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Dial MS for Manslaughter: Stay Tuned in with the Michael Jackson Case

Updated on July 25, 2009

Phase Two: Dr. Conrad Murray

 Phase One dealt with the sudden, tragic death of Michael Jackson, beloved by many, ignored by many. From the start, his family members have been discussing about the potential of a manslaughter charge against his personal doctor.

Phase Two begins now. Signs now are pointing to a full criminal investigation on his death and all signs point to his personal doctor, Conrad Murray. Unlike Murder charges, manslaughter is a charge when a person acts with such wanton disregard for others and accidentally kills   (there was never any premeditation nor actual intent to kill) someone. The person is in such an position (or any reasonable person) that even they know intuitively a death might result from there reckless action, yet continue on. Persons in trained fields have a higher duty because of their training in the related field.

Who is Dr. Conrad Murray?

Murray was hired by Michael Jackson to be his personal, on-call, doctor and was paid about $150,000 a month. So, we have a employer-employee relationship. Federal DEA agents armed with warrants raided his offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, seized computers, emails, and files. Drugs were also taken from his office called Global Cardiovascular Associates. Murray is 51 yr. old and was the last man to see MJ alive and present at his death. He did try to revive MJ. Murray's business has now been shutdown. Investigators have found the suspected agent that caused MJ's death, Propofol, at his mansion. This drug should not be given unless trained to do so. Evidence has been found that Dr. Murray made the purchases of this drug and shipping it to MJ under a different name.

Murray. himself, was suspended from the Houston Doctor's Hospital. He also has an expired medical board certificate, meaning, he was no longer licensed to practice as a doctor. Evidence is starting to point its finger directly at Dr, Murray for ordering the drug, sending it to him, administering it to MJ. Murray's financial situation was bad and he was tempted by the $150,000 a month salary. As a trained doctor, Murray was totally reckless in providing this drug that even his personal RN refused to provide for she knew that death sometimes results from it. A person is such a position of trust as Dr. Murray, was derelict in his disregard for MJ's life and the possible outcome fully documented in medical drug books he had access to and chose to ignore. This resulted in the accidental death of MJ. He was acting against his better and trained judgement perhaps forced to by the employer-employee relationship he had entered into with MJ. Maybe MJ threatened to fire him if not injected. Dr. Murray was not in good financial times. Many of the elements are present for criminal negligence.

His business had been fined $400,000 in court judgements in a 10 month period. Needing money, anyone might accept the job MJ offered and to accompany MJ on his upcoming concerts.

It will not be a surprise if Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with manslaughter for criminal negligence in the death of MJ for administering the dangerous drug Propofol. It is a sad case all around. A great entertainer was lost and a doctor's life ruined.


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