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Deploy IPTV; the best TV on the go

Updated on April 10, 2017

What Does "On The Go" Mean?

Ever heard the term "On The Go" on tv, or online? What does this term mean? Well, there is a universally accepted definition.

If you decided that you wanted to stream music to your phone from an app like spotify, you are streaming music on the go. But is this same concept perhaps possible for tv shows? Why certainly it is!

However, in order to make it a viable concept for our entertainment it would also need to be a lot cheaper than regular tv.

This is what Deploy IPTV is all about. A cheap, reliable, source of streaming. It's a lot cheaper than anything you would find with a regular cable provider.

Unlike regular providers, instead of having to pay huge sums of money, you only pay up to $6 a month to be able to watch all your favorite shows on the go, right from your smart phone, or tablet.

It's extremely easy to set up too. First get a subscription on their website, download the app from google play, login with User and password, and you're all set throughout all your smart devices.

The Deploy IPTV APP

Some of the amazing key features include:

- Access to Live TV channels
- Pause function for TV channel
- Channels and VOD sorting by categories
- Search function for channels and movie titles
- Parental Control

And the full description on google play reads:

"Deploy IPTV – is an official free multiscreen app developed by VCaribTV.
The app allows you to watch Deploy IPTV channels from VCaribTV on your Android device."

You get all these extraordinary features and more when you get your subscription, and download the app.

As far as stream live tv channels go, this app along with it's incredible features deserves a 5 star rating. I love watching tv in the morning, in the noon, and the evening. And this app has really helped me. Now I have access to all the tv channels and tv shows that I require and more, and so does the family.

Because we have such a blast when we watch from this app, I think it courtesy to anyone looking for something like this to recommend it.

You can pick up a subscription here:

And here is the link to their google play page:

5 stars for Deploy IPTV


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