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Dish TV Network Support Call Frustrations

Updated on January 8, 2012

On 12/29/09 I made a service request to Dish Network as one of our receivers was flaking out and doing this “acquiring signal” thing over and over. Many channels didn’t work at all. Like ESPN!!?!?? At holiday bowl time. I made a call and a tech was coming on 12/31 12-5pm but he cancelled saying he had a family emergency and that I had to reschedule. He couldn’t reschedule me. So I called but my calls were on long hold times and then dropped so I used the chat interface to reschedule for 1/04/10 12-5pm. That tech just didn’t show. At 5:10, I chatted again and they said the tech was coming within the hour. He didn’t. At 8pm, I chatted again and they let me know I’d need to reschedule again. Tomorrow. After 8am. And this is how that chat went…

Please wait while we find a representative to assist you. In order to ensure we are providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction, this conversation will be recorded.

Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to access your account and review the information you have already provided
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I’m so very sorry to hear that you are having an issue. I’d be happy to resolve that for you.
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Before we get started, can you verify the last 4 numbers in your Social Security Number please?
JB: You are the third chat person in 2 days to say that. 1111
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Thank you
(04) Matthew W. 26L: To protect your account, we require that you define a confidential four-digit PIN. You will be required to provide this PIN when contacting DISH Network to discuss your account. What would you like this number to be?
JB: 0000
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Thank you
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Ok, I checked what appointments are currently available and I did not see the preferred time available, however I will contact our dispatch office to see what we can do for you.
JB: someone will come out here today between 12-5pm
JB: do you understand?
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I will see what I can do
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I cannot promise there will be availability
JB: You have cancelled me twice, yesterday yanking my chain for an additional 2 hours without one call of "I'm not coming” from the tech
JB: put me in contact with your manager
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I apologize for the inconvenience
JB: i don't care Matthew
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Ok, give me a few moments to get a supervisor
JB: is your company run by children?
(04) Matthew W. 26L: One moment sir
JB: do you know my history?
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I can see your account, yes
JB: look over the god damned records first and have your supervisor look that over before you waste any more of my time
(04) Matthew W. 26L: If you give me a moment, I will find a supervisor for you
(04) Matthew W. 26L: This may take 2-3 minutes
JB: ok - I'll wait for 5-6 I guess then
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Thank you
JB: let's find out it is 8:08 am now
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Ok
JB: I mean lets keep this up, I’m a freelance writer and your service is today’s article
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Ok
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Your patience is greatly appreciated.
JB: can that **** Matthew, ok? It is 8:13 now btw…
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Pardon me?
JB: I don't appreciate the thanks and welcomes anymore - I'm upset
JB: that upsets me more now
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I found a supervisor for you
(04) Matthew W. 26L: Give me just a few moments to send you over
JB: cause it is all I've heard - nice replies for help and no one coming out here
(04) Matthew W. 26L: I see
JB: good for you then Matthew
JB: your are a bright boy
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY has entered the session.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to access your account and review the information you have already provided.
(04) Matthew W. 26L has left the session.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: how can I assist you today?
JB: do you see my history?
JB: please tell it back to me before I talk to you
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: I do indeed - I understand that you are demanding a technician today is that correct?
JB: yes
JB: does demanding do better than asking?
JB: cause asking has sucked so far
JB: you all know how to make an appointment but don't know how to keep it
JB: I've been asking for service since 12/29/09. I've not cancelled once - you cancelled on 12/31 and the guy just didn't bother to show or call yesterday
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: I understand your frustration, we are a center call center, technicians are regional.
JB: what kind of business do you run?
JB: do you have such issues or are so short handed that you just make appointments and break them without care?
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: the soonest installation date I have on the calendar is for Thursday morning Jan 7th.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: I apologize that you are not happy with our service.
JB: how about you screw someone over who just made a first appointment today?
JB: like you've done to me
JB: a tech will come out here today - I’ve had two legit calls right now and you guys didn't live up to it
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: sir, we do not have the ability to schedule for today. we only have Thursday open for service calls.
JB: not good enough
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: I can set that up for you today, and offer you three months free HBO and Showtime.
JB: I want free dish service for 6 months
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: sorry I can not offer you that. I can offer hbo and showtime free for three months.
JB: I don't like hbo or showtime - I like espn - which I couldn't watch over the new years holiday JB: I want to talk to YOUR supervisor
JB: you can't just keep f*cking a person around like this Patrick, what the hell?!??!
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: please stay on the line. as you are disappointed with my service and offers I would like to get you to our loyalty team.
JB: what does Thursday mean? another 5 hour wait for a no show?
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: again I am sorry for you displeasure.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: Thursday is the soonest date we have open for your area.
JB: I'm not disappointed with your service pat - your company sucks - I’m upset with your company
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: would you like the loyalty team?
JB: what can they do for me?
JB: I’m pretty sure I'm not going to pay my bill and get rid of dish TV
