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Dancing With The Stars – Season 9, Episode 6 – Week 3 Performance Show

Updated on October 5, 2009

Sorry I didn't post an overview for last week's DWTS shows, I had out of town guests and never managed to catch up!

They announced that Tom DeLay’s pre-stress fracture in his foot is now a full blown stress fracture.

Mark & Lacey – Rumba – He felt more comfortable with the movement this week, a lot, which is amazing since it is a Rumba. His hips were great, didn’t notice anything bad with his feet, his arm movements were a bit too sharp. Not the sexiest Rumba ever. Len said it was a tad on the hard and aggressive side, but seemed to think that overall it was well done. Bruno said it was anti-climactic and too staccato. Carrie Ann said as far as quality of movement he is up in the top, but that he lacks a connection and it felt uncomfortable. I personally thought it was his best so far.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 6, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 18 (I would have expected 7s before their comments.)

Joanna & Derek – Samba – She had the sexy part down, but her legs were awkward, really awkward at times. I don’t know, something just felt off to me. Bruno liked it, he said it was full of life, but she needs to work on her footwork because she made some mistakes. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno and said she is fearless. Len said it had quality stamped all over it.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 8, Bruno – 8 | TOTAL: 23 (The judges are losing it so far tonight, I didn’t think that deserver a 23 at all.)

Mya & Dmitry – Rumba – LOVED HER DRESS!! I thought it was really beautiful. She showed great quality of movement and a real connection to Dmitry and the music and the performance. Great choreography too! Carrie Ann said it gave her chills and that is was complete fluidity. She thought she saw her foot come off the ground at the beginning, but could not be sure, so they got away with it if it happened. Len thought it had chemistry and romance but that it had so much going on that it was too crammed (this man cannot be pleased!). Bruno said it put all of America in the mood for love, fabulous!

Votes: Carrie Ann - 10, Len - 7, Bruno – 10 | TOTAL: 27

Melissa & Mark – Samba – I thought it started out strong, and that the rest was not bad, she needs to work on making her movement more refined and less out of control. I thought it was her best so far though. Len thought parts were excellen, that she really came out and performed and had strong legs, but that she needs more rhythm. Bruno said he knew she could switch it on and that she improved from last week, lost timing couple times but way to go. Carrie Ann said she improved but that it feels like there are points where she doesn’t believe it—sometimes she goes all out but sometimes she senses the fear.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 6, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 19

Louie & Chelsie – Rumba – I think he really has the hots for Chelsie!! His movement was a tad awkward. He was really into the performance, and at moments he was really good, his hip movement is better. Much better than I thought it would be though, his best so far. Bruno said something I could not understand, and added “that’s chemistry!” He said to work on fluidity, but the performance was good. Carrie Ann said they were screaming and that their chemistry is unbelievable and that he “gives good frame.” Len said he wanted it to be nice but that it was wild and there was no connect, far to hectic and too much syncopation.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 5, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 20 (I think Carrie Ann went a tad high and Len went a tad low.)

Debi & Maks – Samba – Very theatrical at the start, I sense a Len freak-out. Much more confident this time. She seemed much more together. She will still off at spots, and there was not a lot of content, but much better than before. Carrie Ann thought it was cute but a tad safe, she told her to watch her expressions. Len said what they did they did well, but that it didn’t ignite (no freak-out though). Bruno said with her fiery personality it was a bit of a disconnect and that she never put her hands on Maks, he also pointed out a mistake she made (not sure which, but she knew and agreed).

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len – 5 Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 17

Donny & Kym – Rumba – He really struggled with the role the dance required him to play during rehearsals, so I was really worried. He had a little solo, good for him. They were really far apart from each other most of the time, it was a very chaste Rumba. You could tell this dance required him to really concentrate so he came across as a bit flat to me, but other than that and it being so clean…not bad. Len said he needed to work on straightening his legs, and that he was worried but he did a great job. Bruno said it was like Swan Lake, a bit “airy faerie” at times, and then Donny ran up and kissed him and dipped him and kissed him and dipped him again and it all fell apart. Carrie Ann said that doing the solo was daring, but that he got off a bit in his musicality. She then said there was a vulnerability to it that was beautiful.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 7, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 21

Samantha made an uncomfortable moment (Donny & Bruno) worse by suggesting Donny should have given him some tongue for a higher score). And then things went downhill further when Tom Bergeron interviewed Paula Abdul in the audience and she suggested that she and Carrie Ann should make out.

