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Daisy Ridley Shows Us That Cyberbullying Affects All

Updated on August 4, 2016
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I am a mom of two awesome children who teach me more daily than I ever thought possible. I love writing, exercise, movies, & LGBT advocacy.

Daisy Ridley is Awesome

The Force Is With Daisy Ridley - Just Not on Instagram Anymore

With 2.3 million Instagram followers, it's hard to imagine that Daisy Ridley would have lacked for defense when internet trolls decided to have a go at her. Unfortunately, when you are having a series of ignorant comments targeted at you, it's hard not to fall victim to bullying.

The whole trolling situation against Ridley happened shortly after her appearance at the Teen Choice Awards, where she said that we should try to stop gun violence. That was it. No political soapboxing - just a simple statement that gun violence needed to be stopped.

The comments against Ridley ranged from the semi-logical to the downright strange. Some even questioned why Ridley was speaking out against gun violence when she herself used a blaster in Star Wars: the Force Awakens.

The bottom line is, actors such as Daisy Ridley are human beings first. They have the right to have opinions and beliefs in spite of their career choices, in the same way that the rest of society does. While it's understandable that actors are idolized - they have been for years, for what they represent and who they portray - it makes no sense that people would denigrate someone like Daisy Ridley for the sole purpose of being a bully.

Bullying does not make sense, anyways, but Ridley is a member of the human race, as we all are, so why rob her of her right to have an opinion? Opinions, political or otherwise, are not the sole purview of politicians; look on social media at any given day and there is plenty to agree and disagree with, politically or otherwise.

Not only that, Ridley simply wrote to "stop the violence." That's it. There was no grandstanding at any point, and she was talking about how she was moved by the appearance of those on stage at the Teen Choice Awards. She wasn't leftist, rightist, or even a centrist - she just said to stop the violence.

Why are people tearing apart others simply because of a disagreement in opinion, or an oversimplification? Most people won't disagree that violence should be stopped, but to bully others for saying something as simple as "stop the violence" is really unfair in the extreme.

The Right to a Belief

We all have the right to have opinions and beliefs, and Daisy Ridley is no different. Certainly, she did well in trying to convey that she was merely trying to take a bit of a tech break when she made the decision to deactivate her Instagram - at least, for the time being.

It seems she also was reassured that she still had friends backing her. Her The Force Awakens co-star John Boyega said he wouldn't kowtow to public pressure from the fans to have Ridley re-establish her Instagram account, as he said that he was Ridley's friend and he wanted to support her decision to deactivate her account.

Those who are bullied should be reassured that they have people who will back them should they be bullied, but sadly, people who are bullied often feel very alone, and this is something that has been discussed at length in both research and the media. Pressuring Ridley to return to Instagram when she made a conscious decision - regardless of whether or not it was a result of the internet trolls - would make those who are hashtagging #WeMissDaisy equally bully like.

For sure, society has had more than its fair share of bullies, and it seems that those who are classed as celebrities are actually shedding some light on the matter. While there have been some prevalent news pieces on people who have been bullied in the "civilian" realm, it's now celebs who are put in a position where they might be able to shed some light on the issue and perhaps even help stop it.

Daisy Ridley has the right to her beliefs, and she has the right to determine what's best for her. To forget those two traits means that she is somehow stripped of rights that are believed to be an inherent part of North American society, regardless of what she does for a living.

Don't we all?

Far more than a make-believe hero - treat her like a person!


Daisy Ridley at Teen Choice 2016


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    • profile image

      Setank Setunk 16 months ago

      Far left entertainers frequently use their celebrity as a bully pulpit, and concerned fans frequently castigate them for it. These vain, obtuse bubble-dwellers need reminders of life in the real world. Withstanding this, Ridley should be given a pass. She did not openly challenge gun ownership despite hailing from a nation that views American gun ownership as a barbaric tradition rather than a right.