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Dancing With The Stars All-Stars -- Guilty Pleasure Week -- Performance Night 1

Updated on October 22, 2012

It’s Guilty Pleasure Week

Because of the Presidential Debate the performance show is being split into two nights. Team Shrek dance tonight, Team Geta dance tomorrow. Earlier, news broke that Melissa Rycroft had suffered an injury, but she’s back for the live show so she must be fine.

Brooke is wearing another dress with a tasteful neckline. She’s only really worn one dress her puppies were hanging out of and for the most part her necklines have been modest. I wonder if she had a talk with wardrobe or if someone did?

Kelly and Val are doing the samba. She seems to be burning out a bit and having trouble remembering the dance steps.

Len – A little long-winded getting started. Elements he likes. Too my gyrating. A tad on the raunchy side.

Bruno – scintillating tasty tease. Samba bounce looked a bit forced.

CA – she looked uncertain. Off her footing. Wasn’t her best.

CA – 8

Len – 8

Bruno – 8.5

Total: 24.5

I actually liked the dance. Len seemed to be back to his grouchy self having to sit next to Bruno, again, this week.

Gilles and Peta are dancing to Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You. They’re doing the rumba.

Bruno – That was master class theater. Best performance he’s seen.

CA – Let the baby-making begin. She falls off her chair and Gilles lifts her back on it.

Len – Turned October into hot-tober.

Tom had the best remark to an unexpected situation. He quipped that when CA said let the baby-making begin, he wasn’t aware she was going to get into position.

CA – 10

Len – 9.5

Bruno – 10

Total: 29.5

Kirstie and Maks do the Quick Step to Mrs. Robinson. Kirstie thinks that some of the other dancers aren’t great entertainers so they can slip in there. Kirstie has a breakdown because she’s not excellent. She wants to do better than she’s doing.

CA – her best dance by miles. Excellent work.

Len – it was her best dance.

Bruno – she delivered it.

CA – 8.5

Len – 8.5

Bruno – 8.5

Total: 25.5

Emmitt and Cheryl dance to Copacabana. They’re dancing the samba.

Len – unstoppable performance.

Bruno – delivers maximum pleasure.

CA – no one does samba like him.

CA – 9.5

Len – 9.5

Bruno – 10

Total: 29

Team Shrek are dancing to Call Me Maybe. As previously stated, Melissa got hurt practicing the group dance. She had a herniated disc in her upper neck. She got cleared to dance. Team is dressed as cheerleaders and football players. The dance is a freestyle. They plan to do a lot of lifts to beat the other team. Sabrina says the team is fast and technical.

Len – it’s quality. Individual performances were great. Fantastic.

Bruno – choreography and way couples introduced hard to tell pro from celeb.

CA – fantastic.

CA – 9.5

Len – 10

Bruno – 10

Total: 29.5

Of the group dancers, I thought the beginning of Apollo and Karina’s dance seemed a bit awkward.

I also wonder if you can vote [how many votes you have, this week] both nights. They flashed numbers for all the dancers. For example: if you get 8 votes both nights, you get to vote 16 times. Whatever the case, it seems that no one will be going home, this week.

Derek’s group dance team always seems to win, so it’s highly doubtful that Peta’s team will outscore them.

It also may be time for Kirstie to go home. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later. Unless someone messes up their individual dances badly tomorrow, it does seem that Kirstie’s number is up in the ballroom.

One last thing, the way Melissa’s injury played out on screen, it seemed weird. She ran across the room before lying on the floor. Wouldn’t you like fall where you were? I’m not saying it was faked; just that it was weird that way she ran across the floor.


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