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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 14 – Week 7 Performance Show

Updated on November 2, 2009

They started off tonight with an awesome pro dance!! Tony & someone I could not identify (maybe Kym?), Jonathan & Chelsie, Alec & Edyta.

I was thinking they would skip the second double elimination due to the week where Tom Delay was eliminated due to injury and we still lost another couple, but apparently not, because this week is another double elimination. Tonight the couples picked a dance from a previous week that they have not yet danced. Each couple will also compete in a Team Dance. Apparently the 2 top scorers from last week got to pick who was on their team…interesting…

Normally I don’t discuss costuming unless something is extremely horrendous or extremely awesome. But, since the stars designed the costumes this week, I will give a tad of input.

Michael & Anna – Foxtrot – He continues to stay up at a higher performance level. He is still super rough around the edges, but she mostly choreographed to his strengths and gave him a lot of smooth moves. It was actually a really fun piece. It was not super complicated, but it had a few out of hold moments that forced him to hold his own and for the most part, he did.

I am a fan of purple, so I loved their purple outfits. He wore a purple suit with a vest instead of jacket and lavender shirt; she wore a purple dress edged in sparkles with lavender under skirt and a lavender scarf-like attachment on one side.

Carrie Ann: She said she doesn’t know how he does it, every time she worries, but he is incredible…tonight was gracious, fluid and with good content. And she complimented his costume design.

Len: He said the first couple of weeks he would have been happy to see him go, but he is glad he didn’t because last week’s Waltz and tonight’s dance were fantastic.

Bruno: He commented that his musicality has improved (I agree). He told him to work on tucking in his behind and funny arms.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 23

Donny & Kym – Quickstep – They started off with a really cute Charleston bit. Their hold was a little too far apart for my taste. Other than that though, I thought they did a really good job. He seemed to lose a tad of his steam about midway through, but picked it back up. His musicality and showmanship, as always, were excellent.

I was impressed. I must admit, I was expecting the Mormon in him to cover her up. But no, her dress was more like two pieces, a bikini like glittery top and a skirt made of strips of shiny fabric, and then she had a collar with narrow strips of fabric running down to connect to the top of the skirt, all a champagne color. He was dapper in a proper tux, but in a dark gray.

Carrie Ann: She thought it was good, very light on his feet. But he went wrong four or five times (I didn’t catch that many). Not his best dance.

Len: He said not messing about, you came out full bore start to finish, a full on Quickstep, full of attack. There were mistakes but that happens when you go for it.

Bruno: He said that as a performer he is solid as a rock. Nobody could cover up all the mistakes as well as he did (I admit, there were a few).

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Mark & Anna T. (Lacey is the latest victim of the flu) – Samba – Poor Mark had Tony as his partner for a day and then on Saturday got Anna as a replacement. And then they had a lot to squeeze in. It started out a bit spastic with some tricks and such. The rest was not as bad as it could have been. In fact, there were some very good spots where he really had the rhythm down and his movement was actually quite good. Unfortunately that was interspersed with more awkward moments. And the Samba rolls they did were a bit rough. I give him 200% credit however for being fully committed and coming out full in despite likely feeling very unsure of things.

He was wearing a semi-see-through black shirt and black slacks. She was wearing a beaded bikini style top and asymmetrical mini skirt with a green chiffon scarf thing that went around her neck and then continued down to connect at the waist and then drape.

Carrie Ann: She said she had compassion for his rough week. She said it was a mess and it kills her to say it, but it was completely disjointed and there was no flow, no ease in the bounce. She said it had a lot of nervous energy that made things not flow.

Len: He commented on the tough week and the difficulty of the dance. He said he didn’t agree completely with Carrie Ann. Not his best dance, but not terrible. Under the circumstances he thought he coped very well.

