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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 16 – Week 8 Performance Show

Updated on November 10, 2009

Tonight each couple had 2 dances, the first round was a Ballroom round and the second round was Latin, and during the Latin round each dance is based in a specific decade—with one decade being the future apparently.

The judges did an overview of what they are expecting during each round.

Mya & Dmitry

Ballroom Round – Quickstep – I thought it was a really fun number, with a lot of variety.  There were a few spots where I thought her footwork may be a bit off, during spots where they were standing still, but it may have just been the angle it was filmed at.  Overall I thought she did a great job, as always!

Carrie Ann:  She said it is one of the more difficult dances to do and that she took something so difficult and very intricate and made it flow out of her body with easy and grace.  Fantastic, perfectly in sync, great job.

Len:  He said his priority is how they dance and it appears that theirs is the wow in the dance (they essentially said so during the training interviews.  He said they went from bad to worse starting in week one and that tonight he was disappointed…because he couldn’t find anything to criticize.  (Note:  They did, despite their comments make it less gimmicky and had more content.)

Bruno:  He said “Ladies and gentlemen this is quality.”  Then he said something about good champagne.  Sometimes I really need a Bruno translator—though, sometimes I wish didn’t understand some things.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 10, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 29

Latin Round – Samba (70s era) – I need to start by saying that Dmitry, should never, EVER, wear a moustache again!  HEINOUS!!  I loved the routine, though I felt like a few things (mainly the Samba rolls) were done for too long.  I loved the Disco touches and though normally they would be a bad thing, they were required to have a theme and I think they handled it well and didn’t overdo it.  As always she flows so beautifully from one step to the next and really knows how to move and control her body.

Carrie Ann:  She said she now believes she wants to win this competition.  She said it was an incredible Samba, the technique the flow, it was beyond belief.

Len:  He said she is absolutely on fire, her hips were hypnotic.  Tonight they produced two dances of the highest standard, with no gimmicks.

Bruno:  He said he loves bad girls and she’s the baddest of them all and she does a mean Samba.  And then said something about Diana Ross and sang a bit of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  He really needs to tone it down a bit.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 10, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 30

Mya & Dmitry’s Total:  Ballroom – 29  +  Latin – 30 = 59

Aaron & Karina

Ballroom Round – Foxtrot – Well, I can say that I was relieved that he was not all spastic like he has been in the past during Ballroom styles.  However, I think that he toned himself down too much to where his personality was not there.  I also think his movement was a bit choppy and awkward.  Not awful, but definitely not on the same level as either of his Jives last week.

Carrie Ann:  She pointed out that it is the quarter finals so every detail will be watched like hawks.  She pointed out that Karina’s foot came off the ground (I really wish they would discuss the whole lift thing, is a tiny bit of someone’s foot of the ground when it was attempted to be kept there, that big of a deal?), and she said she saw the effort, but there was a loss of fluidity.

Len:  He said that watching him is like watching his son in a toy shop, so many different emotions going on.  He said he is proud of him whatever happens, he worked so hard and tried his utmost and for a young man he thinks he danced very, very well.

Bruno:  He said he can see how much work into it, that there were so many steps and he tried really hard to get the style right, but he felt it was a little tense and didn’t have the ease of flow necessary to sell the Foxtrot.  It was a brave attempt but it wasn’t as smooth as it needed to be.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 23

Latin Round – Samba (90s) – To Aaron 90s apparently means “Boy Band” moves.  ACK!!  Nice trick by Aaron in the beginning.  I thought that there were parts where he was great, and parts that he was either flailing his arms too much or stomping his feet too much.  I liked it better than their first dance, but not by much unfortunately.  I think he tries so hard, but that he needs to learn a bit more control.

Carrie Ann:  She said he watched him in this routine and thought about how the difficult times he has had—he has smoothed out all the edges.  She thought he was hitting it.  (I disagree.)

Len:  It said it was tough to come in after Mya and their perfect 30.  He said what he loved was that he sold it and really came out and performed it and and he really, really worked his socks off.

Bruno:  He said that all the energy has finally done good.  He said they blended the Samba and the 90s touches very well.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 9, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 27  (Too high in my opinion, I think 8s were more appropriate.)

Aaron & Karina’s Total:  Ballroom – 23  +  Latin – 27 = 50

Joanna & Derek

Ballroom Round – Quickstep – Her footwork really struggled in some spots, and right before their final running promenade she did something that came across as off, missed a step or something.  Her posture up top was really good through most of it.  I think it was better than Aaron’s Foxtrot, but not better than Mya’s Quickstep.

Carrie Ann:  She said there was a lot of content, but that she did get out of sync a few times.  She said what was great about her carriage was great, but her lower half is a little off and she forgets to point her toes.

Len:  He said there was a lot of running about, it lacked content, she went wrong—this is not the standard for the quarter final.

Bruno:  He said it looked like she was running away from the scene of a crime.  He said it is a difficult dance and she played it well upstairs, but downstairs there were a few issues.  Not one of her best performances.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 7, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 23

Latin Round – Paso Doble (Future era) – I liked their hair and makeup!!  They had an android vibe going on.  The choreography was brilliant, I loved it.  Joanna handled it really well too, there were a few spots where she was off, and I think she was lucky they used light up costumes and danced in partial darkness because you could not see her feet as easily.  Overall though, I thought it was great.  She definitely did well with the character.

