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Daytime Vampires...They Do Exist!

Updated on June 6, 2011

Daytime Vampires...They Do Exist!

They won't look like this
They won't look like this

Daytime Vampires... They Do Exist!

Ever meet a person who simply wasted, or monopolized your time. I know there are many people out there like this. I have met them! I watch other people go through this all the time too.

You will be muddling along, thinking you are developing a friendship with another individual, while the other individual just sucks the life out of you. I have met so many people like this, and the sad thing is most of them never recognize their behavior as anything but normal. To them that is. To the public however, they either get sucked in, or they quickly blow them off.

Anyone able to identify individuals behavior patterns, can establish a scale mentally, to decide quickly whether this individual is worth the time, and effort, hence high maintenance. I would be willing to bet that many, if not all psychologists do this in their travels when meeting individuals they become friends with

The Daytime Vampires are a breed of people who exhibit behavior, such as being entitled, very selfish, self centered, oblivious to other people's needs, think nothing of taking people's time for any given situation. They boast they know how to do everything, but really know very little, if anything. As time progresses they get worse, with all sorts of drama, emergencies, urgent needs, and demands, that simply make the entire relationship focus around them.

They use you at their own convenience, including the time of day. They expect you to drop what you are doing for them, regardless of what you may be doing. There is no acknowledgement of your time, effort, or help. Possibly a thank you, but nothing more. They are the daytime vampires under the misconception that the world, the people owe them. They can make endless requests on you...because in their order of things, you are their friend, and you are required to be at their disposal. In their perception of things.

You are actually in their world, just visiting for a spell, unless you get stuck permanently. Otherwise typically most people do wake up, and say now wait a minute!

Friends are like a beautiful garden...they require regular care. This you will not get from one of the daytime vampires. They will only suck the life out of you, if you let them. Many of the examples I've seen, met or witnessed were due to lack of health, improper upbringing, brainwashing, illness, drugs, both prescription/street, ignorance, lack of education, and more.

They are dysfunctional in society, typically burning bridges, or rubbing people the wrong way as they go. They typically do not listen, although they make like their listening, they are really not. This type of person rushes to get through things, irrationally plans things, and never follows through with any of it. Say, say, say, and do nothing. I encounter people that fall into this category, and find it incredible that no matter what is said, they never wake up. I have tried. They have such confusing thought processes that they never actually hear anything you are saying anyway. Hence the term: I could talk to you until I am blue in the face?

What that means is they have shut down the receiver, because they know better. No matter how much time they rob from you, none of what you tell them will ever be heard, used, or retained. So far any person I have met/witnessed also has a severe listening problem, that they adamantly deny even exists, across the board. They actually stopped learning, because they know better. Nothing is getting through that mucky muck. You could try until you've gone plaid in the

Decision making is another prominent issue, there is none. They go round and round in circles, because the initial action was wrong in the first place. Doing things the same way over and over, expecting different results. Therefore never achieving any positive results. I have heard many call themselves the devils advocate, as if to justify their behavior, in their own minds of how they explain their existence.

I had to write this hub, because it's been heavy on my mind to get this out of my brain. I always feel better about something, after I write about it. Especially psychological things like this. The real problem is, you cannot reach these people. I have tried, and no matter the approach, the effort made, the words chosen, the technique used, attitude adopted, nothing is getting through. They know better.

This is probably the most frustrating type of individual there is, (aside from criminals, and killers), because you want to think of them as a friend, but yet you cannot come up with anything they have done for you. Then you get into the tit for tat of the scenario, and it cannot be avoided unfortunately. It becomes profound that the entire relationship revolves around them, and you barely exist. They demand you patronize them, but yet they never patronize you. That is called a one sided relationship, which I have given the new name: Daytime Vampires. That is what they are. They do nothing but take, and rarely stop to even think about it.

The only difference from the real vampires is, the daytime vampires come out during the day!

I know everyone does know someone like this. I decided instead of talking until I am blue in the face, that I would write about it instead. It's much more pleasant, and I do not get stroked to death. They will yes you to death, and hear nothing you said. Nor ever apply anything they sucked out of you. They will never take your advice, no matter how many thousands of hours you spend talking about things with them. All time spent with them will be revolving around them, their problems, their own issues. Without the thought of you, or your life.

