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Differences Between Being a Celebrity And a Commoner

Updated on August 22, 2017

Celebrities are those folks who have a particular set of skills and know how to use them, they will find you and they will show you these skills, Liam Neeson.

In any case some have used either their acting chops or great singing skills to become rather famous, unless you're Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, we don't talk about them. Here are some differences between the famous celebrity and us common folk.

1, Status. Celebrities have a sort of status so to speak, while it is not like that of a General or Queen of England they have one. Their title as whatever they may be, singer or master chef, it gives them pull in certain situations. After all who do you think know's more about music? A guy who listens to it 24/7 or some random famous singer? Most common folk won't have that kind of pull when it comes to alot of things, unless you are the boss or jut so happen to have the boss in your pocket chances are you are more then likely to just have to follow orders. We lonely commoner few.

2, Power. It is no mystery that some celebs have quite a bit of power, this could mean just from buying somebody out or being able to change the outcome of things like movies or shows. Some folks even have enough money and wealth to try and go for president, ahem hint hint. Us common folk, and I am not saying that name as a bad thing, we are usually just on the daily grind. While some celebs can just say "#!%$ %!" to their bosses and walk off many of us common people would more then likely not do that, we are not rich.

3, Avoiding the law. With fame come wealth, unfortunately many times this can lead to some rather annoying things. Justin Bieber, well known for his rather jerky behavior has nearly got his blonde butt sent to jail. Heck his Mug Shot is just him with a smirk on his face. Fortunately for him he had the leverage, known as money, to be able to avoid it. Many times if convicted of a crime a bail will be set, sometimes a little too high. Unlike alot of celebs we few wouldn't be able to afford it.

4, Personal space. Celebrities are often the prey of paparazzi, what some would call parasites. Celebs often get pictures taken from afar of them, you can go into nearly any store and see magazines talking about scandals or whatever. A lot of the time these celebrities might not even have any personal space, the fear of being watched seems almost like a horror movie. Celebrity Terror Two: Return of the Paparazzi. Unlike the celebrities those who do the day to day daily grind don't have to worry about are personal business coming out in the open, unless you have noisy family members who can't keep their traps shut.

5, Fans. What is a celebrity without their loyal fans? Probably still rich as hell. Fans adore their famous folks, for whatever reason they may be sometimes it can get a little out of hand. Beyonce's fans tend to go a little psycho, Bieber's fans have been known to throw things and jump on stage, it's a mad house and we all better run. Common folk, people, fellows, chaps, whatever. We tend to not have this problem, I suppose in a way the fan can just be an anonymous friend, you know they care and would help you but you have security guards and mass fortunes. But unless you are a great person you might get a fan or two, maybe I'm your fan. Didn't think of that did'ja.

5, Lots of cool stuff. I know I keep bringing up the whole money thing but honestly, there are few times a celebrity would still be a celebrity without money. In any case they have the money to buy whatever they want, whenever they want. A big mansion? Check. Bunch of fast cars? Check. Some servants? Check. Hollywood big wigs have had the usual stereotype of big houses and what not, plus the big pool in the bag. Unlike them however many of us have to work alot, bills and car payments take alot of the money away and depending on what else you have to pay for you might even have less. A little depressing honestly, if I was rich I could have enough sharp and pointy things to fund an army, but I am stuck with only getting one sword at a time.

6, Public shame. Remember what I said earlier about no personal space? Well this kinda fits. The usual things that go on behind closed doors for celebs don't tend to stay that way for long. Scandals such as cheaters, liars or whatever have you can be brought to the public and leave whomever is being blamed shamed whether it is true or not. This can be bad since much like high school news can spread, but you have the media and other forms for people to spread these rumors around. However those that live the normal life don't tend to get that. Instead if things like that happen it might go around family or friends but rarely if not ever will go world wide, it will usually just stay among a small group.

Even with some of the differences between being famous and not there is one thing we both understand, pressure. Whether you are famous or not pressure can get to you, the stress or overwhelming feelings can make for an uncomfortable time whether you can pay to get rid of it or not.

Anyways if you can think of anymore differences please send them down in the comments below, thank ya.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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