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Dead Set

Updated on November 17, 2009

Davina Tucking Into Some Eats!

Davina's Coming To Get You!
Davina's Coming To Get You!

Zombie DVD's On Amazon

Dead Set - Zombie Horror 5 Part TV Series

This British made zombie inspired series kicks off on a big brother eviction night, the pinnacle of reality TV shows gets the mother of all re imaginings in this great gory gem that has aired recently it's first episode of a five part TV serial.

Although it is with the updated versions of the classic slow moving zombies, we see them run, just like in the dawn of the dead remake and they move quite fast in fast frames like the infected did in 28 days later.

This take on the zombie dead is treated as a fan created nod and inspired by George Romero's classic zombie movies, the opening episode treats us to a roller coaster of a ride only quickly introducing us to the characters, not really getting to know some that well because they'll be dead, but the British presenter of big brother Davina McCall gets her first starring role as herself which is nice and she does an incredible job as a crazy screaming new age running zombie.

The idea of creating a zombie apocalypse around the time that big brother is airing on television is a neat idea and because the characters have no idea of what has gone on on the outside makes for some compelling drama, whilst quite gory the heart of the concept may indeed be a satire on the media of rubbish reality shows and the dead are the only ones watching makes you think about television as a whole.

I wonder what's in store for the next four episodes?

Well I got to say that was some well worth it viewing all 5 episodes airing on 5 consecutive nights one after the other, of course you just knew that it would be all doom and gloom for the survivors as someone always messes it up and the best plan to escape goes down in flames.

I hope E4 plan to do more horror genre types of tv series or one off projects down the line as in sunny old England we don't get to have that many good british genre shows apart from Doctor who and Torchwood.

I've already ordered my copy of Dead Set with some extra scenes and deleted scenes as per usual with dvd's.

Once again this was a welcome horror series event that really surprised me for how good it was and compared to my original thought that it just might be a Hollyoaks type of affair with some second rate zombies, but alas no, it truly was up there, almost on a par with some of the top zombie films of recent times.

The Best Zombie In Dead Set

Zombie Davina
Zombie Davina

Anyone Seen Dead Set Yet?

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      7 years ago

      Yes. I saw it on IFC channel. It was really good. A real original zombie movie.


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