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David Bowie 1987 Concert Review

Updated on January 11, 2016

A Rockin Show !

On September 3 1987 I went to see David Bowie in an outdoor concert at Foxboro Stadium at Foxboro, Ma. This was the Glass Spider Tour, with an elaborate stage in the shape of a large spider, its legs standing tall with the stage beneath. During the 1980's Bowie really went from being a fringe artist with his own following, to becoming a true superstar. Having seen him at Hartford Civic Center in the past, I was interested in seeing if his sound would fit well at a large outdoor venue.

Opening in a very grand way with the song Glass Spider, Bowie was lowered to the stage from up high. It was the first concert I remember ever going to where there was actually dancers on stage-doing choreographed movies with or around Bowie to the music, almost part theater-part hard rock show. On this particular tour Peter Frampton played lead guitar, but didn't play any of his own material. Must say I was more impressed with the guitar playing of longtime Bowie sideman Carlos Alomar, his guitar licks at times came near heavymetal. Excellent versions of songs played that evening included; The Jean Genie, Heroes, Scary Monsters, ‘87 And Cry and China Girl. It had the best sound mix of nearly any rock show I’d ever been too. What was impressive to me was the hard edge of the music particularly in songs such as Rebel Rebel and Fame. Bowie's radio play at times tends to come over as theatrical rock, however this show had that strong powerful rock feel. Having seen Bowie 3 times during the 1980's, I would consider this the best of them as the large outdoor stage was able to capture the show's grandness !


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    • profile image

      Michael 4 years ago

      I was there. That was a great concert! Do you recall who the opening act was?