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Dinner Party Music CDs

Updated on August 24, 2015

You’ve been cooking all day for your dinner party. You carefully chose a menu that you think your guests will love. Plus, you love having the opportunity to entertain doing what you love – cooking great food for the people you love the most.

If you focus on only the food, however, you could be missing something. The right atmosphere is just as important. The table setting, the food, and the music all work together to create the right atmosphere. All of these elements go together to create the full experience for your guests and help them have a good time.

Pay Attention to the Dinner Party Music

You need to really pay attention to the music. Just as the right music can really set the mood, the wrong music will make everyone feel out of place. Matching the CD’s you play to the theme of the party, the personalities of your guests, and the music that you enjoy will help everyone relax and have a good time.

So with all of the music choices that are out there, what makes one better than the other for entertaining? There is no right answer to that. The only real advice is to choose something that feels right, makes you smile, and seems to fit. What’s right for one dinner party may not be good for the other.

The right music not only enhances your dinner party, but makes the ideal backdrop for a special evening at home with that somebody special. Nowadays, sharing a meal at home is a popular date. You need the right date music to enhance the experience.

How to Choose the Right Music

There is a real art to choosing the right music for your dinner party or romantic evening. The key is to create the best atmosphere you can. If you are planning a special evening with your significant other, then you may want to choose something more personal.

If you want something different for your dinner party or romantic evening, then there are certainly a lot of different things to choose from. There are the old classics and standards such as jazz and Frank Sinatra. But why not expand beyond that? Latin groves, Parisian bistro music, and blues are all surprising choices.

What follows is a list of new releases that are perfect for your dinner party or date. There’s something here for almost any occasion so choose the music that works for your event.

Learn to Explore the World of Music

Music and CD’s are getting released all the time. You never know when you may encounter that perfect soundtrack for your party or romantic evening. Learn to keep your ears open so that you can find exactly what’s perfect. Stay up on the current releases and choose the music that is the most meaningful for you and your friends or special someone.

Here are some timeless recommendations!

Billie Holiday – Remixed and Reimagined

Billie Holiday is a jazz classic. This album mixes her standard tunes with a more modern sound. The end result is a CD that is suitable for a dinner party featuring an eclectic mix of foods and company. From soul food to fusion cuisine, this CD is a natural compliment.

Yo-Yo Ma - New Impossibilities

Yo-Yo Ma is a virtuoso cellist and a master at music composition. He also manages to captivate audiences. This collection is the end result of a one year stint in Chicago where he explored traditional Chinese music with the Chicago Symphony. Play this if your menu includes Asian cuisine or Asian music. Or, simply play it if you like it. Yo-Yo Ma is always a classic favorite, regardless of the kind of music he’s exploring.

Kat Deluna – 9 Lives

Latin food is hot right now. Why not celebrate that with the latest release from Dominican native Kat Deluna? Her new album features pop, hip hop, and Dominican beats. Though Latin cooking is vastly different from country to country, the music has its own special flair no matter where it comes from. Kat Deluna’s new album can be played no matter what kind of Latin food you serve.

Women of the World – Putumayo Presents

Having the girls over for a dinner party and gab fest? Putumayo Presents… Women of the World is a logical party choice. What better way to celebrate being female than with an all female compilation? This one features artists from all over the world and Lura, Mona, and others. There are representatives from several countries which means that it can accompany any cuisine you choose – even pizza and tubs of ice cream!

Rough Guide … To the Blues – Various Artists

I can think of no music I would rather listen to while eating soul food and comfort food. Blues makes sense, especially when serving up grits and collard greens. But what if your menu doesn’t include anything southern? Well, it works well with any dinner party that has a comfort food theme. This particular compilation tracks how blues turned into rock and roll. So it works especially well if the theme of your party is “diner food”.

Whole Foods Dinner Party CD – Jazz Collection

It makes sense that Whole Food would come out with a music compilation devoted to dinner parties. They are a popular go-to spot for gathering ingredients for the parties and they seem to understand what it takes to create a great menu. Jazz is a classic pairing for a great dinner party. It not only inspires the chef to cook great food, but it also inspires the guests to enjoy it.

Jazz at the Pawnshop – 30th Anniversary Box Set

Jazz is a natural accompaniment to romantic evenings and dinner parties. It is also a popular thing for people to cook to. This boxed set has a lot of gems on it and there is plenty of music to take you through the preparations and the evening itself. And just like all good jazz, it tends to create the mood for you. Romance, party atmospheres, and it creates an atmosphere that your friends will want to return to. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t matter what kind of cuisine you serve. Jazz seems to fit regardless. This CD features artists like Lars Erstrand, Egil Johanson, and others.

Belinda Carlisle – Viola

Sung entirely in French, Belinda Carlisle, formerly of the Go-Go’s, creating an album that makes a perfect accompaniment for a dinner party or an evening dining-in with someone special. This pop album celebrates French pop from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and modernizes it. Carlisle’s vocal stylings are surprisingly fresh. You don’t even realize that she was part of the 80’s female pop/rock band. It is an excellent choice for any party.

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