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David B. ~ On The Prowl

Updated on May 15, 2020
David B.
David B.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and no one knows this better than songwriter/producer, David B., who has been slaying in the music game for several years now, penning songs for some of today’s hottest artists.

Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, David B. grew up playing drums in church, was in his school’s marching band, played in the jazz band, school chorus, and played in the orchestra. His biggest influences musically was Timbaland, Pharrell, the Neptunes, CoolNDre, the Runnas, and Kanye West.

Professionally, he has worked with Classik Mussik who signed with Jamie Fox and landed a song placement in the movie, “Django Unchained”. David produced four songs on Classik’s solo EP that hit Billboard’s top 40 on the Hot 100 charts. Classik has also penned songs for Chris Brown and others.

David B. has worked with artist’s Boney James for his single “On the Prowl” which hit #1 on Billboard; and with POSTA, who’s also produced music for Chris Brown, Travis Scott, and Z3N, whose music went multi platinum. He just completed work on Young Thug and Chris Brown’s new record “Animal” off the SlimeNB mixtape. David B. And Z3N are producing Reggaeton together, along side Onyx Musick who has also worked with Chris Brown, Prince Royce, and Wiz Khalifa, to name a few.

He has collaborated with “Lil Eddie” who has a song that has gone Diamond from the album "Lil Eddie" wrote for Nicki Jam. He’s been managed by Lil’ Eddie who has won 11 Grammy’s as a song writer with singles like “La Ex” and he has penned music for Jason Derulo and Maluma. David B. was asked to write and produce with Lil’ Eddie’s nephew, Young Raf, an up-and-coming songwriter/artist who got his first music award at 18 years old, lending his vocals and writing Maluma and Jason Derulo’s hit song, “Mamacita”.

David B. has collaborated musically with Janet Jackson songwriter (“Let’s Wait Awhile”), Melanie Andrews of Next Star Studios, and is re-teaming with Melanie and her partner, Charlie Perez of Round 2 Music, the label in Riverside, California that features recording artists, Brittany Nicole, Elvia Cadena, Amanda Rivera, DJ Bobby B, and Australian Knokcout, Benny Sinclair.

David founded his production/writing team, “The WorkAHolikz”, and they have worked with DeeMoney who was with Ear Drummer Records and Mike Will, who’s “60x” went Gold and Platinum. He has produced for and collaborated with Eric Erickson who’s worked with Tamar Braxton, Cardi B, JLo, Dj Khaled, and recently Murda Beatz artist Adam Halliday, Nutty P who has produced for Game, E40, Boney James, Bobby V and more.

Currently, David B. is working with multi-platinum execs Nick Green of Next Play Music Group, and Rudy “Coach” Flores who’s also a Grammy winning exec. He has had the opportunity to sit along side and be offered a deal from Devante Swing of Jodeci and has worked with his new artists. He is also working with Jon Norris in London, and has recently placed original music on Netflix’s Japanese series, “Terrace House” (Season 5, Ep. 40).

He has worked on the show, Empire, securing placement on that series for a producer on his team. He’s worked with Dana Everett at Cre8v Media who’s done majority of sync from 2016-2020 on ads like Budweiser, Bud Light, ESPN intro to sports center, and many A list movies. Artists he has produced recently include Chris Sails who’s got a following of over 2 million plus, and YouTube subscribers where his single “Rihanna” and Jourdin Pauline’s single “Big Bandz” Jourdin was JuiceWorlds close friend before he passed away. To round it off, David B. Has been working with Akon’s son Ali “Wavey” Jr.

Fans can check out the latest on David B. on Instagram/ @itzdavidb, and any professional inquiries can be made here on the Contact tab.

Q&A with David B.

RW) David B. You have been penning songs and co-writing with of the industry’s top recording artists. Who were some of your music influences as a kid growing up? What music and artists did you listen to the most?

DB) My Favorite kind of music is more so Pop/Rock believe it or not the music i prefer to listen to most may have not heard of Miami Horror, Chester French, Although i still listen to Pharrell Williams Kanye,Jay z, Nas, even Country.

RW) Where did you grow up? What was it like growing up for you, do you have a lot of brothers and sisters?

DB) I grew up in Albuquerque NM people know it from Breaking Bad the show, and yea it can be rough depending on where you live in the city, we grew up humble and i mean we definitely didn't have a famed style of living, i grew up in a one bed room house with my brothers two are half brothers one is my baby brother, and my parents.

I was around a lot and i tried my best to be a good kid but gang life was all around me, I made mistakes got caught up in the wrong crowds but i did grow up in church that's where i started playing drums my first set i poked a hole in it so my parents had to throw it away lol my mom told me "when you were a little boy you would grab pillows and set them up like drums and tops and lids to make crash cymbals you would fill buckets with rocks to make like a snare noise and water in glasses for mallets" i always loved music

RW) At what age did you start writing, and was that something you always wanted to do? Are you also a performer?

DB) Sheesh i was like 12 when i wrote my first songs they were raps, but then i started singing over beats too, i did join choir but then i left that to join marching and jazz band i have performed before but im not the type to really want to be on stage i just love being in the studio and yea writing is my passion no one else can connect with you own feelings if you dont feel them first your thoughts are your feelings that being said i don't use pen and paper to write its all out of my head.When you can feel what you're saying and it hits you then those emotions are real enough to transfer to others so when they hear the music they feel it too.

RW) What was your first professional writing gig, who was it for, and how did you get the gig?

DB) I wrote my first song with Jye Way he was an artist out of California who was signed to Sony Records we did the song "So Fly" we found each other on Myspace back before you could manipulate the system we penned this song and put it out it hit over 2 million plays in like a month or 2 ..

RW) You have worked with a lot top recording artists. Which artist out there do you like and would love to write a song for?

