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Danny MacAskill

Updated on October 5, 2014

What he Does?

Danny does street trials riding. Street trials riding is when you go around on your bike and us street objects like benches and steps to do tricks. It isn't easy and some tricks can go very wrong and can lead to serious injuries. There's no limit in what you can do if you believe you can do something then your probably can, it just takes a lot of practice.

Background Information

  • Born 23rd of December 1985.
  • From Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.
  • A professional Street trials rider.
  • Rides for Inspired Bicycles Ltd.
  • Released his first video April 2009.

The Ridge

His latest video

The Ridge was his latest video. In this video he is riding a mountain bike, but his skills transfer from his trials bike. This video was filmed on the Isle of Skye and was an extremely risky video to film!

Imaginate Project

Danny's Imaginate Project

The project is completely different from anything Danny's done before. This project has been on Danny's to do list for a while and in the video he was allowed to run wild with his imagination hence the name imaginate. The video has been viewed all around the world and has 15 million hits. The film is about a childhood dream of his. The video has lot's of children's toys in it, but they have been made into real life size to allow Danny to use them to do tricks. Some of these items included a Formula One car and a tank.

The Imaginate Video

First Video

The video was filmed by Inspired Bicycles. Danny didn't think the video would be a worldwide hit overnight. His carrier kicked off from there and from that day on his life completely changed. The video is shown below. At the start of the video Danny shows you that you can't give up on your first try and you have to fail once or twice before you get perfection. As many people say practice makes prefect and they are right. Danny didn't master those tricks over night they will have taken years of practice before he could do them overtime. Also this video shows that balance is everything when it comes to trials riding. Some riders say that if you think you can do something then you probably can it will just take a lot of practice.

Danny's First Video

Video Information

The video was filmed in April 2009. It was filmed and produced by his flat-mate. The video to this day had 34 Million hits on Youtube. Danny gave up his career at 23 to film this. he wasn't sure if it was going to be his big break, but it certainly was. The song used was 'The Funeral' By The Band and Horses.

Is Trials Riding Difficult?

Yes to do the tricks that Danny does because he has doing trials riding for a good 15 years. To do this type of riding you need to have a very good sense of balance. Most of the riding you do will involve being on one wheel only at any one time. You also have to feel comfortable with the bike your riding. If the bike is too be or too small then you will struggle to pull off the awesome tricks you want too.

Trials Riding

If you think Danny is doing BMX riding then please take a look at my blog about the difference so we can get this issue cleared up.

© 2014 James Watson


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