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Deborah Funes -- A Fun Interview with no Scripts!

Updated on January 14, 2015
Deborah Funes enjoying the sand! 2014 - Photo Credits: Fernando Castro
Deborah Funes enjoying the sand! 2014 - Photo Credits: Fernando Castro
On her own words: 2012
On her own words: 2012

Deborah Funes, a wonderful model and actress. A great friend of ours who deserves this ´well coveted´ stardom to the fullest. As we always said it... we never know what we are going to ask our guests.

Last time we saw her was at an event in Erie Pennsylvania. Believe me, in person she is such a doll and makes sure you are pretty comfortable around her. What struck us about her was her personality and drive. Her beauty was an extra asset. Between you and me readers, she started talking about her Argentina like she knew us... like she was some kind of neighbor who trusted us. That was back in 2013. Today I bumped into her and her new production, "Touch My Heart."

I realized she was interviewed a few days ago, but I thought I could give it a shot!

 2014 - Credits: Stepping Out Magazine  Photographer Fernando Castro
2014 - Credits: Stepping Out Magazine Photographer Fernando Castro

The Interview

Where did YOUR name come from? I believe is perfect!

Thanks! My mother wanted an exotic name for me. How can I say it, huh, she wanted an American name. At first, that name was not accepted on the registrations in my country Argentina. So at the last minute she picked Deborah. Later, I found out that Deborah was on the Bible and the personality of this historical character was and is very similar to mine. The repercussions of a name influence the personality of the person. But that's another story.

Did you ever think, at a younger age, to become the promising star you are??

I just remember that the most beautiful doll I ever had was blonde long hair and she was holding a baby doll on her arms. I used to talk to her and ask her: "Why did you have a baby? You should not have a baby to become an actress" Sounds like I had that idea in my mind since then. I guess we program our minds since we are kids.

Who gave you your first break into business? Any director you love to work with?

My first experience in English was a video documentary about me (as a top model for Art Gallery) for Play Boy TV (2004).

A year later I had a pilot TV series with the original Bay Watch producers (2005) and in 2007 I had my first supporting role in a horror feature film. At the same time I was working for Latin TV shows and TV commercials. So it is hard to pic one event that first break me into the business.

What is an image... how can we sell ourselves as entertainers?

Image is a mix of look and physical appearance with personality and all the characteristics that makes a public figure unique (clothing, religion or spiritual beliefs, education, culture, languages, life style, etc.) The public associate the videos and pictures of the entertainer with what they read on the interviews and articles.

Social Medias and TV create this image more than anything else. Many actors have fan pages that are managed by a Social Media manager, the actors don't really post anything as their Social Media managers are doing all those things. Unfortunately more famous an actor become more difficult is to connect with then for real...their image become to commercial and manipulative that at the end nobody knows what is real and what is fake. I personally don't want to lose my connection with my public...because the public deserve to have me for real with my good moments and bad moments. People who follow me know who I am. People can feel and perceive things with the third eye and I am glad that they do.

You ever thought of traveling to exotic places besides Paris, Rome or even Venus?

I never thought about visiting very exotic places as I did. I know US more than many Americans (including Puerto Rico). All my traveling was for shootings (photos or films). Always travel to work taking few days off to experience and explore the city or area. I have a list of shootings that will take me to other countries, from a ghost town in Canada to Montecarlo

 2006 - Thinking on a next project...
2006 - Thinking on a next project...

Ghosts and Love

Do you believe in ghosts or perhaps the after life?

I don't believe in ghosts, but I believe in the spirits that are around all the time. I totally believe in the after life as I had a near-death experience. That experience was the most beautiful thing that ever happen to me. As I am a very sensitive person was in bed crying with a little depression. I was only 14 years old. God wanted to take me to heaven and I saw my body in bed....I was reaching the roof of my house and feeling all the knowledge and love that exist in the universe free of my body, free of any need, I was feeling complete.

My curiosity to experience this life toke me to stop the trip and I came back. On my way back I heard the voice of God saying "You have not any idea what this world is about and how much you are going to suffer" . I toke the challenge...many times I wanted to have that event again, but never happened. After that experience my personality changed. I decided to live my life to the fullest as this is my last re-incarnation. Is on my destiny to reach another level of existence... higher than this one.

I can talk hours about all these things. If you have interest follow me at my group of Metaphysics

What's love got to do with it? Are you just married to your career? What do you look in a man?

I never had a long relationship as I do not try to obligate people to become something that they are not. I think love should be free. When I see that the guy who is with me feels the desire of having another women with him, I just let him go free. To have someone encapsulated in a relationship is not good for both parties. I like my freedom too.


