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David Letterman Extortion Sex Scandal

Updated on May 31, 2011

David Letterman Gets A Pass For Really Creepy Bad Behavior

Dear Ma,

It has been a rather interesting week in my wacky weird world.I have learned so much this week like the fact that Dr.Oz recommends that we all have sex at least twice a week as a stress coping mechanism,Jon and Kate Gosselin are a really annoying mess and they both just need to go away for a really long time and oh yeah,David Letterman is a creepy old rich man who gets a pass for really creepy bad behavior with his female staffers.

See,it all started this morning when I turned my TV to "Live with Regis and Kelly" in time to hear them say something dumb like "what Dave did is nobody's business" (I'm paraphrasing),then I turned to my favorite ladies over at "The View" to get their opinion on the whole David Letterman sex scandal and the normally opinionated ladies where suddenly subdued and seemingly at a loss of words and they all looked so uncomfortable talking about the scandal and to make matters worse,celebrities actually spoke out in defense of Dave Letterman,praising him for the way he's handling the whole sex scandal.

Now,I must be dreaming Ma,is this the same country that goes hard at politicians who cheat on their spouses?Is this the same country that insisted on gossiping about John Edwards alleged love child even when his cancer striken wife asked for privacy?Are these the same people who made fun of Governor Mark Sanford when he called his mistress his soulmate?I'm really confused Ma.I understand David Letterman is not a politician but he is a public figure and whether he likes it or not,the "terrible things" he did with his female staffers are just plain wrong.So why is he getting a pass for his bad behavior?

I know its only Tuesday Ma but what I've learned so far this week is:

  • If David Letterman does it,it okay.If anyone else does it,its wrong and they should be punished.
  • It really is okay to have sex with people on your payroll.
  • Wanna have an affair at the office?Sure,go ahead...screw your family and your peers.
  • Americans as a nation will laugh at just about anything (just ask David Letterman's audience)
  • Celebrities with something to promote will defend any kind of behavior.

No wonder David Letterman is smiling.I would be smiling too if I were him,afterall,its not everyday that a man gets a pass for failing to keep his thing in his pants.

David Letterman's Audience Laughing As He Makes His Sex Scandal Confession

David Letterman Smiling


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