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Deadpool:The Movie Review

Updated on April 6, 2016

I would just like to start by saying that the hype surrounding this movie before its release was insane. I absolutely loved it and was waiting in anticipation from the day that very first teaser trailer arrived. Everything about this movie was brilliant, from the end product right down to the marketing before the film. The marketing team really went all out on the movie really do deserve to be commended for this act of heroism. Now enough of me blabbing on, we really should get to the part in this article where I... y'know... blab on about other things.


What fourth wall?

Most importantly, the film maintains Deadpool’s taste for breaking the fourth wall, for being just crazy enough to know that he’s in a comic book/comic book movie. The self-awareness begins from the very first frame, with an opening credits sequence that feels very deliberate(and absolutely hilarious). The simple fact is, Deadpool just doesn care. The entire film is littered with hints to other superheroes and characters outside Deadpool's universe. One of my favourites was when Deadpool is caught crying in the moon light, he rushes back to bed, claiming to have had a nightmare where he kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter, a clear joke at the film Taken. I just loved this joke and also thought it was a nice nod to another one of Neeson's films, The Dead Pool.


The one and only: Blind Al

One thing that I didn't expect was that Deadpool's roomate Blind Al would be in the movie. In case you don't know Blind Al is Deadpool's best friend/prisoner. The two live together in the ' deadhut' in San francisco. As her name suggest, she is blind but that doesn't stop her from being a totally hilarious badass(much like someone else we know). However if there is thing we love about this woman, it's her crude sense of humour similar to that of Wade's; take this scene for example:

Deadpool: How's the Kullen coming along? Ikea doesn't assemble itself, you know.

Blind Al: You're telling me. I don't mind the Kullen. It's an improvement on the Hurdal.

Deadpool: Please. Anything's an improvement over the Hurdal. I'd have taken a Hemnes or a Trysil over a Hurdal.


DeadPool: No, I didn't get excited until I saw the Kullen.

Blind Al: Screw, please.

Deadpool: Here? Now? Just kidding. I know it's been decades.

Blind Al: You'd be surprised.

Deadpool: Pretty grossed out.

Pretty disgusting right? But it does make you wonder about ol' Blind Al back in her day, or is it just me?

All stupid x-men say what?

One of the more pleasantly surprisingly aspects of Deadpool is just how much of an X-Men movie it really is. The frequent references to mutants and the use of Xavier’s School For Gifted Children shows that Deadpool desperately wants to be a part of the X-Men universe mo matter how the studio fights it. However I still don't think the movie did the X-men justice and I would love to see more of them mutants in Deadpool 2. Although the lack of X-men could be explained by taking what Negasonic Teenage Warhead(NTW) said about the mansion constantly blowing up could be due to the war with Apocalypse happening in the upcoming movie X-men Apocalypse. Because these two can more than handle themselves in an explosion, they may have been told to stay and protect the mansion.

Pow Quiz Time!

What is a Deadpool's favourite food?

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one of the funniest jokes in the movie came early and it had me gagging with laughter for a good ten minute. In case you somehow missed the above pictur, the joke i am talking about is in the highway scene. Picture the moment, Colossus and Deadpool are locked in a vicious battle when the mighty Deadpool lands a devastating blow. CRACK! bones crunch(Deadpool's bones of course) but that doesn't stop him as he tries again with the other hold. But just as expected CRACK! More bones break. But did you really think a little pain would stop him from crack a hilarious joke? Of course not, and then comes ine of the greatest jokes of the entire movie." All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex." Although the joke was laughed off within a few seconds it had me and many other cinem go'ers in hysterics so I thought it was worth a mention.

Francis!... I mean... Ajax.

We met Ajax at the beginning of the movie but we weren't really told much about him until the flashbacks to when he met Wade. In case you didn't know, Ajax is a longtime government operative that underwent cybernetic enhancement by Doctor Killebrew in Canada's Weapon X program.The Workshop was the facility was the place where Weapon X rejects would be sent so Doctor Killebrew could perform his sadistic experiments on them. Wade Wilson, who would later became known as Deadpool, was one of these people that Killebrew took great pleasure in experimenting on. After Deadpool challenged his authority time after time, Ajax ripped his heart out and left him to die. Little did he know Deadpool's healing factor would kick in and Deadpool escaped. The movie shows this backstory very well and really sets up this grudge match for the battle at the end of the movie.

To be honest this was and still is my favourite film of the year but with the amazing line up of movies yet to come in 2016, Deadpool is gonna have to work hard to stay at the top of my list. The gore,crude jokes and downright hilarity of this movie earns a solid spot in the superhero movie hall of fame. But all Deadpool's related things aside, please feel free to check out my other articles and I am sorry for how ridiculously late this review is. But any feedback would be amazing.


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