Typically they will never acknowledge, or realize they have become this, as the behavior is handed down from other generations. It's learned, and conditioned into your brain.

Most people will never bother to enlighten someone like's too much of a burden. The result is usually futile, and they end with having a lot of short term acquaintances in their travels, vs. long term friends.They are not equipped to maintain a friendship, because their patterns of behavior drove their personalities in the wrong direction. Plus as I always say, they are typically not balanced properly, as far as health, and nutrients. That alone is like going into front line war, with no ammunition or guns.

Many people in this realm of existence rarely stop to consider their life, they are to the indifferent side of thought process. Omitting details such as this. Self assessment is not part of this realm. I am writing about this in a very mild way. Despite the horrendous behavior, I have witnessed. I believe they can be helped, but it's like a drug addict, they have to want the help, for the door to open. We are talking about retraining humans, not an easy job.

We are supposed to be in the mode of improving ourselves as we age. This is not happening, on the scale it needs to. We are allowing things like this to fester, and continue to grow worse. The results are typically negative, and the outcome of all effort put into people like this is fruitless. You will end with less than when you started.

I have wanted to write about this for some time, and found some time to do it. I can get really technical about this kind of problem in society, but we will keep it simple for now. I could probably break the whole equation down to pure mathematics, if someone wants to lend me their lab, and Then of course we would need their blood

On the lighter side, we need to spend our precious moments of life productively. Which is the conclusion why I wrote the hub.

The assessment would be:

Are you an asset to my life, or are you a burden.

Is my time, as important as your time?

Are we of equal respect, or do you think you are better than I?

You can count on me, but can I count on you?

I listen to you, regarding your forte, do you listen to me about mine?

I patronize your business, do you patronize mine?

These are just a few areas, and should be considered. I consider all relationships to be important, if you can advance, and grow. Daytime Vampires will usually prevent this from happening, and actually work against it, you, the cause, whatever. Watch for the signs.

This little hub is merely touching on the subject. I could just continue writing about this subject, and the health of it, for hours. lol. I will leave it at the short version, and hope it helps someone along the way. Which is the point to all my hubs. If I build it...they will come, or probably run the other

Who can take the brutal honest truth about any flaw in their personality. I have many, but I work with them, and try to remain aware of my behavior. I am brutally honest, and refuse to change either. I figure, if you are willing to blow me off because I am honest, then I am willing to allow you to walk away ignorant, and stay that way. That is on you. It's a fair and square deal, as far as I am concerned.

Once I realize I am dealing with this type of person, I usually start crossing off subjects that I speak to them about. One by one, until there are no more subjects to cross off. Being educated in human behavior, I usually catch on quick, and afford myself the opportunity to make a clean break. Wasted time is a huge pet peeve of mine.

Beware of the time robbing daytime vampires. Maintain them at an arms distance, and try not to allow them to take over, or interfere in your life. Be aware people are in fact selfish, and really could care less about your feelings, or situation. Look at the banking industry, that is a good example of business, that does not care about their customers, the people. Hence, our collapsed economy. Self centered business, and self centered people.

Know the signs...there is one form, or another of selfishness lurking at every stop you make. Bring your stop sign, and hold it up when you encounter a Daytime Vampire! The garlic did not

Disclaimer: No person or known individual was depicted in this hub. This is a therapeutic routine for (me) the author, (to write), and based on broad stats, and assessments of my studies of human behavior. This is how I behave, and these are fun subjects I write about.

To me it is fun, and I hope it will help someone recognize their behavior that needs to be modified. Maybe just one person will become aware, and change their habits, before it's too late.

It's us, them, and me, in the big picture, not me, myself, and I. The world revolves around all people, and we revolve around the world. It is supposed to be harmonic. I think we are lacking harmony.

Spread Love...Not Hate!

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    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from The Island

      Thanks Lee and kazeemjames01!

      I must have missed these two comments, sorry about that. I appreciate your visits, and feed back.

      Take care....and beware!:)

    • kazeemjames01 profile image


      8 years ago

      Good article. Highly commendable and explicit

    • Lee B profile image

      Lee Barton 

      8 years ago from New Mexico

      I sooooo know what you're talking about here. I call them energy vampires. I'll definitely cross the street to avoid one! You must be ruthless to cut these people out of your life.


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