Carrie Ann:  She said it was outstanding execution of the theme and Joanna didn’t miss a step, other than a funky back kick.

Len:  He said it was genius.  He said he didn’t know how they were going to do it, but not only was the theme great, the content was great too.

Bruno:  Started with some gibberish.  He said it was a masterful reinvention of a classic.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 10, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 29

Joanna & Derek’s Total:  Ballroom – 23  +  Latin – 29 = 52

Kelly & Louis

Ballroom Round – Foxtrot – I really, really loved this dance!  For the first time I felt like she was in it and comfortable 100%.  Her posture was fabulous, her footwork looked great to me, other than a few odd faces she got caught making here and there, I thought it was her best dance so far.

Carrie Ann:  She said she has a secret weapon that sets her apart and that is that when she has a breakthrough the audience goes crazy for her.  But, if she is going to continue she needs to work on her spots, her turns, and a little extension in her range of motion (I agree).

Len:  He said it was a long time since they have seen her do Ballroom and he forgot how much grace and elegance she brings to the dance floor.  He thought her posture was good, and he loved the routine.  He said her footwork was a real distraction (not for me), but the rest of her was fantastic.

Bruno:  He said who would have known she could be so light and ethereal, and that she literally was weightless.  He said when she keeps her focus it works because she didn’t go wrong, she sustained the performance and that is the way to go.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 25

Latin Round – Jive (60s era) – They had a fabulous Mod look; I loved their wigs, especially Kelly’s green one.  She had a cute “Mod Kelly” doll at the start.  I love Kelly, and her first dance was amazing, but I think this Jive was a bit of a mess.  She was constantly looking to Louis as if to see what was next and she mostly felt a tiny bit behind the music and trying to catch up.  Nothing was finished, it felt a bit like flailing about.  And there was way too much gimmick stuff with the doll.  I am so bummed!

Carrie Ann:  She said it was definitely one of her best performances.  She pointed out that she got stuck in some of the turns and the doll part got carried a bit far.

Len:  He said she has been an absolute revelation to him, he thought the work and pressure would make her give up, but she comes in week after week stronger and stronger. 

Bruno:  “Groovy baby.”  He said what an achievement; it was Jiving all the way down to Carnegie street.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 9, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 26

Kelly & Louis’s Total:  Ballroom – 25  +  Latin – 26 = 51

Donny & Kym

Ballroom Round – Viennese Waltz – First off, I loved Kym’s dress!  Beautiful!  I am not sure why, but their dance made me tear up a tad.  I just thought it was so relaxed feeling and really beautiful, it felt more like a couple enjoying a private moment than a performance.  It wasn’t perfect, but I thought it was great.

Carrie Ann:  She found it mesmerizing.  She said there was something very special about it, this time he didn’t over-perform it, she thinks he found a new place with performing where he is very at ease with himself and his postiure was improved.

Len:  He said there was improvement in his posture, it had lovely rotation and that he is proud of him for attempting a fleckerl.  He said for him it was a bit arty-farty though.

Bruno:  He said he can really play it, it was like watching a Lifetime movie—romantic, emotional, a bit of drama.  And then he kissed Len.  He said how can you fail but be an entertainer.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 8, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 26

Latin Round – Paso Doble (80s era theme) – Awesome Adam Ant look for Donny!  I don’t know if I can quite articulate why, but I think this is one of my least favorite of any of his performances.  It just felt a bit awkward to me, and his serious face didn’t sit right with me at all.

Carrie Ann:  She said on a personal note she thought it was hysterical because she loves the song and the era.  But she thinks they may have stepped a little past what was okay and was insane and like they dropped off the edge.  She also said the costume interfered a bit with being able to see his lines.

Len:  He said it was the most crazy, bizarre, scary Paso Doble he has ever seen; a cross between Adam Ant and Adam Carolla.  But, he liked it.

Bruno:  He said that had more camp in it than a drag queen’s convention.  Nothing can top that.  It was like watching Donny, doing Marie, doing Donny, doing Marie.

Votes:  Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 24

Donny & Kym’s Total:  Ballroom – 26  +  Latin – 24 = 50

Between the two rounds there was a group Latin dance medley with 2 of the pros (Tony and Mark) and 4 guest dancers.

Final Rankings:

1.  Mya & Dmitry (59)

2.  Joanna & Derek (52)

3.  Kelly & Louis (51)

4.  Donny & Kym (50) –TIED–

5.  Aaron & Karina (50) –TIED–

I am thinking that the bottom 2 will be Kelly & Louis and Aaron & Karina, with Aaron & Karina going home.

Tomorrow night the musical performers are Michael Buble and Susan Boyle.  I am really looking forward to seeing Susan Boyle sing again!  I love her voice!  Also tomorrow night, Dance Center returns with Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, Stacy Keibler…and maybe someone else, he got cut-off while announcing it by Bruno being a goof.  Also tomorrow night we find out the pro who was selected to dance with Sabrina Bryan in the Design-A-Dance competition.


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