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Dancer's Guide; Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Updated on December 31, 2012


After three ankle incidents that I danced through, I found some incredibly effective ways to stop the pain. Other dancers in my class have begged me for my secrets.

While ankle braces are all well and good, Some of them are real nuisances. Velcro can put runs in tights, and if a dance teacher sees the bulk of your brace, he/she could sit you out of a show and call the understudy. What really works, are the slim, tight, one layer braces. They are practically invisible, and they feel the best on. The less extra weight on your hurt ankle, the better.

Most dancers use Icy hot to solve their problems, but there is a better solution. Somehow i came across Shaklee's Joint and Muscle Pain Cream. That stuff works wonders. Rub a little underneath of a brace before dancing, and you're set. I'm constantly ordering more because it works so well.

Muscle Cramps

Inspired by my friend's track coach, I eat mustard packets for cramps. the potassium in mustard helps to relieve cramps. It is also important to stay hydrated while exercising, which could be the cause of cramps.

Most of my friends simply take pain relievers, but I prefer to stay free of any sort of drug while dancing. Keeping a clear head is the key to a great performance.


Most of the time, the same treatment goes for knees, as ankles (see above). However, the most important thing about knees, is injury prevention. Stressing turnout in the feet causes the knees to over-compensate, and twist in their sockets. Never work on turnout while standing up. The best way to improve turnout is the butterfly position, sitting or laying on your stomach. This cannot cause the knees to twist; it makes you turnout from the hip.

Hyper-extension of the knees is often mistaken for straightness of the knees. Hyper-extended knees run the risk of tendinitis. One must not try to acquire hyper extended knees because they also cause complications while balancing. To get the best balance with hyper-extended knees, they almost have to feel bent. A straight line of the leg causes the most stability, especially when turning.


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