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The Best Disaster Movies & Why We Watch Them

Updated on March 19, 2011

What is it that Attracts Us to Disaster Movies?

This page is all about the best disaster movies of all time. You can take your pick from natural disaster themes, man made catastrophes, & end of civilisation doomsday films.

Think back to some of your favorite disaster movies. What's the recipe for a great disaster movie? What do you enjoy most about them?

Do you love those jaw dropping and state of the art digital special effects. What about the epic story lines that often spans the globe. What usually grabs my attention are the believable characters that makes you care about what will happen to them. Be inspired when you cheer on your reluctant heroes as their battle against overwhelming odds.

Throughout history catastrophic natural disasters have always brought humanity closer together. I think that's why we love disaster movies because it reminds us to be more than we though we could be.

Movie Trailer of "Battle Los Angeles"

Movies of Alien Invasion Disasters

Do you think there are any lifeforms on other planets in the vast expanse of our universe?

The movies have always been our favorite medium to explore our deepest fear and also most cherish dreams. One of the most unthinkable fears is the extermination of the helpless human race by an unstoppable alien invasion.

Do you stop to think about it when you call for exterminators to remove that hornet nest? There may well be other life forms who are so much more advance than us that we will seem like pesky insects which just happen to be infesting the planet earth.

Maybe one crucial function of alien disaster movies is to remind us to strive to be better caretakers or "shepherds" of our planet earth and its wonderful other life's creations.    

Movies about Natural Disasters

Have you read about all the news and scientific research on global warming & climate change?

Its no wonder our fear of natural disaster like floods, earthquakes and more, have spawned many iconic movies on unique genre.

Why do we watch these movies? Is it a morbid fascination with confronting our greatest fears. Maybe we feel more in control when we see these potentially possible natural disasters from the safety of our homes or cinema seat.

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