Usual?

I have to admit I wasn't paying that much attention. I'd been struggling for over an hour to install a new laptop key on my computer. Two parts broke and the whole thing came apart. I finally managed to get the H key on, but it's anyone's guess if it'll stay on. So I was only half-paying attention, but it seemed more boring than usual.

First, let's get down to what we all want to know. What was Brooke wearing and were the boys on display? She was showing no cleavage, but the dress was another one of her nightmares. It looked to be of a nice navy color, but it had this one half off the shoulder sleeve and this stiff ruffle going around the edge of the top. The dress might not have been that bad if it was strapless with the stiff ruffle thing at the top and another stuff ruffle thing at the bottom. Needless to say, you couldn't pay me to wear that dress.

Hines and Kym got the encore dance and were also rewarded with not having to stand under the red spotlight of doom and told right up front that they were safe.

Sugar Ray and Anna are safe

And so are Romeo and Chelsie.

One Republic sang a song. Wasn't paying attention. Still struggling with the laptop key

Petra and Dymtry are safe

Tony and Wendy aka Funky Feet are in jeopardy. Dum dum dum!

A really boring bit about home movies of the celebs and pros backstage.

Selena Gomez sang.

Chelsea and Mark are safe.

Kendra and Louis are in jeopardy. Dum dum dum!

Another blah bit about the pros talking about the celebs.

One Republic and the WDNT [We Don't Need Them] Dance Troupe aka the DWTS Dance Troupe. I was actually hoping we'd get through the night without seeing them. You know, if you're going to have your own dance troupe, it should be a fun one. Like Hee Haw and the dancing pink pigs. Used to love it when they danced across the screen when I was a kid.

Ralph and Karina are safe

Kirstie and Maks are safe.

Chris and Cheryl are in jeopardy. Dum dum dum!

I'll say it now, Funky Feet had better be the one who goes home.

Kendra and Louis are safe

Chris and Cheryl are safe

Bye, bye, Funky Feet.

Before signing off for this week Tom gives a gift you want to send back. Next week is the first ever Classical Week. Puke me out the door..

Three musical performances and two bits of filler that weren't even creative. Cut this show down to a half hour, keep the encore dance and save money on these musical guests.


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