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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 10 – Week 5 Performance Show

Updated on October 19, 2009

Whoever styled Samantha’s hair tonight is killing me!  She looked like she had been electrocuted!!

Natalie & Alec – Paso Doble – First off, I need to have a stomach like hers!!  She had the intensity part down in her face, and she seemed to get the steps.  Somehow though, something felt off and not “Paso enough” to me.  I think there was just a general lack of intensity to the routine itself, and to the movement, and “American Woman” was not a good music choice in my opinion.  Len said she is an accomplished dancer and everything she does is clean and precise, but told her she needs to work on the character of each dance.  Bruno agreed with Len, and said some other Bruno stuff.  Carrie Ann said she does the choreography well, and also called out a lift (I missed it), and said she moved well but that she needs to carry the movement out past her body (essentially carry it to its completion I presume).

Votes:  Carrie Ann – 7, Len - 8, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 22

Aaron & Karina – Argentine Tango – He looked a bit off balance through some of it.  He did mellow himself down compared to the past couple of weeks.  Frankly, though, I think her choreography didn’t give him enough to do.  Bruno said he did exactly as he was asked to do, he gained control.  Carrie Ann gave him a kiss and said he was grounded, dramatic and centered.  Len said the last few weeks he was like a little boy lost in the wilderness but that he came back, well done.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Michael & Anna – Paso Doble – It was not the best Paso I have ever seen, by far, but it was a huge improvement over last week…HUGE!  He needs to watch his tongue though, he sticks it out in concentration (I do too and know how hard it is to control).  He had the drama down though, and his movement was not tiny like it has been.  Carrie Ann said finally he had his game face on and that it as her favorite dance so far.  Len said his posture was good and that it was better than last week.  Bruno said his stock is rising again.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 7, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 21

Mya & Dmitry – Argentine Tango – Her footwork was nice and sharp, and Dmitry’s choreography was awesome.  Not much to say other than…AWESOME!  Len said he liked it, despite the fact that they spent so much time in the tight area of the stage.  Bruno said she is a great technician but that she needs to keep the character the entire time.  Carrie Ann said that technically it was great, but that the connection was lacking.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 27

Mark & Lacey – Paso Doble – He danced a little solo, which I thought was a great idea.  And then Lacey came bursting out of smoke, nice!  He maintained the confidence he had gained last week, thankfully.  And he really had the drama thing down; I think the Kung Fu served him well for this dance!  I really liked it a lot.  Bruno said he was a devil (I think), he said he was on it.  Carrie Ann said he was in his power tonight, very exciting.  Len said you need posture, passion and performance…and he had all 3.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 26

Donny & Kym – Argentine Tango – This may be my favorite of his dances so far.  They did a great job of keeping their footwork in unison, and his footwork and flicks were nice and sharp for the most part.  I thought they did a really good job, this is very much Donny’s dance.  Carrie Ann said the Argentine Tango loves Donny Osmond and that a million women out there just fell in love with him.  Len said he loved the intensity, quiet passion and then fast and sharp, truly his best dance.  Bruno said that finally Donny is turning in to Donny Darko, and some more Bruno stuff.  I think we barely escaped another awkward Bruno & Donny moment. 

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 9, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 29

Louie & Chelsie – Argentine Tango – I feel bad for them that they had to follow Donny & Kym with the same dance style.  Thankfully he went for the slicked back hair again.  The chemistry was there, but in my opinion he didn’t have enough footwork, and the footwork he did have was not sharp enough.  I think his short legs really made it look awkward too.  It was definitely better than last week, but still not great.  Len said he wasn’t expecting a lot and he has been pleasantly surprised and that he thinks that was his best dance.  Bruno said great storytelling, and it worked, but that he needs to start to dance not just step.  Carrie Ann said it was a little pedestrian but that she likes the way he partners Chelsie.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 8, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 22 (I think the 8 was a bit much!)

Melissa & Mark – Argentine Tango – It started off a bit frenetic for me, but then got into some good tight footwork sections.  Tango is an actor’s dance, so she did great with the emotional aspect of it.  I liked it, but thought they did better last week.  (She ended with her fishnets attached to his jacket.)  Bruno said she lost her steps and looked more grumpy than sexy, but he thinks it was because she was losing her steps.  Carrie Ann disagreed, she said she nailed her character and that her aggression built, yes a few stumbles but she thought they did really well.  Len said he thought it lacked a bit of the seduction, but that it was difficult footwork and he thought they did really well.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 23

Kelly & Louis – Paso Doble – I love that they danced to “Crazy Train!”  Her movement had some intensity to it, but most of the time her face looked more confused than intense.    It was a bit of a rough start, but about 2/3 of the way through she seemed to finally settle in to it and the last 1/3 was great.  Carrie Ann said this is why she loves her job, but that she needs to stay with the intensity the entire time.  Len said she danced with more authority and the nervousness was mostly gone, overall well done.  Bruno said at times her nerves play games with her but that when she is on it she can deliver so she needs to stay on it.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Joanna & Maks (substituting for a sick with the flu Derek) – Argentine Tango – They did a great lift at the beginning.  There was a spot where she stalled and it caused Maks to have to almost lose it, and he actually fell out of character a tad.  Other than that though, I thought they did a great job.  Bruno said it was great up until the stumble.  Len said getting a new partner is like getting a new pair of shoes and that they did a great job under the circumstances.  Carrie Ann agreed and suggested she work on her flexibility.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Group Hustle

Kelly had to dance barefoot because she hurt her foot during the Paso Doble.  Corky Ballas choreographed it, in an amazingly scary disco era outfit!!  I LOVE the hair and clothing that was going on.  There were some really cool lifts.  Some of the men’s wigs looked as though they may be on sideways or backwards, which was a tad scary!!  Michael’s big fro wig was CLASSIC!  Bruno declared it sublime and ridiculous at the same time.

Final Rankings:

1.  Donny & Kym (29)

2.  Mya & Dmitry (27)

3.  Mark & Lacey (26)

4.  Aaron & Karina (24) –TIED–

4.  Kelly & Louis (24) –TIED–

4.  Joanna & Maks (24) –TIED–

7.  Melissa & Mark (23)

8.  Natalie & Alec (22) –TIED–

8.  Louie & Chelsie (22) –TIED–

10.  Michael & Anna (21)

I am thinking that the bottom 2 will be Louie & Chelsie and Michael & Anna, with Louie & Chelsie going home.  But I said I thought they would go home last week and that didn’t happen, so we’ll see.  A lot depends on their dance off dances.

Tomorrow night the bottom 2 will participate in a dance off, but it is different than last time they did dance offs, this time each couple has prepared a different dance to use as their dance off dance.  Also on the results show the pros will be doing a tribute to Michael Jackson.


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