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Did Harry Styles Just Crush Our Hopes and Dreams?

Updated on November 11, 2019

The meaning behind Harry Styles’ new song

Harry Styles, as we know it, has finally released a new song. The single Lights Up dropped on October 11th of this year, and after a very long break, we all got the music we deserve. The Pop song was the first song released by the One Direction Heartthrob since his self named Album. But what was the real meaning behind the single? Could it have anything to do with a 1D reunion?

Harry Styles’ new music has a video almost as hot as him.
Harry Styles’ new music has a video almost as hot as him.

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

1. “I’m sorry by the way, never coming around.”

This line in the song appears in the second verse, but what does he mean by it? Could he be referring to a 1D reunion? With this line, Harry seems to be apologizing to us fans, telling us he’ll keep ignoring our pleas and won’t agree to getting the boys back together. Is he never going to come around?

2. “I could but wouldn’t stay”

We know by know that Harry was the one to instigate the hiatus in order to peruse a solo career, so could this line be a direct referral to the breakup of the world’s greatest band?

3. “Be so sweet if things just stayed the same”

Niall, Louis, and Liam have all addressed the issue of a reunion, and as far as I know, they seem open to it. Harry on the other hand hasn’t talked about it. Could this be his way of telling us that he would rather continue a solo career?

4. “Shine, step into the light
Shine, so bright sometimes
Shine, I'm not ever going back”

So these three lines have a more subtle meaning by what I can tell. Around a year ago, the Sign of the Times singer starred in a Christopher Nolan action film called Dunkirk. The line “lights, camera, action” is commonly referred to as a cinimatic line. Could the lights out Mega Star is singing about refer to being an actor? And by light, did he mean spotlight? In that case, Harry might be telling us that he’s enjoying being an actor and having his own spotlight too much to go back to 1D.

5. “Do you know who you are”

This was the overall theme of the song itself. With this line repeating multiple times, we can’t help but think that Harry must’ve been trying to tell us something with this. Harry Styles was adopted into a globally famous band during his teenage years, and was forced to act a certain way. So Harry‘s own personality might have been suppressed during his time in 1D. And example of this is his clothing style. In 1D, he wore tight jeans and plain shirts, that didn’t seem to express his personality at all (not that I’m complaining). But after embarking on a solo career, his clothes are more vibrant than ever. This line represents how Harry didn’t know who he was when he was in One Direction, and is trying to tell us why he doesn’t want to go back.

A scene from the Music Video of Lights Up
A scene from the Music Video of Lights Up

So, overall, Lights up might just be an ode explaining how Harry isn’t ready for a reunion. Thanks for breaking this Directioner’s heart Harry. All we can do now is hope that Harry wakes up one day and realizes that 1D is inevitable.

© 2019 Neha Nagarajan


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