DB) That ones tough because being that I'm an artist too i have to put myself and my artistry aside so i can put my thoughts and pen to another artists record, but if i had it my way I'd love to work with Pharrell Williams hes just a Genius all around it would be awesome to write with him

RW) Who are some of the artists you have done songs for?

DB) Chris Sails, Boney James, Jourdin Pauline, Classik Mussik, 2 Chainz , Mckinley Ave, but i had founded my team (ThaWorkAHolikz) that consisted of a few producers and writers , they were multi platinum so the records were artists like Drake,Migos,Gucci Mane, Rae Sremmurd, and so on , i even helped my guy DeeMoney land on the Show Empire on Fox he used to be signed with Mike Will before coming onto my team after he and I connected awhile back, my other writer Classik Mussik Was signed to Jamie Fox and has written for Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jamie, and others . Being they were on my team we just kept the work going until i finally decided to break it down and remain solo. And I've had offers to different situations had i taken them i would've penned for people like Bobby V, i was almost signed to Sean Garrett when i lived in Atlanta, I was almost signed to Toomp, and Monica out of Darp Studios in ATL so who knows who i would've landed up Producing and penning for.

RW) Are you a musician as well, do you do beats, or a lyricist?

DB) I am a musician i started off writing and recording myself but i got tired of the beats i was getting from others so i decided to get into production i also mix my own records and have mixed for others so its fair to say yes im a lyricist , producer and i engineer too

RW Do you find it easier to write with a melody already, or a instrumental track, or is just writing poetry for you?

DB) I have to hear a melody to catch a vibe once i have at least some melody i can hear on a track i can start laying my ideas as i said i don't write with pen and pad it comes out of my head what i cut and record so a melody definitely inspires my songs there's been times when i can catch an idea without any melody then I'll build the track around my lyrics if that makes sense , it can go both ways with it or without it ideas just hit when they hit

RW) We are currently in this Covid-19 Pandemic, and much of the entertainment industry has been shut down. How has it affected your work, and what do you think will be different after this crisis is over, or do you think things will change much?

DB) This one is a great question but also a tough one, because what we are facing is uncertain times. This has definitely impacted me and affected my work to a degree thankfully there are people out there who believe in me and what i do and their support is unmatched. I'm forever grateful. But do i think things will change? they definitely have think about it when have you gone out and seen so many masks? i was in NM with family for the holidays and then things started to intensify with the pandemic i did start to notice people wearing masks but out there in Albuquerque many aren't taking this serious so when i came home to LA it was like culture shock or like i was in a movie but it was real i was at the store shopping for essentials and it was just masks everywhere i think people in LA take this a lot more serious Ive taken it serious from day one because my mom and brother are both heart patients so if they get sick they may not make it. and what I've seen change is music is now a social industry you have a&r execs on IG live etc seeking new music and talent more than ever i believe we've hit a more digital based era of music , and who knows how long things will be this way if I'm not in the studio I'm home where we should be so thankfully we can cut records from our laptops and ship them out, i feel for the ones who lost out big when live shows got shut down.. that was a big hit to many..

RW) What’s next for you, what are some of the other things you would like to accomplish in the music game?

DB) Go Multi Platinum Diamond even those are big goals but i never thought I'd even make it out of my city to do anything I've done I wanted a family for so long you know wife and kids but i think honestly music is my life and my everything no matter what I've been through in life music has always been right there even when i tried to run away from it to build a family with someone i loved so much. I have a lot i want to do that goes beyond music and whether I'm writing for myself or another major artist i just want to leave my imprint on this world by putting out Hits.

RW) How can our readers find you on social media?

DB) I really only use Instagram its @itzdavidb

RW) Finally, if you were asked to come and give a talk to a graduating music of young songwriters and musicians, what would your advice be to them on getting in the game and staying in it?

DB) Be smart about who you deal with, but keep this in mind Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Respect for your self Protect your self and your music by knowing how things work in the industry strive to make the best music you can make never give up and remember nothing happens over night be patient , stay committed to exceeding your goals and put in the work.. keep working. believe in yourself more than the next person because no one believes in YOU more than YOU and stay relevant by staying ahead of the race don't ride a wave create one always reinvent yourself don't be a copy of the ones you hear on radio be unique stand out and be confident that when you get that first hit record you can keep it going for years to come..

Some of the Artists David B. Has Callaborated With In Photos

Me and Davente Swing of “Jodeci”
Me and Davente Swing of “Jodeci”
In the studio at DARP with Ricky Racks has produced for young thug, Eminem, migos , rich the kid
In the studio at DARP with Ricky Racks has produced for young thug, Eminem, migos , rich the kid
A producer from my team Eric “eDouble” Erickson has worked with Tamar Braxton, diddys son Quincy Brown, cardi B , Dj Khaled, Jlo, Murda Beatz , Adam Halliday
A producer from my team Eric “eDouble” Erickson has worked with Tamar Braxton, diddys son Quincy Brown, cardi B , Dj Khaled, Jlo, Murda Beatz , Adam Halliday
One of my writers Johnathan “peso” Brishard he’s penned for Drake, lil Wayne, future , Rihanna, DMX, Rae Sremmurd, French Montana, Post Malone, Geazy, and many more
One of my writers Johnathan “peso” Brishard he’s penned for Drake, lil Wayne, future , Rihanna, DMX, Rae Sremmurd, French Montana, Post Malone, Geazy, and many more
Classik Mussik was signed to Jaimie Fox and penned for Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne and many more.
Classik Mussik was signed to Jaimie Fox and penned for Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne and many more.

Artists David B. Has Collabrorated With Musically

[To all you young writer/producer/musicians and artists out there] Be smart about who you deal with, but keep this in mind ~ Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Your Self...”

— David B.

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