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Death Battle: Unexpected Outcomes

Updated on April 15, 2015


In the first article Death Battle: Brutality is Fun I talked about how the web series Death Battle made fictional characters fight each other until one of those characters died. In the second article Death Battle: More Fantasy Matches I talked about some more matches produced by Death Battle and what made them interesting for viewers. Here, I will talk about fights in Death Battle that ended in an unexpected manner. These were fights that viewers may have thought will end one way, but actually ended in a way nobody really expected. These were fights between two formerly popular pop-stars, people who were characterized as forces of nature by the Internet, or two different giant robots from two different form of media. In the fight between the fictional depiction of Chuck Norris and the former mascot of the Sega Saturn, Segata Sanshiro, the viewer got to see some surreal visuals that made this fight awesome for anyone who was aware of these characters' reputations. In regards to the fight between two formerly popular pop-stars, the fight between Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black ended in a way that people who disliked both of these people might find satisfying. In a fight against giant robots, which was awesome by itself, was made even ore awesome by using two popular characters from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. These fights were brutal, these fights were incredibly surreal, and all of these fights ended in a way that nobody could have expected if they only viewed older episodes.

Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro

Men have been portrayed as superhuman for various reasons. Some, like Chuck Norris, were portrayed as superhuman as a joke. Some, like the fictional character Segata Sanshiro, were made to be superhuman as a method of product placement. Nevertheless, both characters have become somewhat legendary because of the feats of strength displayed, even if they were fictional. Chuck Norris, for example, starred in various movies and cartoons that some of the abilities included being able to kick a guy so hard he back-flipped six times, fire bullets from a gun without reloading, transform into different animals, stop a chainsaw bare-handed, made pants that could withstand his power, and even made actual books that chronicled all of the awesome abilities Chuck Norris has demonstrated over the years. Also, apparently legend has it that underneath Chuck Norris's beard was a third fist. And communicated with animals.

A man the Internet made superhuman versus a man who was made superhuman via commercialization. Of course this fight was surreal.
A man the Internet made superhuman versus a man who was made superhuman via commercialization. Of course this fight was surreal. | Source

Segata Sanshiro, unlike Chuck Norris, was a completely fictional character. Made by Sega, Sagata Sanshiro was created as a means to sell the Sega Saturn. By beting people within an inch of their lives. See, in the competition between Nintendo in regards to console sales, Sega was losing badly. Thus, the creation of Segata Sanshiro was created to help increase sales. And it did. But men, women, and children were not safe from whatever physical beating Segata Sanshiro would give them. Some of the abilities that he demonstrated included kicking a baseball and scored a home run, threw a soccer player at a ball to score a goal, make an infinite amout of duplicates of himself, grew into enormous sizes, performed judo throws that could make opponents explode twice, and survived atmospheric re-entry immediately after a missile exploded.

During the actual fight, both of these characters showed impossible feats of strength like Segata Sanshiro not getting hurt from machine gun bullets, Chuck Norris proving that he did in fact have a third fist under his beard, Chuck Norris circumnavigating the planet Earth just to punch Segata, Segata judo throwing Chuck Norris into Mt. Fuji causing the both of them to explode, and eventually causing the planet to literally spit in half. Once the battle moved to Outer Space Segata Sanshiro used Saturn's ring as a throwing device to fling Chuck Norris into the Sun, further destroying the Solar System. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris just punched the Sun, causing an epic supernova. Sadly, this fight ended with both fighters getting sucked into a black hole, so they were implied to still be fighting somewhere in the universe that no human could ever see.

Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black

There are different reasons why certain celebrities, like tweenage pop-stars, were disliked. Some gained popularity via songs that were not very good in retrospect. Some became celebrities, but did not put in the effort that was disproportionate to the wealth that they gained. For some tweenage pop-stars, the fact that they grew up in a way that blatantly displayed their lack of self-control and maturity was another reason these types of celebrities were disliked. Needless to say, Death Battle made an interesting match between Justin Beiber, the former teen pop-star, and Rebecca Black, the former YouTube sensation. Justin Beiber, the teenage pop-star who was popular for unexplainable reasons, was shown to be typically popular in that he had various types of merchandise made with his name on it; and not so typical in that a lock of his hair apparently sold for slightly more than $4,000. Rebecca Black, while not as popular as Justin Beiber, made the song Friday, a song that was considered one of the worst songs ever written. Fortunately, the fight made by Death Battle was somewhat satisfying to watch. During the actual fight, it started normally enough, with Justin and Rebecca pummeling each other on top of a building until both combatants were forced to fight on top of a truck. Rebecca did manage to stab Justin in the leg with a knife, but that only resulted in her allowing Justin to acquire a katana. Fortunately, Rebecca's car from the Friday music video made an appearance and she used it to smash Justin into a wall, killing both of them at the same time. What made this battle unexpected was that along with the two of them, The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus got killed as well. Which technically meant that this battle was a draw. Which was unique for this series at the time this video was posted on the Internet.

Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black. Just as crazy as it looks.
Justin Bieber vs. Rebecca Black. Just as crazy as it looks. | Source

Tigerzord vs. Gundam Epyon

People enjoy seeing giant robots. People enjoy seeing giant robots fight. Death Battle made a video that used two well known robots from two well know television shows to fight each other. The White Tigerzord from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and the Gundam Epyon from Mobile Suit Wing Gundam were the robotic combatants for this fight, and they were both awesome. One thing that the viewer would notice about this fight was the sheer contrast of size between these two robots. The Tigerzord was a gigantic white tiger robot with the ability to transform into bigger humanoid robots during combat which emphasized power, whereas the Gundam Epyon was a smaller mech that also transformed and emphasized speed. Surprisingly, the Gundam Epyon won this round, mostly because in a fight between a superpowered teenager piloting the giant robot versus a seasoned pilot for the smaller powerhouse, turns out the more experienced pilot would be the winner.

A simplified look at this Death Battle. Because giant robots fighting are always awesome.
A simplified look at this Death Battle. Because giant robots fighting are always awesome. | Source

Plot Twists

Death Battle made two fictional characters fight each other to the death. Sometimes the results were surprising.


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    • Jake Peralta profile imageAUTHOR

      Jake Michael Peralta 

      3 years ago from Indio, California

      Via car.

    • CorneliaMladenova profile image

      Korneliya Yonkova 

      3 years ago from Cork, Ireland

      Thank you very much about this super cool hub. I am keen on seeing how Rebecca will kill Justin Bieber :D

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks for the overview.


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