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Heidi Montag Pimps Herself To The World

Updated on October 13, 2009

Ever since making her first appearance on the MTV reality show 'The Hills', Heidi Montag has been gripped by the fame bug, and become driven to become more and more famous by any means necessary. The first step on her road to becoming a total attention seeker was plastic surgery which enlarged her breasts, reduced her nose, and made her a better person all round. There's an entire hub on how Heidi says that having plastic surgery changed her life for the better HERE, so I won't bore you further with the lurid details of the manifestation of too little self esteem and too much cash.

Heidi's next step was to stage supposedly candid pictures where she lounged about on beach chairs, looking sensual. But that wasn't enough. Even though derision was heaped upon her for her determination to be as fake and as famous as possible, Heidi decided to go even further in her desperate quest for attention and make a music video. A music video in which she warbled into the camera whilst her boyfriend, the aptly named Mr Pratt, filmed her prancing all over the beach and dancing with all the grace of a giraffe with four broken legs.

Comments on the video were full of the kind of derision and bile that one only finds amongst semi literate reality television show fans, and within days of the video's release, websites were swamped with nasty, negative comments.

Did this get Heidi down? No, not for a second. Her response to comments like:

"She has as much sex appeal as a jar of mayonnaise."

"I think if they play this video on mtv or vh1 I will stab myself in the heart."

Was this:

"I appreciate people taking time to write any kind of comment. Do you know how much effort it really takes to sit down and write a comment? I've never written a comment in my entire life... you really have to have a lot of passion and thought to write any comment, so thank you."

That's right. Like a beaten child, Heidi would rather people ragged on her than ignored her completely. The circle of tragedy is almost complete. All we have to do now is wait for the sex tape. With her desperation to keep up with all the 'cool kids' in Hollywood, and the natural desire for reality stars of no merit at all to one up each other, it's likely to be a gang bang tape.

You can watch the video below. Just be aware that you're about to waste several minutes of your life that you'll never get back, and its possible that you may laugh so hard at her that you choke on your own tongue.

For your further amusement...

Check out the 'making of' video. Such a tragic, yet laughable sight is rarely seen.



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