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Dancing With The Stars -- Insta-Dance Week

Updated on May 10, 2011

I didn't actually watch the insta-dances. The Event was coming on and I don't regret not watching them. I can't believe they dragged this show out to two hours with only five people dancing. It was time for it to go down to an hour.

I thought Chelsea and Mark were over-scored. And on a personal note, I gotta say, when your celeb partner has to give you a lecture on being arrogant and thinking you deserve high scores all the time [that wasn't how Chelsea put it, but you know it's what she meant] then you've got a big problem. Marky=Mark didn't seem to like it but gave lip service that he only wants to make his partner look good. Since when? I also agreed with Len's assessment that he puts a story ahead of the dance, much like his Daddy puts gimmicks over the dance when dancing with older women on this show.

If Mark/Chelsea got two 10's then so should of Hines. I thought his dance was just as good. But with those two birdbrains Carrie Ann and Bruno, there's no telling who they'll deem is ten-worthy. Len, however, was consistent. He gave everyone 9's in the regular dance portion, minus Ralph and Karina, who got an 8.

The two dances I enjoyed the most were Ralph and Karina's Viennese Waltz and Maks and Kirstie's Argentine Tango. You know when Maks was lifting up Kirstie in the air the crowd was oohing and aahing because they were shocked Maks had the strength to lift that much weight, after his knee buckled a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, one of these two may go home. 

Personally, I'd prefer Romeo to go home. I didn't think his tango was all that great. And it looked like he missed the beat a few times. The only one I don't want to win is Mark Ballas. If his head is this big already, how much bigger will it be if he wins.

In regards to the insta-dance was glad they actually didn't have names on the cd's like last year, which made it seem like it wasn't so insta and unplanned as the show claimed.

In regards to Brooke Burke, she is so lucky I'm not a contestant on this show. I get a bit snappy under pressure and if I only have a short time to learn a dance and that birdbrain is interrupting my practice time to ask some inane question, I would have told her to get the heck away from me and leave me alone, but I would say it a lot nastier.

Who I'd like to go home is Romeo. Who may go home will probably be Ralph. It's too bad that a stupid injury messed things up for him.


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    • Didge profile image

      Didge 6 years ago from Southern England

      Some cool ideas kathryn64!

    • profile image

      shygirl2 7 years ago

      I faithfully watch the show each season. I think they have all done well, especially with the 'insta' dance. Brooke is just doing her job, when she steps in to ask questions of the ones practising for it. I guess all the drama that goes on in the show is for our entertainment. My preference is of course Kirstie and Maks. As to who goes home...well, America is voting, right? ; ) It's always up to choice.


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