Bruno: He said as a Samba it was different. He said it was a bit like watching Kung Fu Panda dance a Samba on the Planet of the Apes. He said he doesn’t know what they were throwing in there. Animal yes, Brazil no.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 7, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 19

Mya & Dmitry – Foxtrot – They got a visit from Chloris Leachman for her advice…interesting. I must admit the lady is funny. It was sharp where it needed to be sharp, soft where it needed to be soft, and smooth where it needed to be smooth. It was a really cute number. He footwork was a tad off in a couple of spots, but that is merely nitpicking really. And I felt like there was more of a connection between the two of them than there has been in the past.

She wore a deep rose colored dress that combined with her hair reminded me a bit of Jessica Rabbit, though not so over-the-top of course. He wore an off-white suit with a shirt that matched her dress, and his hair was slicked back which I didn’t like.

Carrie Ann: She said that Len is officially smoking crack. She swears he is crazy. She complimented their costumes. She loved the dance. It was dynamic, fluid, graceful; beautiful footwork and nice close hold.

Len: He liked the parts that were in hold. He seemed to like Michael’s Foxtrot better because it was more “traditional”, he said theirs had too many gimmicks. But he figures the other two judges will like it.

Bruno: He said it perfectly captured the glamorous aura of Hollywood’s Golden Age (he cracks me up!). Sexy, sassy beautiful, fantastic timing. Looked a dream and danced like an angel.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 7, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 25 (Carrie Ann is right, Len must be smoking crack if he gave Mya a lower score than Michael!)

Aaron & Karina – Jive – Karina choreographed a really high energy, fast-paced number. Aaron, for the most part, did an excellent job of keeping up. The Jive really suits his personality. I definitely noticed his retractions getting less sharp as the dance progressed, and there were a few slightly sloppy moments. Overall though, I thought he did an excellent job, it was my favorite performance of his so far.

His outfit was a bit more ballroom to me, black pants and tie, white shirt and a dark magenta brocade look sport coat. She wore a spaghetti strap mini dress with ombre layers of fringe, light pink at the top to magenta at the bottom. She had some sparkly thing stuck to her head that really needed to go.

Carrie Ann: She said he was like a little roadrunner. It was so good. It was just really, really excellent. So the perfect dance for him. She said there was one little weird thing in the middle (I thought so too, but wasn’t sure quite what to say about it).

Len: He said it had enough energy to light up Hollywood. Wild but clean, fast but it had control, fun but not slapstick. He said he was tempted to dust off his 10 paddle.

Bruno: He said he kicked ass, and then something about to the galaxy and beyond. His best performance.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 10, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 29

Kelly & Louis – Salsa – Once again, when Kelly lets herself she does a great job. The first part of the dance struggled a bit and she looked so serious at times. But then she let go and started to smile and suddenly her dancing improved. I so wish she would learn to trust herself, because when she does I love to watch her dance!

Her dress was bright turquoise at the top with some matching fringe with a turquoise and black and other colors pattern at the bottom. His shirt was the same fabric as the skirt of her dress, and well, his pants were covered in turquoise fringe—I think he may have borrowed them from Julianne Hough! Thankfully his pants tore away a bit into the dance to reveal black pants. And her skirt tore away to reveal a shorter fringed skirt a little after the pants.

Carrie Ann: She called her over to give her a “high ten.” She also complimented her on getting to wear the fringed pants. She said it was brilliant, her posture was up, and there was a new elegance,; she was unafraid of the dance. Very great job.

Len: He said he was concerned. He thinks it is the first time she controlled her nerves came out and gave a full performance. However, he said her dancing does need to come up a level.

Bruno: He jumped on the table (presumably to outdo Carrie Ann and Len who actually stood up for their critiques like Bruno often does) and shook his butt and said something Bruno-ish that I could not quite understand). I thought that may be it, but he also said once you find the character it is the key and she lets it out. He pointed out a stumble. Kelly thanked him for calling her beige last week.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Joanna & Derek – Rumba – For the most part I was really impressed! She did a drop down half-split in front of him that I thought was fabulous and her movement was quite good most of the time. There were a couple of poses she held in that looked a tad awkward, and going into the last dip they did during the dance she faltered a tad. But, overall, really good.