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: they are the ones for Dish Network that can offer the cust better offers.
JB: who gets a tech out here today?
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: they may have options for you, I do not work in that department and can no promise you that a technician would be out today.
JB: give me to the "loyalty" team then
JB: but Patrick tell me
JB: when a tech just doesn't come on his scheduled appointment time your business practice is to make that customer call back and wait 2-3 more days?
JB: that is how you resolve a tech just not showing up?
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: sir, I understand that you are upset, would you like the loyalty team.
JB: Jesus, charter doesn't get the bill straight but at least the tech comes when he says he will JB: yes Patrick, free hbo isn't going to make me happy
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: I understand your frustration, again I wish we have the ability to dispatch technician from our site, I am in Denver Colorado, the regional office is the one that set the appointments.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY: please stand by for the loyalty team.
(04-03) Patrick N. 7OY has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the (20) Loyalty-HiL HDesk department to assist you.
You have been connected to (18pt) Michael T. 7SL. 
Michael T. 7SL: Thank you for contacting the Customer Loyalty Helpdesk, my name is Michael, and I will be handling your request today. My operator ID is **7SL** in case you need to reference this chat in the future. In order for me to access your account I will need your full name, account number or phone number and your full address including zip code.
JB: you don't have that info on your computer?
JB: Patrick knew who I was...does he have a better setup than you do Michael? 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m sorry John it's for security purposes.
JB: whose? 
Michael T. 7SL: I don't know about his setup John.
JB: my last 4 digits is 1111
JB: 100 Main Street Madison 55555
JB: phone is #####97079
JB: my cat's name is Steve 
Michael T. 7SL: Good morning John and Steve!
JB: not in the mood mike 
Michael T. 7SL: Thank you for the information sir.
JB: do you have my history? 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m reading over it.
JB: what you all have put me thru since 12/29 when I first called tech support? 
Michael T. 7SL: Seems we have had 2 reschedules, correct?
JB: not really
JB: you cancelled on 12/31 and forced me to call back, then did the same thing yesterday, first though you let me hang at home until 7pm saying the tech was less than an hour away
JB: when you fail to show up you then punish the customer by making them reschedule for 2-3 days out. 
Michael T. 7SL: Yeah that's not good at all, im very sorry about that sir.
JB: is this your business practice? 
Michael T. 7SL: Certainly not John.
JB: oh I think it is Michael because so far that is what I find it to be
JB: so I disagree michael
JB: strongly disagree 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m sorry you do.
JB: good for you michael, it is reassuring to know my being yanked around is distressing to you 
Michael T. 7SL: I will send an email and emphasize this to our dispatch office.
JB: let's cut to it - I want a tech out here today
JB: or i want 6 months free service and for them to actually come Thursday 
Michael T. 7SL: It does distress me sir, please don't think I’m be sarcastic, imp not.
JB: i'm a reasonable person 
Michael T. 7SL: What's a good contact number for you sir?
JB: ok michael
JB: #####97079 
Michael T. 7SL: Cell Phone?
JB: yes 
Michael T. 7SL: Thanks John. 
Michael T. 7SL: Please allow me 3-4 minutes to write the email, thank you for your patience. 
Michael T. 7SL: All set sir, they should be contacting via number provided! 
Michael T. 7SL: As far as an ETA, I don't when or how soon they will call, but they will call.
JB: in 2-3 days?
JB: will it be less than a week? 
Michael T. 7SL: It shouldn't be John.
JB: can i expect the call today? if they miss me will they leave me a direct number to call back or tell me to call the main office again? will they keep trying? 
Michael T. 7SL: Here's my email if anything else arises "".
JB: ok fun fun 
Michael T. 7SL: Is there any other question or concerns you might have?
JB: i guess i will wait for their call... i have a life. I'm not going to sit next to the phone. If they miss me they better keep trying. 
Michael T. 7SL: It is a cell phone right?
JB: i'm curious how much enjoyment you have working with such a moronic company? One that must be full of customer abuse much worse than what I’m giving to you because of a horrible service/support model. You get to take the heat for that.
JB: cell phone yes 
Michael T. 7SL: Perfect then. 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m sorry about the issues John, let me or us know if anything else arises.
JB: yes it feels perfect 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m glad you feel that way.
JB: i am very very unhappy michael
JB: i will wait for the call 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m very sorry about that John, I want to assist with anything I can! 
Michael T. 7SL: Did you want the 3 months free of HBO offered earlier?
JB: Not at this time. I want free service now or a tech out here today
JB: free service for 6months and an actual tech out here thursday or just a tech out here today
JB: i'm a reasonable man
JB: you can see that can't you michael? 
Michael T. 7SL: Yes you certainly do sound reasonable.
JB: I am. Your company however is not. 
Michael T. 7SL: I cannot offer 6 months of free service though. 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m trying the best I can John.
JB: Because you can't just not show up and then make a person reschedule 2 days later
JB: I know you are Michael.
JB: You are just the one who your company lets take all the hostile complainers for their horrible practices
JB: that will be all michael  
Michael T. 7SL: Email me if there's any issues John! 
Michael T. 7SL: Have a great day!
JB: sure, let's do lunch sometime 
Michael T. 7SL: Is there anything else I can assist you with sir?
JB: i won't be much of a jerk to the tech either, it isn't your fault but the dish system sucks
JB: no
JB: have a good day michael 
Michael T. 7SL: You too sir thank you! 
Michael T. 7SL: Have a great New Year! 
Michael T. 7SL: Thanks for choosing Dish Network!
JB: that's annoying
JB: you guys might want to discuss that sometime
JB: seriously
JB: upset people don't like too many exclamation points and well wishing 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m sorry John, imp trying to upset you. 
Michael T. 7SL: I’m not trying* 
Michael T. 7SL: What can I do to make things right?
JB: I'm not sure. Let me think it over and email you later. 
Michael T. 7SL: Yes sir, that would be fine.
JB: a friendly tone is good but sometimes too friendly gets an upset person more agitated
JB: you should go calm other people down now I suppose - thanks again for your help and well wishes

