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David Spades playboy playmate baby Howard Stern called it

Updated on December 18, 2010
Jillian Grace
Jillian Grace
David Spade
David Spade

Artie Lange and Howard Stern called the David Spade baby

David Spade Gets Playboy Bunny Jillian Grace Pregnant

As predicted on the Howard Stern Show by comedian Artie Lange, David Spade has a baby on the way. Jillian Grace, who was discovered by the Stern show and introduced to playboy, has Spade's bun in the oven

Most girls that pose in Playboy as the Playmate of the Month are exactly that - they are every Playboy reader's dream girl for that month and no longer as attention turns to next month's model once the new issue comes out.

While a few nude models manage to parlay an appearance in Playboy into a B-List Hollywood career as Anna Nicole Smith and Jenny McCarthy did, most simply simply show up at Playboy Mansion parties for a few years, trying their luck at landing a famous boyfriend, in between bouts of trying to land acting and modeling jobs where the chief item they can put on the resume being that they appeared naked in a national men's magazine.

After a few years of trying they quietly segue from the scene and dissappear, and no one misses them much since new girls are showing up on the scene all the time ready for their own shot at the big time.

For awhile it looked like that was going to be Jillian Grace's fate. Playboy's Playmate of the Month for March 2005 hadn't made much of a splash outside the magazine's pages in the two years since her centerfold appeared.

However recent news that celebrity actor David Spade may have gotten her pregnant reveals her trolling of the Playboy Mansion/L.A. party circuits was not in vain!

Her descent into obscurity abruptly halted by the claimed pregnancy, Grace's photo now appears opposite the long-haired actor's on intenet entertainment sites across the world.

Upon hearing the news, the actor told E! Online that "I had a brief relationship with Jillian Grace. If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility."

Spade had to make that statement publicly because within hours of the pregnancy rumor surfacing on the internet he was being asked about it by entertainment reporters.

Jillian Grace herself is claiming she told no reporters or any media source that she is pregnant. Her official website contains the following statement:

"I am making Zero claims of any sort to any publication or media of any form. First of all, out of respect to Howard Stern if I should have a news flash he will be the first to know. Second, any trip a girl takes to the pharmacy she takes alone. And third, I would like to tell Star Magazine that everybody in a small town claims to be your friend."

Discovered on the Howard Stern show when the radio host decided to hold a contest where female listeners came into the studio to see if they were hot enough to pose for Playboy, Grace was one of the finalists selected. The photos Stern passed on to the magazine of the blonde, buxom native of Washington, Misourri proved to meet the magazine's standards and she became Playboy's Playmate for March 2005.

The Howard Stern Show ironically followed Jillian's career once she became a Playmate, noting on the show's official blog that on Grace's subsequent appearances as a guest, Stern would often joke about which Hollywood stars she should be having sex with now that she was at all the right parties and David Spade's name came up twice!


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