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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- Double Elimination Night -- Part Two

Updated on November 13, 2012

Well, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. Which two stars will be eliminated tonight just a week shy of the semi-finals? Will it be another shocking elimination or has Kirstie danced her last dance as many fans have been hoping to happen for weeks?

The credits roll, Tom and Brooke ponder the question of which two stars will be eliminated tonight and the filler begins. Kylie Minogue singing The Locomation is our first bit of filler. The idiot judges are dancing to the song. And after finishing the song, Kylie claps for herself.

Tom shows the leader board. Tony and Melissa at the top and Maks and Kirstie at the bottom. They begin the eliminations with the two top scorers: Melissa and Tony and Shawn and Derek. Derek and Shawn apparently think there’s nothing wrong for not doing the dance they were assigned to do and doing a freestyle dance, instead. For that alone I’d love to see her given the boot. I’m sure Kirstie didn’t like being given the Quick Step, but she did the Quick Step not the waltz. Unfortunately, I doubt she’ll even be in jeopardy.

Tony and Melissa – are safe

Shawn and Derek – are safe

Brooke talking to Gilles, Emmitt and Apolo.

Macy’s Stars of Dance performance, “Cease The Day,” with the cast from Newsies.

Now Ne-Yo sings.

Now Brooke is talking to Kelly and Val and Maks and Kirstie.

Maks and Kirstie and Val and Kelly are about to find out which one of them is eliminated. I’m still calling Maks and Kirstie and Emmitt and Cheryl.

Maks and Kirstie – are eliminated

Val and Kelly – are safe

Pros talking about how difficult this season has been. In short, more filler. So the other couple eliminated will either be: Cheryl and Emmitt, Apolo and Karina or Gilles and Peta.

Dancers again picking dance-styles and themes for their competitors.

Kelly and Val pick for Melissa and Tony the Caveman Hustle.

Emmitt and Cheryl pick for Shawn and Derek Knight Rider Banghra

Apolo and Karina pick for Gilles and Peta Mad Monk Merengue

Gilles and Peta pick for Apolo and Karina Big Top Jazz

Shawn and Derek and Emmitt and Cheryl Espionage Lindy Hop

Kelly and Val get the Surfer Flamenco

Tom suggested the producers were smoking something medicinal when they came up with these dances and themes.

Anna, Val and dancers from the New York ballet dance. This show is really boring, tonight. Too many live performances. They could have at least picked an encore dance.

Apolo and Karina, Emmitt and Cheryl and Gilles and Peta’s dance shown before elimination is announced.

Apolo and Karina – are safe.

Emmitt and Cheryl – he’s safe. Absolutely ridiculous. All he did was stand there and wiggle his butt a couple of times. He’s the one who should have gone home.

Gilles and Peta – are eliminated. He’s a better dancer than both Apolo or Emmitt. It wasn’t his dancing, it was his ego. It just turned too many people off.

I hope Kirstie has helped paved the way for older contestants to be treated just the same as younger celebrities and actually be taught how to dance. Before Kirstie, women like Cloris Leachman and Florence Henderson weren’t really given a chance to see what they could do by getting stuck with Corky Ballas and his creepy and weird dances that made a caricature out of older women.


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