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Debbie Harry The Rise of Blondie

Updated on October 1, 2014

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry was born on July 1, 1945 as Angela Tremble in Miami, Florida. She was adopted by Richard and Catherine Harry at the age of three months and raised in Hawthorne New Jersey. After finishing high school in New Jersey Debbie went on to get her associates of arts degree at Centenary College. From there she moved to New York City where she worked several odd jobs including a secretary position at BBC Radio’s office, a Playboy bunny, go-go dancer and a waitress at Max’s Kansas City which was a famous hangout spot for Warhol.

Debbies first taste of music

Debbies first taste of music was with a folk band known as The Wind in the Willows. She performed backup vocals on their first studio album before they broke up. Her next gig was with an all girl band called The Stilettos where she met their next hired gun known as Chris Stein. Chris and Debbie seemed to hit it off really well and the two became romantically involved. After a while they decided to leave The Stilettos to form their own new wave punk band called Blondie.

Third Album To Success

Debbie Harry's platinum blond hair and good looks definitely played a big role in Blondies success. She quickly caught everyone’s attention and became a pop icon almost overnight. Their first two albums helped them gain notoriety in the U.K. but didn’t do much for them in the U.S. It wasn’t until their third album release in 1978 titled Parallel Lines with the smash hit heart of glass that helped Blondie top the charts in several countries.

Blondies Music

The music style of Blondie was definitely unique in its own way as an eclectic combination of new wave, rock, disco and punk. "Heart of Glass" for example fit right into the disco scene that was going on in the late 70s. "Rapture" which was released in 1980 was one of the first songs to include a rap section that few songs had at the time. "Call me" was Blondie's #1 hit song and it became the movie soundtrack for American Gigilo. "Tide is High" was originally released by The Paragons but it fell on deaf ears until Blondie made their own version of the song.

Blondie comes to an end

In 1983 Blondie broke up and Debbie took over as caretaker for Chris after he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. Unfortunately their relationship didn’t do too well during this time and eventually the two went their separate ways. Chris and Debbie still continued to work together on several projects and upcoming tours. Debbie even went as far as releasing five solo albums of her own and performed in several movies including Hairspray, Videodrome, and Tales From the Darkside the Movie.


Blondie certainly created a cultural movement that expanded into art, music, movies and photography. With all that success in the last 40 years there are rumors of Blondie hitting the big screen with Shia la beouf playing Chris Stein so stay tuned.


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