Stay tuned….

When they do call my cell I don't plan on being pleasant but not THIS unpleasant! WARNIING - Fbombs galore in this video....


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    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 7 years ago from Midwest

      Too funny, Andrew! I hope you got up to Michael and past Matthew quickly. Matthew didn't seem able to do much.

    • profile image

      Andrew 7 years ago

      JB - I just talked to Matthew W.26L. I googled his handle while chatting him up and have enjoyed this as I have talked to them. Thanks for the read.

    • pacoweaz profile image

      pacoweaz 8 years ago

      That was some funny stuff John. I feel for you. I've had similar conversations with Charter, AT&T, and USCellular. AT&T was the best. I actually had the lovely woman on the phone ripping on her own company. It was fun. Hard to find good help these days.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 8 years ago from Midwest

      Technician Jay did come on Thursday and replaced some connectors. One may have pulled off even though I was being careful when we put in another TV. He was a great tech. Replaced some other cable and connectors and went outside to seal the cable entry points to avoid moisture. Friggin' TV did start to loose signal last night, not as bad and we figure it was the blizzard - as that is normal. We *think* it is all good now. I really like the Dish Network techs and support staff - their customer policy is deplorable though. What kind of company has someone do a noshow and then makes you wait two more days for their mistakes or failures? Ok - all the cable companies.

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 8 years ago from Midwest

      OK nice doesn't mean results. No $$$ off and not tech coming until Thursday. I guess they are short handed with techs so I put a resume in. If you can't beat them maybe join them?

    • JBeadle profile image

      JBeadle 8 years ago from Midwest

      OK - so I did get a call from a very nice woman named Heather who is looking into my issues. All the tech support people are nice - I know this. The techs are nice too. What I hate in these situations is there is no one "guy" to blame as it is a system. But I'd like to suggest they have some kind of "guy" we could visit and maybe he could be hooked up to a mild electrical device and we could shock him a bit. Heather didn't think this was possible but she thought it was a funny idea.