She was wearing a pretty covered up dress considering it was Rumba and she is a model, it was white with a mostly bare top but relatively covered up skirt at the bottom with slits on the side. He was wearing black pants and a rather basic white shirt with some slightly translucent panels on it.

Carrie Ann: She said she dances at her edge. She always feels like she good go terribly wrong at any second, but tonight she didn’t see that. She pointed out that she got caught in her dress, yes, but she loved watching her.

Len: He said the recipe for a good Rumba is a bit of basic and good technique, for Bruno a little bit of a wow factor, for Carrie Ann no lifts and a bit of emotion and chemistry and he thinks that it more-or-less ticked off all of their boxes.

Bruno: He said “Oh my darling, you are a love goddess. High definition feast for the eyes.” “So sexy I could taste it.” He pointed out the tiny stumble.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 27

Team Dances

They did a very dramatic intro to the segment. Hardcore music, smoke, stare downs.

Team Paso (Aaron & Karina, Mya & Dmitry, Mark & Anna T., Michael & Anna D.)

They started off pretty strong, and Mya did an amazing job, almost indistinguishable from the 3 female pros on her team.

Aaron & Karina – I thought he got the footwork down pretty well, unfortunately his timing was way off and that stood out quite a bit in one spot that was out of hold and meant to be in unison.

Michael & Anna D. – He has the character down for sure. Unfortunately he was doing more of a stomping strut and less of a dance for most of it.

Mark & Anna T. – They needed less gimmick and more dancing, in my opinion. The dancing they did was good.

Mya & Dmitry-Her movement could have been a bit more pronounced, but overall they were the stand-out couple of this team for sure.

Their ending was nice and dramatic with flips from Mark & Aaron.

Carrie Ann: She loved the intensity and thinks that definitely as a group they were totally focused and together. She feels that sometimes their choreography went out of sync and that it was a bit basic. She said Mark redeemed himself.

Len: He said it had attack, it was full-on, and that as it went on it got better and better.

Bruno: He said the Paso Doble is strong, powerful and dramatic, they did all that. He noted that at times they lost sync. He said Mya & Dmitry stood out.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Team Tango (Joanna & Derek, Donny & Kym, Kelly & Louis)

I thought they had a really strong start. Their unison was a tad off in spots, but I thought they tightened up after 30 seconds or so.

Kelly & Louis – She totally redeemed herself from their last shot at the Tango. I thought she mirrored Louis beautifully and was very in character.

Donny & Kym – I wish they had done some slightly more difficult footwork, but Donny was the showman as always and did what they did really well.

Joanna & Derek – They did some great fast turns while in hold. I wish she had held herself a bit tighter and that she had kept in character more. But, I think they did a great job.

I thought they ended really strong, very good unison. I think they won this competition.

Carrie Ann: She ran out and gave them high fives and spanked the men. Apparently there was a lift, I didn’t catch it.

Len: He commented that it is easier to dance Tango because it is mostly in hold. He then said that having said that, obviously this was the far superior dance.

Bruno: “Excellent individuals, superb as a team.” He said to Joanna “Love goddess and drama queen you nailed it.” To Donny he said “Donny Darko you are as magnetic as ever.” And lastly he told Kelly she found her mojo.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 28

Final Rankings:

1. Joanna & Derek (55)

2. Aaron & Karina (53)

3. Kelly & Louis (52) –TIED–

3. Donny & Kym (52) –TIED–

5. Mya & Dmitry (49)

6. Michael & Anna (47)

7. Mark & Anna (43)

I am thinking that the bottom 3 will be the 3 couples with the lowest judges scores, though I think Mya was robbed, with Mark & Anna being eliminated immediately and Michael & Anna losing the dance off against Mya & Dmitry.

One of the musical guests tomorrow night on the results show is Mark Ballas & Derek Hough performing as The Ballas Hough Band.


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