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Dancing With The Stars -- Instant Dance Week

Updated on November 8, 2011

Len Behaving Badly

I actually kind of liked all the dances, but it was interesting that the Insta-Dances seemed better than the dances they rehearsed for.

I think the pro I feel the baddest for is Tristan. I think voting Nancy Grace off the show would do him the favor. She seems like a thoroughly unpleasant woman to be partnered with. She honestly thinks she knows more about dance than a professional dancer. And her dig to him about having twins and a full-time job and him not understanding what it really is to be busy was uncalled for. You know, if she feels she has no time, why did she even agree to come on the show for? And if she thinks she knows so much about dance, what is she doing on this show? Tristan looked like he's had about all he can take of her. Nancy Grace is actually reminding me of Kate Gosselin.

You just gotta love the way Maks and the judges are so polite to each other. It's like the way you walk around on eggshells with someone you had a big fight with and you're trying to get things back to normal. I'm not sure if Hope's dancing has suddenly gotten better, since I didn't see her before. Personally, I'd prefer that Maks and judges just be honest and say what they feel opposed to this political correctness. It just seems phony. If the show hadn't beaten a dead horse over the incident this nice act wouldn't be necessary.

Of course, one person that doesn't seem to have gotten on the same page as everyone else in regards to Maks vs. the Judges is Brooke Burke. Every time she's interviewing Maks after a dance, to me it seems like she's trying to stir the pot and cause more trouble between Maks and the judges. Maks wisely is keeping his trap shut as much as he can.

Unfortunately, Len didn't. Maybe that's why Maks and Len butt heads; neither can stop from speaking their minds when they think an injustice has been done. It seems Len feels Nancy staying and David leaving last week was in injustice. Injustice with Nancy Grace. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I didn't think Nancy's first dance was that bad, but Len raked her over the coals. Len likened Nancy to Cinderella. She had her time at the ball. It's midnight now. Get out! You've overstayed your welcome. You suck! You stink! Get out!

There was also a PR piece to try and clean up Maks' image because so many had a problem with how rough Maks was with Hope in rehearsal last week. He and Hope had a talk about it. I wonder if the show scripted it for them. Then when things looked like it was going to the bad place, again, Maks took Hope home for dinner with his family. See, Maks isn't a soulless beast who crept out of the bowels of Hades. He has a family just like everybody else. Can you really despise a man who is called a Mama's boy?

The pro that made me smile, which is odd, since in the past she hasn't been one of my favorites, was Karina. Her joy at getting perfect scores for both of her dances with JR is what this show should be about. It was nice to see some genuine pure joy on this show.

I don't think there's a real ringer this season. You can't say any of the celebrity dancers are pros. Still think this contest is JR's to lose.

For the love of God and Tristan, send Nancy home. Free the poor boy from having to dance another week with that virago.


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