Michael & Anna – Samba – He is SO pigeon-toed!! It was pretty basic choreography; it didn’t feel much like a Samba to me. He was very into it in his face, his body seemed a bit left out of that and his arms got out of control. Bruno said he is going in reverse, nice face, no rhythm. Carrie Ann said she thinks he has rhythm but that he is dancing too small. Len said he was disappointed.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 5, Len - 4, Bruno – 5 | TOTAL: 14

Natalie & Alec – Rumba – I loved the dramatic beginning, they even used smoke. It was a little stiff. They showed off her legs a lot, and she does have beautiful legs and she uses them pretty well. The dance just felt really blah, especially after such a dramatic start. Carrie Ann cheered for her and said the intensity was there. Len said it was very expressive and it had good hips and chemistry, an excellent performance. Bruno said he knew she could fly. I feel like the judges watched a different dance, sometimes I just don’t get them.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 9, Len - 8, Bruno – 9 | TOTAL: 26 (I was thinking 7s myself.)

Chuck & Anna – Samba – They showed him getting a pedicure with his daughter which included a black and pink French manicure! He started off strong and in character, and then it got VERY rough around the edges. He stayed in that “party mode” facially, but the rest was kind of stiff and awkward. Len congratulated Anna on the job she did, he said he was thoroughly entertained. Bruno said he could see the huge amount of work, but that it was like it was from Zombietown. Carrie Ann said he had the right attitude and feeling, but that it was a little rough.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 5, Bruno – 6 | TOTAL: 17

Aaron & Karina – Rumba – His outfit was RIDICULOUS. His movement was too overdone, and at one point he slipped. This is SO not his dance. I didn’t feel any romance or connection either, his worst so far in my opinion. Bruno said plenty of attack, focus and determination, but that it needed more focus. Carrie Ann said he moves beautifully, but that everything was overexagerated and he needs to tone it down. Len said it lacked musicality and that he was just flinging his arms…this is one of the times I agree with Len 100%.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 8, Len - 6, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 21 (I agree with Len here as well, not sure where Carrie Ann pulled that 8 out of.)

Tom & Cheryl – Samba – It is both feet that are injured now, and he was told by his doctors and the producers to withdraw. He has decided to perform though, which he said means he is insane or stupid. He was counting along through most of it. I give him credit for being a trooper and doing the whole dance. It was pretty basic and he was pretty awkward as usual, but he earned some respect from me. Carrie Ann said he is easy on the eyes when he dances and there is something smooth about him, but that it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been. Len said he thinks he is a hero, well done, a bit careful but he understands that. Bruno called him a super trooper, but said that the performance did suffer a bit.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 6, Len - 4, Bruno – 5 | TOTAL: 15 (Carrie Ann and Bruno were too nice.)

Kelly & Louis – Samba – She did much better than last week. It ended a bit rough, but she held it together through the dance and seemed to really be having fun. I still think their dance from week 1 is the best by far. Len said her problem is confidence, and it makes her start to panic. Bruno said compared to last week she is back, some very beautiful sections with just a couple stumble, get rid of the doubt. Carrie Ann said when she gets it right her technique is great, but to stay focused.

Votes: Carrie Ann - 7, Len - 6, Bruno – 7 | TOTAL: 20

Final Rankings:

1. Mya & Dmitry (27)

2. Natalie & Alec (26)

3. Joanna & Derek (23)

4. Donny & Kym (21) –TIED–

4. Aaron & Karina (21) –TIED–

6. Louie & Chelsie (20) –TIED–

7. Kelly & Louis (20) –TIED–

8. Melissa & Mark (19)

9. Mark & Lacey (18)

10. Debi & Maks (17) –TIED–

10. Chuck & Anna (17) –TIED–

12. Tom & Cheryl (15)

13. Michael & Anna (14)

I am thinking that the bottom 2 will be Debi & Maks and Chuck & Anna. They are lower down on the rankings, and unless Debi’s fans start being better voters she will be in trouble and I suspect that much of Chuck’s fan base does not watch Dancing with the Stars. I think Michael will be kept in by the massive amount of football voters there seem to be based on how well previous football players have fared, and I think Tom & Cheryl will be kept in by all the Republicans—though I think Tom needs to be eliminated because he will not be able to go all out with the injury and that will leave in people who can.


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