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Disney Princesses Go Divergent

Updated on April 30, 2014

Erudite – This faction stands for intelligence.

Belle, from the Beauty and the Beast, stands out in the world of Disney Princesses because she values intelligence above her appearance. She has a great love of books, which aids her extensive vocabulary. She is also outspoken, another distinguishing feature in the cookie-cutter line of princesses.

It is only fitting that Belle, in the beginning of the movie, wears a blue dress because, after all, members of the Erudite faction must be seen wearing at least one blue article of clothing at all times, which the Divergent Wiki states is because, “blue causes the body to release calming chemicals which attest to their saying, a calm mind is a clear mind.”


Amity – This faction believes in peace.

Pocahontas is a noble Native American princess. As opposed to her tribe, she meets the newcomers of their land with peace and curiosity. She befriends John Smith, and eventually falls in love with him. She defies her father in an attempt to save her love, her people, and the white settlers. She is not an angry person who deals with conflict in a negative way. Instead, she uses peace. It also helps that the Amity faction does the farming in the Divergent world, and Pocahontas helps harvest corn to feed her people.


Candor – This faction values honesty above all else.

Jasmine is probably the closest we can get to a Candor princess. She is very blunt and honest when it comes to her views on arranged marriages. She is open and honest with her father when she says she should be able to marry for love. She is honest when she tells Jafar what is going to happen to him when she is Queen. She calls Aladdin out on his lie of being a prince.


Dauntless – This is the fearless faction that stands for bravery.

Did you honestly think anyone but Merida, from Brave, could be the princess for this faction. I mean members of Dauntless must be, first and foremost, brave, and it is right there in the title of her movie. Merida is a brave, bold and headstrong princess . She is skilled with weapons, particularly her bow and arrow.

Merida shares many qualities with Beatrice, or Trice, from Divergent. She is expected to grow up one way but refuses that lifestyle for one containing more freedom. They are both adventurous, which shows when Trice chooses to leave her Abnegation faction to join the free-spirited Dauntless. The difference between the two, though, is that Merida is very short tempered, but Trice, raised in the selfless Abnegation faction, was brought up to restrain any temper and impulses. She doesn’t really learn to let go until she becomes Dauntless.


Abnegation – The members of this faction are completely selfless.

The best candidate for Abnegation would probably be Mulan. She risks being killed in order to protect her father. He was being called to be in the war against the Huns Army. She takes the risk of not only being killed in battle, but she could also be put to death if anyone finds out she is a woman impersonating a soldier. She is willing to take a risk, though, in order to save her father.

Another candidates that fit in with Abnegation could be Cinderella, who selflessly serves her stepmother and sisters. She is constantly belittled, but she takes it all with a smile. Snow White could also possibly be a part of Abnegation. She serves the dwarfs by cleaning the cottage and cooking for them. She also takes the apple because the old woman asks her to.


Divergent – People identified as divergent possess qualities of two or more of the factions.

If Elsa was placed into the Divergent world, that is exactly what she would be, divergent. She locked herself away and lived in isolation to keep others, her sister in particular, safe. That is a selfless act of Abnegation. She did not hold back from telling her sister the truth about her overnight love affair. She tells Anna, “You can’t marry someone you just met.” She definitely speaks the truth like a member of Candor. Her Dauntless characteristics show when she sings her famous song, “Let It Go” when she declares, “It’s time to see what I can do / To test the limits and break through” and “I don’t care / What they’re going to say / Let the storm rage on, / The cold never bothered me anyway”.


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    • profile image

      BrndnLng7 2 years ago

      That was a fun hub! Great job!

      It actually made me think of this other hub I read that's focused on Mulan!

      You should check it out!

      It's called "Mulan. Is She a Princess or Not?"

    • Amanda6868 profile image

      Amanda M 2 years ago from Unknown

      Nice article. It was fun to read and easy to understand.

    • kschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel 2 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      This was fun to read. Thank you for sharing!