Yes! If I feel that I don't want to be with that person anymore I know that being alone on freedom is better than to spend time with someone that doesn't make my life more interesting. I believe in quality and no in quantity. I normally have two short relationships a year. I do not have time to waste trying to change someone; people change when they want, no when I want.
What I look in a man?

Yes! I'm taking notes... 'ya know'?

I think men in general are very incomplete. When they are good looking they don't have a brain. And when they have a good brain they are not good looking. So I like to talk and have dinner with very smart men. A good looking guy with no brain can become a sex toy...nothing else. I like men with great body, charming, picky, who knows what he wants in life and focus in to reach his professional goals. Someone who is healthy with no addictions who respect my career and support my ups and downs. Good life style is not to much about the money is more about how to spend the money.

I live a nice life and I won't settle for less. One more thing: I love to have fun three times a week...I have a lot of energy to enjoy life to the fullest so a low key, boring guy who doesn't know how to handle my jokes or crazy fun moments could be annoying.

I understood this part!

Good! The most ridiculous thing is that I had never found what I am looking for. Maybe I am already married with my career and I will never get divorce (smiles).

Playing Commissionaire Gray - WISP

2013 - WISP - Credit: Ron Vollentine
2013 - WISP - Credit: Ron Vollentine
2013 - Credit: Brainpie Media Productions
2013 - Credit: Brainpie Media Productions

Do you think this interview was...

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2010 - Credit: Guillermo D'Amrosio
2010 - Credit: Guillermo D'Amrosio

I was in Argentina in 2004, I love your country indeed. Besides soccer and Milanesas, what do you really miss? Have you brought your original pictures to Miami ?

I miss my friends and family more than anything else. I miss the bread and bakery that is extremely fresh as they manufacture all in front of your eyes. I miss the vegetables that are mostly organic so they have natural color, shape and are more tasteful. I miss the coffee places. Starbucks didn’t exist when I was living there so the coffee places that I am missing are the ones where people drink real coffee from Argentina adding some liquor and eating amazing cakes.

Especially in winter time, those coffee places are the best where people get together to have long conversations by the fire. I miss the way they design the cities…people in Argentina walk a lot…I cannot live in a city or area where I cannot walk. I need to breath the air, I need to feel the sun in my face and feel the energy of the city. That’s why my main cities in the U.S. are Miami Beach and Manhattan.

Felt like jumping head on in a swimming pool! What's your plan to make your actual project successful? Tell us about "Touch my heart."

"Touch My Heart" is a feature film based on a real part of my life. Did you get it? The project is already successful as it is a very inspiring and courageous story that will save many lives. I am already helping people with "my message of hope." This movie will show the true about cancer. Will take off the brain wash that we all had about the traditional treatments of cancer that for many decades destroyed many people's health and lives.

I am impressed by the people's response. They are all very happy with my film project and movement. I have an amazing group on Facebook called 'NATURAL CURE' that is growing by the minute, as many people request to become part of this group that focus primarily in educate and inform. Not only to cure but also to prevent cancer.

Please feel free to follow updates about this project at

Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?

In 5 or 10 years I see myself as a successful actress and producer. Probably directing will come up as part of my exploration on this business. I am already writing and producing my first feature film. To win an award will happen at some point...there is a potential in me that will reach higher levels as a result of my talent, effort and dedication. Is all about timing...on the mind time I am enjoying the journey and I don't care that takes time and sacrifice. To reach masses will let me spread the world with messages that will help the world. That's my commitment with the community.

I create an scene for you... you can add your own creativity...

You are at a laundry, your hubby is at work. Suddenly, your nine months pregnancy is due two weeks in advance. Your husband calls 911 -- the baby is kicking, you make it to the delivery room. But the doctor gives hubby the bad news. Technically Your placenta detached due to high blood pressure... your baby just couldn't make it. You wake up to reality and hear the news...what would you say?

I would say: "Angels are not meant to be on this he is in a better place and I respect what God wanted for him. I just don't understand why I had to experience nine month of pregnancy, maybe I had to know how it feels to have a part of you growing inside of me."

Time is up my sweet friend! You did wonderful!

Thank you for the amazing interview, Joseph!!!

My pleasure Deborah!



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  • alexandriaruthk profile image


    3 years ago from US


  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    3 years ago from New York

    Not a problem! Thanks again!

  • alexandriaruthk profile image


    3 years ago from US

    Ok, tell her that she is "beauty and intelligence" rolled into one sexy body.

  • Lord De Cross profile imageAUTHOR

    Joseph De Cross 

    3 years ago from New York

    Thanks so much Prettydarkhorse! Actually is a very good friend of mine!

  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    3 years ago from US

    She is beautiful and smart.


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